I’m a fester. I go to fests with my honey, to pick, sip, sup, cook, bond, sang, and at times we even go to the main stage and listen to the music. Or attend workshops, or do many of the OTHER things that occur at bluegrass/americana fests.

Mostly, it’s all about camping out with many of your best friends you’ve not seen for a winter, or a year, or more. And pickin, sangin, sippin, suppin.

And sharing. That’s what’s so funny about fests I’ve been to out here on the CA Side Of Life. Lot’s of sharing. Funny, them folks on the EAST coast and in between, say the same thing!

They camp, pick, sing, sup, sip, and share! Wow! What a concept!

Thousands of folks in one place, wanting to do the same thang!


So, we’re home alone this Fall Labor Day.

We’re missin our FAV FEST and FAV FEST PLACE! Been there every Fall since ’01.

Most Springs, too.

Check It Out

As fests go, this one’s rich for all reasons. It’s at 4’500 ft. just 12 miles west of Yosemite Park!

The Sierra!

The Camp Mather site is insanely beautiful, well nestled in an area that’s fun to be in, gorgeous, and well, it’s just grand.

You get there, and yer home. A tribal home, a fest home, with tribe members who keep coming back and bringing their kids, and their kids kids, since ’85.

So, on ANOTHER music type site, that spoke of RV’s, 5th Wheels, trailer pop up’s, and the rigors of camping on the ground, I had to wade in.

There are GLORIES to be had camping out, festing, in our nations places.

And ya don’t hafta pay a home’s ransom to do this festing.

So, here’s MY Labor Day Contribution to Seminal/FDL, as I posted it at another site.

Cuz, festing and camping don’t have to be hard.

You don’t need an RV.


Here’s my original comment, in another place.

Well, this had been a few times where the Festin Side Of Life’s been discussed WRT Quality OF Fest Living in this forum.

It’s been FUN reading it all! Each and every one!

But let’s make sure who’s talkin about pop up’s, trailers, 5th Wheels, and RV’s.

They got more money than we do, or than many many fest folks I know.

No knock on you folks, just makin a small point others fest on MUCH less than RV level life!


So let me just chime in a bit for us 57-64 year old folks, who are still mobile, functional and all that.

Who like to fest, and do it out of a vehicle one way or another.

And lemme tell ya folks, at the end, not much changes in THIS story!


MY honey, went once. To a fest. With me.

In my mid 70′s backpacking tent, with my mid 70′s backpacking stove. Sleeping bags, insulite. Clothes, and a card table and some kitchen tools to boot.

That was our first fest, Berry Fest, Fall ’01. Good lord, I was 48, honey was 55!

She was and is, a City Gal, but loved it! Outside of a few things.

By Spring, we had a pole by pole set up canopy. Bigger coolers, and a new grey dry goods box. And a Coleman Stove. With a grill, and a burner.

Over the years, we’ve improved OUR conditions considerably.

Fold up camp tables 4 ft long each, (2), a stand up Tent Majal that has more room than we can fill it up, fold up cots, chairs galore, lamps galore, lanterns, flashlights, pots and pans, we also used and still use at times inflatable beds with air pumps (to die for).

Pillows. Things to wash dishes in. Things to wash clothes in. (they have wash rooms with washers n dryers in this site, at Berry Fest, not all do).

We’re down to one cooler, one grey box for dry goods, and we get it ALL in one decent rent a vehicle. Even with honey’s new toys over the years!

We USED to use our Subaru Wagon, with a hook and tie bar set up on top, that held a soft pack of a zippered carrier.

But now, our wagon is old and we just rent a decent vehicle, it loads up easy.

We get something that has a back hatch, easy open doors on two sides.

Loaded up fully in 45 minutes or more. And we’re gone down the hiway.

So, I guess what I’m sayin is, there’s ways folks in between cost wise can STILL camp happy, NOT sleep on the ground, and not have to buy into the whole RV, 5 Wheel, or trailer thang.

Really, sleepin in fold up cots or on a double’d up air mattress, in a tent? Makes it easy to fall into, and get out of, a bed in the fest.

But ya know what’s funny?

Every danged time we got something new, I loved, she loved?

She had to have a camp light string, she had to have a canopy shade wall from a vendor (4 walls to cover), she had to have SOMETHING I didn’t think of.

I guess, that’s just a battle I should expect and understand.

If I know what’s good for me.

Fest on, folks.

No matter how ya do it, sleepin in yer car, on the ground, in a tent, on a cot, on an air bed, or in a pop up, 5 Wheel Trailer or an RV.

You’d BEST realize it’s never over.

Things are gonna change, one way or the other.

Cuz our honey’s are all the same.


Oh, did I mention I’m lookin at a new stove, with two burners, a grill surface with two kinds of tops so I can do pancakes and also grill steaks, a propane bottle, a tree so I can power my lantern’s, the stove, the heater (oh, a heater element in the Spring).

But I SWEAH, my wife’s costin us a fortune with her frilly stuff.

Really. I mean it.


(end of story at other place)

Go festing Pups, go camping, pick, sip, sup and bond with yer best pals you’ve never met.

And then, this weekend, all y’all remember what Labor Day is all about.

Jobs. And why we don’t have jobs. OR why we HAD jobs, once.

And then, you figger out, what the phook we can DO about it all.

Cuz I’m missing festing cuz I don’t have a job.

And it’s really pissin me off.