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A tropical storm will rake the east coast of Japan over the next couple of days, bringing heavy rain and strong winds to Fukushima Prefecture. NHK reports, “Japan’s Meteorological Agency says heavy rain is expected in the area around the power plant beginning on Sunday night. In some areas, torrential rain and strong wind are expected from Monday to Tuesday.”

Remember that crucial scene in Jurassic Park, where the storm screws up Nedry’s (aka Newman’s) plans, leaving all the security systems off?

[TEPCO] says if rain and wind become intense, all operations except for patrolling will stop.

The level of contaminated water in the turbine buildings of the Number 2 and 3 reactors and tunnels has been rising.

The company says it will closely monitor the level to prevent contaminated water from overflowing and seeping into ground water and the sea.

The utility is also studying ways to stop radioactive substances deposited on debris and buildings from being washed away by rain and flowing into the sea via gutters.


I doubt that there will actually be a particularly obvious outcome from this storm, but have a look at the third through sixth graphs of radiation data at this site. You should see big spikes around March 13-15, when there were explosions and big releases. Now notice how the radiation levels from March 20-22 changed. See the big rise that then takes days to weeks to fall back down? That was a result of the first real rains after the accident. It will be interesting to see if radiation levels change over the next few days as a result of tropical storm Songda.

You can follow the action by occasionally checking this link (scroll down) to see the data as it is updated at one particular site that is not too far from the nuclear power station. You might also just want to check back with NHK (link above) to see any new reporting associated with the storm.