Today’s global marketplace expends untold amounts of energy to manufacture, produce, transport, store, market, and sell goods and products. To relocalize trade, energy, natural resources to the watershed, to make our economy local will realize less energy and less resource depletion.

- Getting off the grid or relocalizing is much like the popular CERT community emergency response self-sufficiency training applied over the longer term across the urban habitat.

- Functioning net-zero energy, completely relocalized communities will provide survivability with frugality and compassion – without austerity – in this, the Sixth Great Extinction of this, the Anthropogenic era with zero-carbon footprint – mitigation against the ravages of Extreme weather (ark storms), with adaptation by revitalizing areas capable of providing ecological niche against the backdrop of larger areas permanently-made-hostile planetary habitat, with food, water, energy, open space, material production security, with a degree of immunity against asymmetrical warfare, EMP (Electro-magnetic pulse) bursts, CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) solar bursts that would otherwise disable and kill off more centralized forms of society like the US is presently structured.

- The past, failed societal drive to consume ever increasing amounts of ‘product’ resulting in exorable rates of resource depletion and energy consumption is reversed with a post-consumer civilization of doing more with less and less energy points to a culture whose values of mindless consumption and waste was successful transitioned to a culture of high efficiency, and mindfulness.

My Green-values platform bases development not on developers – rather on bio-regional determinism to meet California’s codified goal of reducing global greenhouse gases by one-third by 2020. I co-authored nationally-recognized and award-winning Panorama City Commercial Revitalization Study, whose three determinants regulating built-form were later adopted as Senate Bill 375, passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor to provide mechanisms to meet California’s AB 32 Climate Change Act requirements.

I’m an architect by education and profession, I am running to win California’s 39th State Assembly District seat this year, earning 21.6% of the vote in 2010 (tripling the 2008 showing), tops for alternative parties, in back-to-back contests and one-on-one rematch with the incumbent, termed the ‘worst legislator in California’ for being outstanding in getting enriched by Lobbyists that author and sponsor his bills more than any other legislator.

I will advance these moral imperatives in the Legislature to balance the budget, manage multiple collapses, mitigate and adapt to ecological collapse’s worst catastrophes, offset existing environmental problems, and alleviate economic disruptions.

Once elected, I will further ensure our 2020 energy goals are met and exceeded.

Applying pragmatism in my community efforts – rejecting corruption, unreasonableness and impracticality, with proven leadership, contributing to the community over the years – prepared me to be our District’s grassroots representative in the Legislature.

Taking no corporate donations nor the beholdence that is part of the bargain, being an effective squeaky wheel in advocacies for health-care patient rights against Big Insurance, advocating for local water reliance, seeing success in efforts to rebound historic commercial areas, the experience of meeting project budgets and payroll as a small business, co-authoring community specific plan overlays that revitalize commercial hubs in sustainable ways.

Stopping urban sprawl and Kelo-eminent domain, gentrification, I have supported community grassroots efforts, forming neighborhood councils, advocating District-wide multimodal rapid transit, revitalizing the Tujunga-Pacoima Watershed, assisting in the ‘No on B’ win to provide unfettered solar power for stakeholders and assisting in the successful effort keeping the foothill and upper watershed communities in one city council district.

Once elected, in my tenure in the Assembly, I will promote accountability, full disclosure and transparency, accepting no corporate donations nor lobbyist writing or sponsoring any of my legislation. For to meet our budgetary constraints, the social, educational and economic need, and our impending deadlines to transform to a sustainable, renewable energy economy with greatly reduced global greenhouse gases, there has be a zero-tolerance for corruption and the politics of personal enrichment at public expense.

Overall expenditures for lobbying state legislators hit an all-time high in 2011 of $286.6 million—that’s a 6.8 percent jump from 2010. Or divided among 120 elected state legislators, on the average, each legislator came to 2.4 million dollars. it is up to the People to: Get the money out of politics. Stop the lobbyist third house from owning the legislators and their legislation. Make the legislator abide by their constitutionally sworn obligations to read and write the legislation. Stop the multiple pensions. Return the money to state coffers.

Campaign reform with public financing by a check off your tax return is necessary for democracy to be resuscitated.

Left to the lobbyist and developer interests, as they have, will consistently make end-arounds to avoid compliance with our carbon emission reduction legislation. Failing to meet our climate challenges, we, as a society, will suffer and be made extinct if we cannot contain the habitability of our planet. Only by sweeping out the corruption can we, as communities of our District and California – usher in a steady-state, renewable energy economy replacing the failed-growth economy. A Green Jobs New Deal, in which a well-trained workforce focuses on rewilding, revitalization of watersheds, jobs in energy monitoring and conservation, mass transit, greenbelts of wildlife corridors – will rely on wind, solar, wave, zero-point, free energy, conservation and efficiency to provide our transition to a 100% renewable energy economy.

the mission, vision and the plan

As your Legislator, I will fight until every person in our district who needs a job can get one, until we recapture our position as a world-class public education system, and make our region sustainable in water, energy, finance, food, material goods, improving our air quality, freeing traffic gridlock.

1) Recapturing California’s pre-eminence as a world-class educational system:

I will expand the California Dream from the post-World War II 1950’s to include free Pre-K through 16 grade levels and free life-long community college for skills training. Restoration is needed of in-demand careers that State universities provide for in nursing, engineering, and computer science curriculum.

