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More Of The Gulf Reality

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More Gulf Details, More Reality, More Sadness Of Truth.

I’ve not much to add, the linky covers it all.

Don’t let this slip away, Pups.

Oil In The Gulf, Large Fish Kills, Disaster In Progress

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[Ed. note: It's extremely important we don't forget the BP oil disaster, even if corporate-owned media has. Larue offers us a reminder.]

First, a huge hat tip to Monkeyfister HERE for his continued coverage of Gulf Issues and The Disaster.

Check him out, scroll down a bit, read about the apparent on-going failure to cap or kill the Macando Blowout. Read some more about all the fish kills, dead animals washing up on beaches in The Gulf from Florida to LA and Texas.

Read about the oil washing up, the people getting sick, the testings being done that show the water and the air are contaminated and poisoned, some places worse than others.

Watch This Vid, Which MonkeyFister Has, This Is Youtube Link.

Even The EPA Is Reporting Bad Stuff Is Happening.

HatTip To New Orleans Ladder For That One.

From Louisiana Bucket Brigade THIS Will Get To Ya.

And there’s a lot of info to be gleaned and gained from both Admin sources and The Gulf Locals sources at Nola Dot Com.

What’s my point?  . . . Read the rest of this entry →

Corexit Returns To The Gulf — In The Worst Way

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Sickening news coming from Washington’s Blog about claims from prominent chemist point to Corexit 9527(A) still being sprayed. And "Blackwater Type" mercs are doing the spraying.

However, Naman told me that he went to Dauphin Island, Alabama, last night. He said that he personally saw huge 250-500 gallon barrels all over the place with labels which said: Corexit 9527

And here’s the quote that set ME back on my ass:

Naman further said he saw mercenaries dressed in all black fatigues, using gps coordinates, applying Corexit 9527 at Dauphin Island and at Bayou La Batre, Alabama. The mercenaries were "Blackwater"-type mercenaries, and Naman assumed they must have been hired either by BP or the government.

The Source Blog

Hard for me to dispute chemist Naman’s contentions, given he’s been featured pretty prominently in the news, here at FDL/Seminal, etc.

This is horrifying. It’s beyond shock, for me. I’m numbed. I don’t doubt it, I’m not surprised, but I’m numbed that it IS happening, and find it incredible that no one else has exposed this till now.

To close, I have one question for any Seminal folks with a research bug they need to use.

Didn’t BP buy out ALL the stocks of a Corexit product early on, or just before the April Gusher hit? And just what version of Corexit WAS it?

And what about all those stories back in April/May about there not BEING enough product on hand OTHER than the stuff they bought out?

In other words, the blog article I link to refers to Nalco MAKING more Corexit 9500 that’s been/being used. Even though articles back in April/May were saying, they couldn’t make it in time to help, etc.

Which leads me to ponder:

Did BP buy out Corexit 9527 versions, and another version (I forget the #) that were toxic and then pass it off as Corexit 9500, and being SAFER?!?!!?

All along they might have been spraying a much more harmful Corexit than 9500?

A Corexit they bought out completely from NALCO, wiping out that inventory?

A product they bought out CHEAP because it can’t be used anywhere else in the world, for the most part?

I gots me LOTS of questions on this one, Pups.

But I got to tend to chores.

Have at it, and I’ll see what I can dig up for linky’s about Corexit products and such when I return.

But this revelation by chemist Naman is simply mind blowing. And phookin’ outrageous.

Someone should be held accountable for this travesty of evil. Mr. President.

Has Anyone Seen This?

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Matt Simmons Died!

And I’ve NOT seen any info on this anywhere.

It happened, according to the linky, this past Sunday night.

Simmons is (was) the well known doomsday guy regarding the BP Oil Spill. He insisted there was a second leaking well not being shown, said the seafloor was fractured and would cave in, and also said the BOP was tilting mightily due to seafloor caving.

If one were to google Simmons death, one MIGHT find Alex Higgins site where it’s suggested Simmons was ‘eliminated’ by the CIA for his truthtelling.

Tinfoil time, but still, his death (he WAS famous in oil/energy circles) is greatly under reported.

Ok, just found this at Crooks N Liars from yesterday. Of Simmons Death

Any thoughts, Pups?

A Tale Of Two Stories-Or How My Knitting Needles Quickened

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Two stories.

One from a reputable source with a history of unveiling the hidden truths behind the advanced lies that come from the government and the corporations that own our government.

