Ok, it’s just time for me to rant and see if I can get some dialogue on this one. Choose your metaphor . . . I’m mad as hell, Will we never learn, We’re Doomed!, yadda yadda.

Ok, edited here because of the first comment. This is NOT meant to be a studious analysis acceptable to the academe, or even FDL level of ANALYSIS! This is NOT analysis, this is a stating of the theme of corporate facism, and MY question, what do we do about it. Nothing less, nothing more. I broke it up with headers to help the flow of reading it, and to help my flow of writing it. It’s MY opinion, based on what I believe is proven at large.


Wherin I say, I’m tired of reading the same old drivel, day after day, in the MSM, ON the MSM, at Veal Pen Blogs . . . about procedural issues in Congress, unfair population representation, undue right wing influences and ability to dominate the rhetoric, the bad MSM, yadda yadda. I’m phrellin SICK of reading this stuff!

First, as I’m reading the tea leaf scatterings, bones tossed on the ground, cards turned over from the Tarot, and more in both the MSM and in ALL the bloggies post MA (and pre), all I see is countless efforts to discuss and analyze procedural issues in Congress, WH Leveraging of Congress, the same shit being discussed since Obama’s day of being sworn in.

The general themes are repetitive pointing out this or that person, persons or issues being held accountable for the MA loss, the reasoning behind FISA, TARP, a lack of HCR to date, fears of WH selling us out, the Supreme Court ruling, etc.

MORE than often at FDL, we get these GREAT missives that offer incredible insights to it all, thanks Mz. Hamsher, Mz. Wheeler, Jon Walker, David Dayen, Scarecrow, Phoenix Woman, Powwow, and so many more.

They are eally epic reads like today’s from Powwow, Just THINK Of All The Work Put Into This! that just fillet open the issue like a can opener on a tin of smoked oysters. Yum, but I digress. They are marvelous efforts and offer things we’d not see elsewhere, no doubt. I live to read them and thrive because of them.


But they don’t address the issue at hand (general comment, don’t hate me), they address the rot at hand, and expose that rot.

So I’m addressing it, and I’m asking it.

It’s phreakin simple, really.

Undeniable Assumption #1

Our country is run by an apparent facist based situation wherein the corporate structure has bought and now fully controls our government structure, from campaign to end of office. It’s been documented here at FDL, written about by many voices and sources, it’s well accepted, documented, and acknowledged.

Undeniable Assumption #1

This facist unification of business and government has NO interest what so ever in assuring the betterment, much less the MAINTENANCE, of we the people, or the masses.


Given the assumptions are true, then NOTHING that’s done procedurally in Congress, by the WH, or anyone else in the courts, Supreme Court means much of diddly squat. We can learn all we want to learn, be well read, and then even WELLER read, at FDL. We can be fully informed, exposed to the grim facts at hand, shown the proof of it all all day long.

And I still don’t hear the question.

What the fuck do we DO about this?

We can’t elect progs, they get co-opted the minute they run, and win. They get bought!

Working IN the system is being proven of no value as it’s pretty much fully insulated against any changes that will reform either it or the facist relationship between corporations and our elected officials.

And the more and more this system is more and more entrenched in and of itself, the more it will prove COMPLETELY insular to outside influence, or influence to change or reform it in any manner.

Politicians of both parties continue to march us deeper and deeper into the system at hand, regardless of their ‘time in office’, as the meme falsely goes. They get elected, they support the system, they get voted out or termed out and become lobbyists or Chairs of Boards Of Directors of the corporate machine or appointees to the next admin.

They have NO incentive or reason to champion the masses, none, and we can’t scare them with our votes anymore (if we ever could, methinks it was grand PR Show from the start).


We CAN do nothing, as our quality of life erodes daily, every year, every decade.

Because sooner than later, this system will completely collapse of itself . . . failed, battered and beaten by its own self serving creed of existence as the masses crumble and die, and the system has no one to tax, no one to work, no one to serve it.

It is a Failed Empire we live in. It’s death inevitable.

Even without our help to push it along, it’s death is inevitable. As sure as the sun will go out, this Failed Empire will have to crumble. In a decade? Two? Maybe. Likely.

We CAN do nothing, and by ensuring we do nothing, know we are letting the failure hasten to its end, not a pretty death for us, or the country, we will all suffer mightily daily, as we have less and less, and pass on.

What can we do to CHANGE any of this?

I got nuttin. You?