‘Some of the most insidious effects are on teaching and monitoring. The Enlightenment ideal of education was captured in the image of education as laying down a string that students follow in their own ways, developing their creativity and independence of mind.
The alternative, to be rejected, is the image of pouring water into a vessel – and a very leaky one, as all of us know from experience. The latter approach includes teaching to test and other mechanisms that destroy students’ interest and seek to fit them into a mold, easily controlled.’
‘The Assault on Public Education’ by Noam Chomsky

Our imperative is to reverse long term spending 7:1 on prisons over education to approach the historic ratio of 6:1 of education over prison spending – to regain California’s lost competitive preeminence in education, quality of life, and to regain a world class workforce and jobs over the past thirty years. We need to make Rehabilitation and Continuing Education the ‘objectives’ – not the warehousing punishment that incarceration amounts to.

Since felonies involve higher court costs and result in lengthier periods of incarceration, the cost savings from these reforms would be substantial. These savings would make implementation of the Governor’s realignment plan less costly, allowing local authorities to use the money saved to fund rehabilitation, drug treatment, and other proven strategies for reducing crime.

These sentencing reforms will help to preserve scarce dollars for schools and universities, health care and social services. And California will stop spending unnecessary millions to incarcerate people who pose no threat to public safety.

2) We will improve our Quality of Life by ensuring we meet California’s Climate Change Act required GHG reduction by 2020 (compared to 1990 levels) by implementing a Green New Deal for California. To do so, we must preserve our neighborhoods and expand the commons of open space by controlling outsized development that overburdens the infrastructure, according to SB 375 criteria of transit-friendly, mixed use and pedestrian oriented. No developer or politician, acting in their self-interest will be allowed to contravene compliance to meet our lowered carbon emission deadlines.

We will hold onto our very special Mediterranean climate, accounting for just 3% of the world’s land surface , by mitigating the inexorable temperature increases via lowered impact development, more open space given to wildlife corridors, lowering the urban heat sink effect.

In this process, we celebrate and enhance each communities’ unique characters with environmental and social justice, by providing a living wage – not a minimum wage – encouraging and incentivizing small business incubation with ongoing Los Angeles River and Tujunga-Pacoima Watershed Revitalization efforts and endeavors. The minimum wage is not a living wage.

3) A relocalized, carbon-neutral, off the grid, net-zero-energy, net-zero-water, net-zero-carbon, green jobs economy provides for the greater good while restoring the Commons.

Huge budgetary savings realized from relocalization of resources and positive monetary assessment of urban forests intrinsic values – will provide healthy outcomes and sustainability to state and local government budgets – especially during this period of declining property values and assessments.

Increasing the high tech job sector – without a moral compass of frugality, (not austerity), green, living wage jobs, sustainability and relocalization – cannot not be a guidepost to a 100% renewable energy, steady-state economy.

Our working class communities here in the East San Fernando Valley, lower Tujunga-Pacoima watershed can be a model for the state and beyond to refocus delivering excellent, efficient, and effective governance most productively on the local, bioregional level.

Relocalizing water resources involves increasing groundwater absorption, resulting from a ramping up of Superfund cleanup matching funds – needed to provide potable water in the aquifers. Hexavalent chromium pollution and its environmental and healthcare impacts from our communities auto-related industry has been neglected for decades.

Strip mining is not a compatible land use with our District and must be stopped in Sylmar now. Watershed protection from contaminants, while safely increasing our groundwater aquifer recharge, eases our region’s dependency energy-intensive long-distance water from the Delta, Central Valley, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

Relocalizing electrical energy by increasing solar installations on individual dwellings and businesses with incentives from Feed-In-Tariffs to offset carbon-based existing energy supply costs – will lower our carbon footprint and lower energy costs.

Relocalized food production will add to community-based economics from local fruit and produce gardens. Better food security and healthy food will result in lower healthcare costs from lower incidence of cancer and chronic disease.

Relocalizing central banks will stop their financial manipulation over our lives by breaking up the mega-banks to keep people in their houses and to forgive student debt – that has skyrocketed six-fold over the past 30 years. “Bond dependent financing” only gives unjust enrichment to the already wealthy, taking from the bulk of taxpayers – needed resources out of the economy.

A Public-owned state bank, partnered with local credit unions and local banks that don’t take bailouts and make themselves outrageous bonuses, would put resources back in the economy. The mission of the state bank is to apply environmentally accountable, incentive-based investments in schools, student loans and local economies.

Constituents, ‘your’ political class of electeds represent the financial interests of the Bank of America – that, alone that has 1/4 trillion dollars of your wealth and has confiscated homes, tossing you in the streets. We, the 99%, must recapture Our Stolen Wealth.

We will relocalize material and consumer products by promoting the next wave of the digital revolution – created by on-site, low-cost, do-it-yourself, three-dimensional printing by incentivizing libraries to offer peer-to-peer tutoring programs in ‘hacker spaces’ or ‘maker spaces’ that encourage business-start-ups, lower energy costs of supply chains and lower equipment capitalization costs.

To see our District resurge in education, jobs and the quality of life, my election to the Assembly, provides the voice For, Of, and By the People to unify and inclusively bridge across our diverse communities, here, along the western slopes of the San Gabriel mountains – to herald a future expanding the current 100 billion dollar a year ecotourism industry in California to attain an eco-tourist paradise where our District communities serve as portals to the Angeles Crest National Park and as multi-modal transportation and commercial hubs to active and passive recreation of a rewilded Los Angeles River and its urbanized tributary washes reaching into the upper, forested Tujunga-Pacoima watershed.

A realistic optimism of a green jobs economy is what could have been today if five years ago we as a society pulled all stops and replaced the failed growth economy with a 100% renewable steady-state net zero economy, the chances of getting off the grid and getting to a net-zero carbon, net-zero water and net-zero energy and zero ghg emissions in just three years in order to slow down the inexorable rise in temperature or limit it to a 2° C increase is slim to none. We must try anyway even if a 2° C limit may not allow for adaptation or mitigation or restoration. Extinction is here and we as a species have no way out of it.

Cambio con Jack!