Tonight on FDL Movie Night  we’re discussing Pink Ribbons, Inc., a documentary finished before the Susan G. Komens/Planned Parenthood gaffe, which explores the marketing of breast cancer  awareness  and where  the billions of dollars that is raised by Avon, Revlon, Susan G. Komen Foundation  and other campaigns actually goes. (Hint: Most of it does not go towards prevention!) Our guests are health care advocate Barbara Brenner, the film’s producer Ravida Din, and Dr. Samantha King, author of the book Pink Ribbons, Inc., on which the film is based.

In less than one year I lost two friends two friends to breast cancer. One committed suicide when the cancer came back–fiercely independent, she couldn’t face anymore  financial, emotional or physical devastation. The other died after eleven years and over 180 rounds of chemotherapy. Both never saw age 50. Members of the Firedoglake community have faced breast cancer firsthand, and FDL went up against the Susan G. Komens Foundation for their hiring of Haddassah Lieberman and Komen’s action against Planned Parenthood, so this is a film that impacts FDL directly.

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