As the Labor Day weekend draws nears, there’s a hidden danger lurking–SHARKS! We here at Firedoglake want to provide you with some cautionary tales and scary footage featuring those finned and famous aquatic eating machines SHARKS! We’ll be discussing the jaw-droppingly fabulous flick 2-Headed Shark Attack starring Carmen Electra with director Christopher Ray, who’s no stranger to shark moves. He directed Shark Week for the SyFy Channel,  Mega-Shark vs Crocosaurus and the oh so awesome 2-Headed Shark Attack.

We’ll be discussing sharks in the water, land sharks, and indie horror films plus showing the trailers for Jaws and Jaws 2, and Roger Corman’s  Sharktopus as well as footage from some shark documentaries and YouTube as we explore why sharks are just so damn fascinating!

Join us Monday night, 5pm west coast/8pm east for SHARK NIGHT ON FDL!