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GENGate! More, Now, Than Ever!

5:53 pm in Uncategorized by Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

Ok, info continues to pour in about GenGate.

It’s still difficult to decipher, absorb and know the players and their parts.

SFGate dot com had a timeline and scorecard, but I can’t find it now.

Only a meaningless org chart that’s more camp than info, bless their little meaningless hearts.

Ok, fine, SF Gate DID have some UP FRONT posts about this all, I posted some of them links in my first diary about all this Here.

But we are SO now, in a nanopsyfi, techbyte leaping, 12 hour news cycle SO beyond the past and lookin forward it will jerk yer neck and nether regions if yer not strapped in.

Are you strapped in? Cuz it’s gonna start to get REALLY wierd.

And my recurring theme, to gently ground you, keep you sane, and legal (please don’t disappear us for irresponsible speculation o great police state) is this.

More and more the backgrounds of the players are being uncovered, revealed, posted on the intertoobz, and in the MSM.

But the MSM, and now more so 6 daze into all of this, the blogosphere, is disappearing and failing to mention, the spook v spook angles of it all.

Gee, I wonder why?


FBI Shirtless Pic Agent
Jill Kelley
Jill’s Husband
Natalie Khawam
Natalie’s Ex Husband
Eric Cantor, and staff
Dead Ambassador Stevens and his other 3 fellows
Benghazi faux or dual gun running to Turkey to aid Syrian rebals
Benghazi rendition and torture site (prisoners being moved and site shut down two weeks before Steevens et al were killed)
Gen. Allen

N that’s a short list.

Now to follow is the list of NEW AND COMPLETELY CRAZED linkys and a quick summary of their import.

I mean, this is spooks, running spooks, and moles and assets all run amok like it was spring break in Cancun and mindless sex is everywhere except in YOUR room, where you sit alone, night after night, wondering why yer missin the action.

N all the other spooks are out there, makin headlines like never before, only NO ONE, NO ONE, in the msm will talk about it.

Cuz it’s a dick thing, ya know. It’s a slut thing, ya know.

It SURELY is NOT the most ugly, messed up, multi government run spook flipped assets fucked up mess of domestic and foreign intelligence failures ever in history.

Oh no, it’s not that.

Not that we’ll ever hear, other than from foreign sources in the times to come (read Pepe Escobar for future musings).

But here’s the latest link’s, and the message I get from them.

A repeat link, But Berhnard from MOA is solid, and bears revisiting.

Pepe Escobar Also Deserves ReReading.

The Dirt Piles Up On The Twins N Husbands.

More Dirt On Twin Natalie, Custody Of Her Kid (she lost this one, btw).

Natalie’s Ex, NeoCon Iraqi Reconstructionist, Highly Placed In BushCo ME Affairs.

Here’s His Company, Linked To BushCo And PNAC (funny, their advisory board link don’t work, go figure, did LeDeen et al pull that one?).

BTW, THIS guy Wolfe beat two, BIGASS Generals support, in Natalie’s custody battle. He beat it, got the kid and beat two HUGE General’s work in court. Think he knows something about spookin stuff? Think higher up’s didn’t back him? Against CIA, TWO HUGE GENERALS? N so far, he’s not dead from an umbrella tip prick.

So, there we have it to date.

Two generals, a biographer from West Point who did Military Intelligence and spent time working and studying in Israel who slept with at least ONE General, twin sisters of Lebanese descent with military connects on a SOCIAL basis to Lebanese descended Gen Abizaid in the early 2000′s, at US CENTCOM, in FL, and then to Petreaus, Allen, and well, US CENTCOM in FL for years.

Twin sisters, and the one surgeon hubby, deeply in debt, HUGELY in debt, ripe for the asset recruiting by a deep mole or ANY domestic or foreign intelligence agency (oh lord, what if they were all on OUR side, what’s this say about CIA??????).

A couple of husbands of the twins with worldly ways and connects to spookdom. One of the husbands part of Iraqi Reconstruction, appointed and favored by BushCo and the PNAC neocons, working for a company, Akkadian, that does foreign reconstruction and advisory functions to US Pentagon contracts.

As I’ve said often, the babes have likely been flipped more times by intelligence agencies than they’ve been flipped in bed.

And the rest of the cast encompasses each and every facet of spookdom and NEOCON Empire (PNAC), Pentagon, MIC, and of course, CIA, FBI and White House and Congress.

You couldn’t MAKE UP a script with all this, and it’s clusterfuckology, if you were paid a mole’s ransom.

