Tonight’s movie, Families are Forever follows a typical California Mormon family as they discover their oldest son, 13-year old Jordan, is gay. Determined to not loose their son but wanting to let him be himself, while still staying true to their faith, Wendy Montgomery turns first to LDS literature which she finds archaic and inapplicable to Jordan. As Jordan grows more and more withdrawn, quietly contemplating suicide, Wendy searches through medical and psychological literature and discovers the Family Acceptance Project which helps diverse families understand how to support their LGBT children, as well as training health and mental health providers to understand the critical role of families in supporting their LGBT children.

The Family Acceptance Project’s research shows for the first time how these family accepting and rejecting behaviors affect an LGBT young person’s health and mental health, including risk for suicide, substance abuse, HIV, self-esteem, etc.. These attitudes and behaviors also affect the whole family.

Tonight’s guests, Families are Forever director Vivian Kleiman and Caitlin Ryan from Family Acceptance Project will be discussing both Jordan’s story and the Family Acceptance Project on the front page of at 5pm West Coast time. To participate, please register beforehand (button on left side at top of page–registration is free)  and log in. See you tere!