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Saturday Art: Morgan Spurlock Curated Show “New Blood” Opens in L.A. April 28

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Director Morgan Spurlock (“Supersize Me,” the upcoming “Mansome” which is screening at the Tribeca film festival this week, “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” and one of my bibles, “50 Documentaries to See Before You Die“) curates his first art show “New Blood,”opening next Saturday at Thinkspace Gallery. He also kindly gave MyFDL an exclusive interview about the show.

“New Blood” features important contemporary artists who have each chosen another up and coming artist to exhibit along them. Many of the established artists are included in Spurlock’s own collection. He told me in email:

I began collecting in 2004 with a small piece by Francisco Lo Castro. Since then, I have filled all the walls in my home, office and cabin upstate with art. After the Lo Castro, I got the original “MC Supersize” from Ron English, and then pieces by Nouar, Gary Baseman, Ray Caesar, Yoko Tanaka, & Sas Christian. I have a few pieces by Ron English & Gary Baseman. I also have paintings by Dzine, The Date Farmers, Camille Rose Garcia, Tim Biskup, Gary Taxali & Shepard Fairey.

“New Blood” includes all original works from established artists and the new blood they chose to exhibit with them: Camille Rose Garcia and Travis Lampe; The Date Farmers and Albert Reyes; Dzine and Jesus Bubu Negron; Elizabeth McGrath and Morgan Slade; Gary Baseman and Jesse Dickenson; Gary Taxali and Adrian Forrow; Jonathan Yeo and Charlie Gouldsborough; Mark Jenkins and Sandra Fernandez; Nicola Verlato and Marco Mazzoni; Ron English and Kid Zoom; Saber and ZES; Shepard Fairey and Nicholas Bowers; and Tim Biskup and Patrick Hruby.

Spurlock explained why and how he chose the established artists in the exhibit: Read the rest of this entry →

Saturday Art: Tiki Artists Celebrate and Support Breast Health Awareness

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A unique art show runs August 19 through 22 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in San Diego featuring 25 artists renown in tiki and lowbrow/pop surrealism circles Heather Watts, Tim Biskup, DEVO’s Mark Mothersbaugh, Isabel Samarasa, Crazy Al Evans, Claudette Barjoud aka Miss Fluff, Ken Ruzic/Little Lost Tiki, Derek Yaniger, Jason Rodgers and Mia Rodgers, and Ken Ruzic/Little Lost Tiki who’ve created works using plaster casts of women’s torsos — including burlesque artists and tiki aficionados as their inspiration and canvases — to raise awareness in the alt/underground scene about breast cancer prevention and detection.

Artist: Erin Joy – castee: Baby Doe

The gallery show, which is free and open to the public, is part of Tiki Oasis the largest, longest running gathering celebrating exotica and tiki culture. The plaster casts are available for sale and benefit the Keep A Breast Foundation.

Tiki Oasis co-founder Baby Doe von Stroheim curated this show which was a year in the planning. A burlesque performer and choreographer who created the Tease-a-Rama burlesque fest, Baby Doe met the Keep A Breast team at a Burlesque Hall of Fame event in Las Vegas. She explains the connection:

Burlesque is about women embracing themselves and their bodies. My mom was 20-year breast cancer survivor, so I felt very close to anything having to do with breast cancer. My mom had full mastectomy and a vibrant life. She instilled in me embracing your femaleness and the female form, being unafraid to take care of yourself. When it came to breast cancer awareness I didn’t relate to pink ribbons, but I did to Keep A Breast.

Plaster casting art works are part of San Diego-based Keep A Breast Foundation’s outreach program. The award-winning organization focuses on breast cancer awareness and education for those under 40; breast cancer that age group is much more aggressive and the rates are increasing. Keep A Breast worked to get the Early Act passed as part of health care reform, and is active in campaigning for the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010.  . . . Read the rest of this entry →