Who killed President John F. Kennedy? Alleged lone-gunman Lee Harvey Oswald stated he was

a patsy.

A patsy for whom?

Tonight from 5pm-6:30pm West Coast time, on the front page of Firedoglake.com, JP Sotille and I co-host FDL Movie Night with our guest, Emmy-award producer John Barbour, discussing his documentary The Garrison Tapes. Barbour produced The Garrison Tapes using his raw interview footage with the former New Orleans District Attorney who was the first person to publicly discuss in depth a conspiracy behind the murder of JFK. Barbour’s story about NBC’s manipulation and editing of this footage is astounding, and may make you never trust the media again.

If you haven’t read Sotille’s JFK Assassination Anniversary Primer and his JFK & Anti-Conspiracy Conspiracy here on Firedoglake, please give them your eyes. And be sure to watch The Garrison Tapes at the link above, as well Garrison’s 1967 NBC commentary on  the JFK assassination conspiracy above.

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