Did the Gulf gusher do it?

Untold damage has been done to our oceans – our lungs. No endpoint of the uncontrolled volcano of millions of gallons of spewing oil and gas has been set by the US government and other responsible parties. Our oceans will be toast soon and we, as a species, will follow shortly to extinction, in this Anthropocene era of the Sixth Great Extinction.

We, as a species, do not have the luxury of a 15 year transition to halt ghg emissions to avoid overwhelming catastrophic disasters. Applications of existing, off-the-shelf renewable energy technologies are enough – without allowing not-yet-developed and unproven technologies be paid for by the taxpayer. It is not acceptable to allow business-as-usual politicking of a failed-growth economy to stop the corporate-led headlong descent into extinction:

As resource depletion accelerates (climate change, extreme weather, technological catastrophes), competition for control of ever scarcer resources and ecological services will keep apace. Dividing by ethnic group and class is the means employed by elements at work, as seen in Arizona, to illegally gain control of more resources of a shrinking pie. The race war in Arizona, now a police state will keep fueled, as the resource pie shrivels.

So with so many fuses furiously burning to end life as we know it, I’m making an urgent, a Renewed Call to Actions:

Call for Federal Consent Decree: Intransigence of Arizona state officials responsible for SB 1070 racist, apartheid legislation makes imperative the call on the Feds to take-over the day-to-day running of this police state to restore the rule of law, by the aegis of the Federal District Courts effectively putting the state formerly known as Arizona under a Federal Consent Decree.

We, as a people, need to proceed to hold the entire government and their criminal complicity with the oil-industrial complex criminally responsible for their utter disregard for the viability of ecological services required for ocean life and the survival of all life on earth as we know it.

If the entire government was to be forced to resign now, non-governmental agencies in the US and adjacent would be empowered to step up to the plate and fill the vacuum.

We, Progressives of any label: Democrats-in-name-only (dinos), Republicans-in-name-only (rinos) and alternative party members must prepare to lead a grass-roots democratic revolution rising from the ashes of the duopoly to nationalize financial institutions, energy concerns, and big insurance to seize all corporate assets in the US and re-appropriate, relocalize, and fully fund education, healthcare, and ecological service restoration, mitigation and adaption.

As thousands of demonstrations occur in the US on the linked issue of social and environmental justice being criminally and unconstitutionally being trampled on by this plutocrat corporate-representing government, we will show the world a comprehension of the police state of Arizona as yet another aspect of a failed, criminal federal energy policy.

Elect me, Jack Lindblad to the 39th Assembly District in California to do this – manage multiple collapse and transition to a steady-state, 100% renewable, green jobs economy.