Monday’s Movie Night guest, filmmaker Lisa Stock, will be discussing her short film HELL, watchable here. She also created an eight-part web series about Persephone, and her work focuses on myths and magical realism, taking the viewers into worlds that are saturated with color, lush, horrifying, surreal and at times challenging:

As an indie filmmaker, I have to be even more mindful of the world I create because odds are I’m not entirely in control of it. I usually have a limited number of days to shoot, and a limited amount of funds, so I can’t call off if it’s cloudy instead of sunny, or raining, or if there was a snow storm the day before dumping 12 inches of snow on our set. The impact of the world I create for my stories has to resonate larger than any mishaps that can happen while shooting. Therefore, it’s not only about the buildings and trees, but about how my characters fit into their world and control it or let it control them.

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