Occupy Monsanto is planned for 9/17/2012

What power do stockholders have? Can shareholders make a difference? One Bay Area man, Sam Begler–full disclosure: who I have known for over 30 years and is a full-on hippie and an organic chef–has a proposition: Don’t just Occupy Monsanto, buy Monsanto. Or at least shares in Monsanto. On the Buy Monsanto! Facebook rallying page he proposes:

If WE can buy enough shares of MONSANTO stock WE can gain the controlling interest and END THE INSANITY of CORPORATE THINKING that makes the goal of MONOPOLIZING THE FOOD SUPPLY OF THE ENTIRE PLANET an acceptable business model.

Now granted it might take a lot of people–and at $79.15 per share at current closing price, a lot of money–to gain controlling interest in the mega-corp, but what if enough people concerned about Monsanto’s creepiness bought stock and attended shareholder meetings and actually stated their positions at shareholder meetings?

Any buyers?