FDL Movie Night Preview: “The DVD of Tiki, Vol 1: Paradise Lost”

3:32 pm in Uncategorized by Lisa Derrick

Brrrr, it’s cold outside! And what better in the winter of our discontent that to dream of far-off lands, where floral scents drift on sea breezes, where the sun is warm, the beaches clean, and people kind?

Grab an exotic beverage and join us Monday night on a tropical excursion as we discuss The DVD of Tiki, Vol 1: Paradise Lost, The Rise and Fall of  Backyard Polynesia with directors and Tiki cogniscenti Jochen Hirschfeld and Schlango. Using  The DVD OF TIKI, Vol. 1 Paradise Lost  as our guide, we’ll discuss  the origins of the myth of the South Seas paradise and follow the United States on the transition from the puritanical 1950s to the sexual revolution of the 70s. Plus gain insight into the effects of Christian missionaries on native artwork, how the popularity of Tiki shifted attitudes in the islands, and how Tiki fell out favor, during the Vietnam War-era.

Trader Vic’s, Don the Beachcomber, mai-tais,  exotica music, wahines on velvet, dances,  Elvis, Disneyland, and the cultural phenomenons of the original Tiki movement  all feature in this exciting, informative documentary, full of original interviews with the likes of  Martin Denny (the godfather of exotics music), Leroy Schmaltz and Bob Van Oosting of Oceanic Arts, Eric Askew, The Bali Hai Boys who began as a band and ended up as hoteliers in Tahiti, Sven Kirsten, Otto Von Stroheim (founder of the annual Tiki Oasis getaway conference weekend), artist SHAG, and many more. (And while Tiki fell out of favor,  its modern resurgence began in the early 1980s, due in part to punk rock, go figure!)

Movie Night is 5pm West Coast, 8pm East Coast on the front page of Firedoglake.com.  To join in the disccusion, please register at firedoglake.com (it’s free!), and log in at 5pm. You’ll be able to ask questions and comments in the comment box.  Just remember to refresh your browser every couple of minutes to see new replies and comments.