Another story straight from the mouth and belly of the beast, crafted as only a story can be crafted when it’s written by the corporations and the government that WANTS to hide truth behind crafted lies, smoke and mirrors even PT Barnum would be proud to partner with.

I tell ya, this is the stuff that quickens the pace of my knitting. I don’t know if I’d rather sit in the front row and knit or drive one of the carts.

The Bold Lie

Just A Hunch, But My Money’s On THIS Story

Who we gonna believe?

We need to get Mz. Ott’s story out, we need to discredit and take to task ANY media outlet that prints the AP story.

Dawg knows we’re all tired, beat up, pressed down, overwhelmed by the crazy, the lies, the distortions, the continued dominant viewpoint put forth to support the corporate fascists and our elected offals.

But really, they get AWAY with this ‘science’ and we don’t know HOW they did the science to get the info they release to tell us it’s ALL OK NOW! It was always overreacting!

Sure, they do science, taking air quality monitoring inland off the shore and water. Great effing science that is.

Sigh, what we gonna do? I commented at the media source I found the AP story at. I posted Mz. Ott’s story link to them. Last I looked, my comment was not showing.

Talk about control of the mediums.


Back to you, Chet.

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over

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New news from BP/Government indicates as much as we don’t know, there’s more that we don’t know than we thought we knew we didn’t know.

And it turns out, what we DID know, is less than what we suspected all along, to some extent.

And I Quote:

An administration official familiar with the spill oversight, however, told The Associated Press that a seep and possible methane were found near the busted oil well.

Hmmm, Who’s At Odds?

Now, that’s enough to raise a Groucho Marx eyebrow or two in and of itself, we now have BP and the admin at odds? Hmmm . . . true or kabuki to mislead somehow?

But if you REALLY want yer hackles raised up to yer eyebrows, there’s also THIS a bit later in the article:

Some boat captains were surprised and angry to learn that the money they make from cleanup work will be deducted from the funds they would otherwise receive from a $20 billion compensation fund set up by BP.

I didn’t think I could be any further outraged, enraged, shocked or that I’d hear any worse bullshit than we’ve heard since BushCo, had our prog souls sold to the fascists, yadda yadda.

But WTF is BP doing! Do they think this is GOOD for them, in any way, shape, or form?

It’s bad PR, it’s gonna create MORE legal problems and more lawsuits as lawyers fight this.

My god, WTF are they thinking!!! This is just pure penny pinching for NO value to them at all!!!! Not considering what they are gonna lose in cleanup costs and loss of livelihood claims and lawsuits.

I’m fucking stunned at this one.


I Do This Only So You Won’t Have To

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I read that BP has the new cap on, and the gusher MIGHT be ending!

I thought to myself, self, just how MUCH oil got out if we use 60K Barrels per day from day one?

Then I did the math. Rounding up a tad, it’s about 210,000,000 gallons total.

Some 4.9 million barrels, etc. Total.

I thought to myself, self, how big is the Gulf Of Mexico in gallons of water?

And that’s where I went wrong. I ask too many questions, I think. I do this to myself, even, asking too many questions. And then, if I get answers, I get rocked, jolted, and wonder what’s my purpose on this planet cuz SHIRLEY I am failing myself and my species somehow.

How did I go wrong on the google?

The Story

I Was Led (By Satan And Google) To THIS!

And that’s when I made my SECOND mistake.

See it coming? Yeah, I READ the damned thing!!!

I don’t have candles enough to atone for that, and I don’t even BELIEVE in candles and atonement. Karma, that’s another story . . . life, it will bitchslap (forgive the derogatory phrase but it’s the impact I’m lookin for here) you down the MINUTE you think yer onto something.

Our individual journey is lonely during our time in a carbon based life form state, no matter who we surround ourselves with, no matter how much joy we take in our spouses, children, parents, family, and such.

The journey is still lonely cuz we all gotta figure shit out for ourselves . . . sometimes, there’s no help from our loved ones. And that’s normal, I think. We find inspiration, support, love and all that, but sometimes the bitchslap is ours alone to create and endure.

Ok, follow me so far?

I went in search of something out of the ‘cats curiousity’ (cuz I ask too many questions), and I got gobsmacked by dawg or google (still not sure who to blame other than my self).

Where do I start about the science, the teaparty, the Gulf Disaster, and my sins, my gobsmacking, and such . . .

