I urge all Real Democrats to declare war on the Democratic Party and this Administration by

– refusing all appeals for financial contributions to Democratic candidates,

– refusing to do any work at all for the Party,

– refusing to go to Party functions,

– going to meetings held by Congresspersons and Senators and

– demonstrating at the meetings against the President’s Catfood Commission,

until he dismisses that Commission.

If the President fails to dismiss that Commission before election day, then I urge that every real Democrat see to it that the Democrats get beaten very badly in the 2010 election, either by staying home, voting for a third party candidate, or even voting for a Republican if it comes to that.

I know the result will be painful. I know that people will suffer because we do this. But I also know that we cannot continue to support office holders and a political party that refuses to keep its promises to its base, and then laughs in our faces because we "’effin retards" have nowhere else to go.

The President must be compelled to do what is right, and the only language at our disposal is the language of promising to vote against the party, and then fulfilling that promise if the Party fails to perform. We need to teach the lesson by choosing a specific issue that is very visible. That issue is the very existence of the Catfood Commission, and its attempts to place the Social Safety Net, which is at the very soul of the Democratic Party, on the chopping block.

No real Democrat can fail to be offended by this. We need to let President Obama know that we will tolerate this openness to cutting the Social Safety Net, no longer. An end to the Catfood Commission, I say! And not another dollar, or another hour, or another vote for a Democrat until that is done!

(Cross-posted at All Life Is Problem Solving and Fiscal Sustainability).