Popcorn, anyone? I like mine with garlic in the pot, and melted butter and parm cheese drizzled all over.

This show is gonna be a long one. And your BEST fantasies will not be enough to follow it . . . so sit down, strap in, shut up and dig the ride. I’ll try to hold a steady wheel.

We Need Jobs! But Elected Offals Are Killin Us!

7:55 pm in Uncategorized by Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

No Jobs! Bastids!

I’m one of the chronic and long term unemployed.

There. I admit it.

I’m in Sacto, CA.

The temp agencies have no clerical/admin openings, they won’t even talk to me and they don’t know I’m older, and unemployed. They have some newly opened light industrial/const, but nothing else. And I’m talking 20 agencies in my county.

It’s been like this, for the most part, since ’04.

Worse certainly in ’06 and following.

I give up for a while, then start in again. Nothing in the past two years.

The online services like Monster/Career Builder/Craig’s List publish jive come on listings only to find out they are out of date, or the company hasn’t done business with them for a few months.

Bottom line, no jobs white collar.

And MY effing elected offals are claiming some bullshit that Dayen, Massicio and Jon Walker and other FDL’ers have knocked out of the sky regarding a GOP Senate Majority stille?


But no, our Dem’s are as just as twisted against me, and us, as the GOP is.

Really, it’s an easy package, you spend when in times like this, regardless of phony deficit issues, to create jobs, that help pay taxes, and cover the deficit. And spur the economy, and jump start other jobs thru spending of consumers, yadda yadda it’s not rocket science.

But we have NOTHING, NOTHING from this presidency, this Congress, to go all Galt WPA like.

I have to believe it’s intentional.

And I’ll be damned if I know why, cuz if we don’t work, we don’t spend, and we cant’ buy products.

And working the Wall Street for the fat cats just can’t sustain itself without our capital worth, our labor’s worth, and our taxations, our reinvesting into the markets.

Anyone got a clue, beyond conspiracy shit and Alex Jones?

Tinfoil greatfully acknowledged, but wing nuts need not reply.


Anyone know anyone in Sacto, CA I can contact for a job, clerical/admin, $10 an hour? And I’m selling out cheap and low, here . . . sigh.

Thanks in advance. Nope, can’t move, not an option. Thanks all, best wishes to all of you in my shoes, or worse . . . . hard times indeed. (n never mind Af/Pak, Palistine/Israel, GOM Oil Disaster, to further screw us all)

No Big Whoop, Just A Small Observation

10:48 am in Uncategorized by Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

A few days ago David Dayen offered an excellent read and analysis of the Polis/Pingree Letter.

At the time of its publishing (Jan. 27th) 40 House Members had signed onto it.

If I recall correctly, this was JUST before or JUST after Speaker Pelosi announced that the Public Option was once again ‘off the table’ due to the Senate.

Today I got a response from MY House Rep, Doris Matsui-D, CA-05, D+15.

She’s signed onto the letter! Yay!

And the total of House Reps that have signed on to the letter demanding that Maj. Leader Reid include the PO is now up to 100! Yay!

Sadly, I’m willing to bet, without even SEEING the list, them 100 Reps are alike in these ways:

1) SOLID +Dem numbers in their district, I mean +10 or more!
2) Confident that the Senate will block the PO anyway, and so can vote liberal and look good, knowing they got a ‘secret deal’ with PhARMA and Big Med Insurance lobbyists that their vote was symbolic only . . . so they don’t lose the cash flow for ’10′s election efforts, etc.
3) Maybe a handful of progs who have stood the test of BEING a prog to date.

And, as a final observation, nothing new no Pups didn’t already know, the Senate WILL kill the PO so the House Reps letter effort and sign on’s are just that much watered down cheer leading.


Final Final-given the Senate IS killing the PO and any House changes behind the scenes with WH and Pelosi/Reid, why hasn’t Pelosi come out FORCEFULLY for the PO, and stomped her foot in public for it, blaming the Senate all the way and earning pseudo progressive ‘crocodile tears’? It would have fooled many a centrist/independent and even some not so well schooled progs and been a GREAT publicity and PR ploy!

But she came out and declared PO dead, yet again (with a minor nod to Senate Kill, and the WH).

Le Sigh, The Mountain Of Change, she is so steep and tall to climb, no?

BTW, on the FDL Action Vote for support, I went with Dem’s that had low D+ numbers, and at least a checkmark for PO support, if not 3 checkmarks. Didn’t seem to me worth it to spend any one’s money to support a D+ with double digit numbers . . . . support those who LOOK prog and have low numbers . . . .

On we hope, I guess.