Well, there’s this:

This oil IS NOTHING compared to the volume of water in the Gulf of Mexico !

Sadly, that was my cat like quest, the curiosity that killed me, the question that cwacked my cranium.

Cuz, I guess, if there IS some 660 quadrillion gallons of Gulf Of Mexico waters, then some 210,000,000 gallons of oil (and who knows how many cubic foot of gas, the gas may surpass the oil for all we know) don’t look too bad on a blank sheet of white paper if it’s just them two numbers.

At that point, I’m feeling gobsmacked a bit.,

I mean, have I over reacted all this time? Since 4/20 (and that’s JUST a coincidence ya pot heads) have I been guilty of over worrying and sharing all them over worrying links and reading them and making comments and being all planet worried?

Was I an over reacting DFH Lib Ignorant Amus? (only Dawg will judge me when I’m gone)

Have I been a bad person, or worse in MY eyes, a bad progressive? Broken, I am, in spirit and soul over this.

But it gets worse. The angst grows.

Also do not forget, at the K-T extinction 65 million years ago, the world’s oceans were acidic and deficient of oxygen. So much soot and carbon 14 (a radioactive element) had poured into the oceans that they couldn’t metabolize it all.

I’m clueless about this, totally out of my knowledge base, lord is this stuff TRUE? Where’d the Carbon 14 COME from? Why am I ignorant in history, geology, and all the sciences? Why do these teaparty folks KNOW all this? (never mind their sources they don’t list)

I’m devastated at this point. I got nuttin, the bastards are grinding me up like some geologic grist between tectonic plates.

Why am I being punished like this, O Great Dawg? (insert yer special spirit there, Flyin Spag Monster, whatever, I’m kewl)

And then it hits me, like a combination of Kenji Shibuya N Haystack Calhoun (gratuitous 60′s Wrestling snark) both jumping and slamming me from the top ropes. Oof!!

Once again – a natural cycle caused by magnetic field reversals. These reversals cause mass extinctions and radiation on Earth on a regular basis about every 11,500 years, and are associated with the ice age cycle as well.

1) Natural cycle cause by mag field reversals? Huh? I get them, but, where’s the science?

2) Mass extinctions, I get. What radiation? How? Where’s the science?

3) A regular fucking basis every 11,500 years? Mankind goes back HOW many years?

4) Ice age cycles, going back before 6K years when Baby Jebus and dinosaurs and we the people walked the earth! WTF?????

And it was about then, (that was just their header in bold!) I decided only to skim the article for the detail and some science I was looking for, what’s the gallon volume of the GOF?

Never found it. Well, maybe it’s 660 Quadrillion but I don’t know. Can I TRUST their science?

But damn, I was put thru Lucifer’s Trials just trying to find it, and apparently punished by being led to the linky.

I think I’m better now. I think I’m ok.

If ya need a laugh, now that I’ve taken the hit for ya, you can read that linky.

They kinda close with a linky to RushBo . . . I don’t have the heart to click that fucker, anymore.

I’ve sinned and atoned enough for the rest of ya Pups already, so you got to do yer own deeds at this point.

But really, they all say right god damned hell there in that article and that Rush Linky, the oil evaporated before, it will do so again. And after all, it’s only 210,000,00 gallons as I calculate it, and I’m lying like a liberal anyway with THAT math.

We all know it was only 20K barrels a day, and not all the time, either.


I may have to start drinking again.

Maybe Thers has some Whiskey left from that fire . . .

May your spiritual entity and you bless the GOM, it’s species above and below the waters and those on shore, and may The Gulf blossom and bloom again and feed and sustain us all, reptile, fish, avarian, human and all.

And thanks to all the scientists who tell us the truth.

Dawg help this planet. The creationists and corporations sure as fuck won’t.


Under The Bus? Hah!

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Oynes, What A Scam!

How He Was Fired, Despite Abject Failure . . . .

"During his tenure at the Gulf regional office in Louisiana for the MMS, Chris Oynes played a central role in an offshore leasing foul-up that cost taxpayers an estimated $10 billion in lost revenue. The Interior Department’s inspector general called the matter "a jaw-dropping example of bureaucratic bungling." Despite that, the agency’s then-director promoted Mr. Oynes in 2007 to associate director for the offshore program."

If ANYONE suggests I don’t have a point to make, I’ll curse you on these pages for ever.


Have at it Pups!!!

Our system at its best!