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Occupy Oakland (OO): Mayor Quan Says Not Again

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Oakland Mayor Jean Quan (photo: dougsmi/flickr)

On Thursday, April 19, I attended a meeting sponsored by the Oakland Police Department (OPD) with our new police chief, Howard Jordan, leading the meeting and Mayor Jean Quan attending. The agenda was all about crime and the strategies and resources the OPD is using to address it. I went to the meeting with a question for Mayor Quan, to ask what her plans were for OO this year if OO sets up another encampment. I didn’t get to ask my question during the meeting but was able to have a 5-minute discussion with her afterwards.

Mayor Quan made it clear to me that she will not allow OO to set up again. She cited a number of reasons why things went south last year and she made it very clear that under no circumstances would she allow an overnight encampment this year.

I began the conversation trying to leverage off a couple of things that she had brought up during her part of the meeting, i.e., limited resources (mostly money) and patterns (of crime over time). I brought up how over time, the last 10 years certainly, there have been fewer resources largely through actions at the federal and state level. I’m sure I threw in something about economic inequality and the mantra of austerity and how this was a pattern that is now clearly evident.

She placed the economic policy blame at the federal level on the Republicans, “not Barack”. At the state level, she placed the “mess there” on former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. I said I thought both parties were complicit at the national level (to which she shook her head no) and did not disagree with her regarding the state level. In any event, I could see this was not a good segue into Occupy, so I just asked the question:

“Given that last year, the Occupy movement was the only force to shift the national conversation from austerity to economic inequality, what are your plans for OO this year, should they set up again.”

She said that OO had too many anarchists there who had caused property damage and great economic loss to the City, especially Chinatown (which is just a few blocks south of where the encampment had been). She said Chinatown’s business had been down 40% from the year before. She said that the City had lost one major business (“a renter”, I believe she put it) and she was just able to save another large company (Clorox) from leaving. She said that OO had been able to effect the national conversation only during a period of 10 days. She cited the General Assembly’s failure to agree on non-violence as a significant position. She cited the leaderless nature of OO as being a big problem, and referring to NYC’s Occupy, indicated she was somewhat envious of Mayor Bloomberg, who had been able to have some sort of dialog. She pointed out that a wealthy Oaklander had offered to house the entire OO but had been turned down. She also brought up there was significant drug dealing (and use) going on, as well as a rape and a murder. When I said that the murder was outside of the encampment, she was vigorous in saying that it was because of the drug dealing. And she also brought up the mentally ill and homeless who “were brought” to the encampment. Finally, she related how her daughter had been initially part of (or maybe supportive of, I’m not sure) of OO at first, but left because of the anarchists’ actions. And she added that many people had left the encampment after the initial few weeks because of the dangers and anarchy. Read the rest of this entry →

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#Occupy Oakland (

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OccupyOakland flyer,

OccupyOakland flyer,

I went to the Oakland General Assembly (GA) today at Mosswood Park (specifically, at the amphitheater there).  It was the group’s second meeting, the first for me.  There were about 75-125 people there, probably 75 for the whole meeting.  I’d say about 85% of the people were white and about 85% were young.  The GA started at 5:00,  lasted about 2 ¼ hours and then split up into 3 committees.  I didn’t stay for the committees.  (At that point I was too cold and achy from sitting on the rained-upon amphitheater concrete.)

The meeting began with a brief recap of the first meeting (yesterday) and an explanation of process.  At the first meeting it was agreed that the Oakland Occupation will start 4:00 on Monday, Oct. 10 at Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland.  The group had also agreed to rename the plaza to Oscar Grant Plaza in honor of the unarmed unresisting black man who was killed by a BART cop 2 years ago.  Also, three committees had been set up to address things such as outreach, the media, propaganda, events, logistics, security, and food.

A couple of people spoke of other local Occupy activities.  Someone from Berkeley said that Occupy Berkeley is about a week behind, schedule wise.  Someone from San Francisco talked about last night, when the cops kicked everyone out and confiscated their belongings.  The bright side, the person said, is that today the Federal Reserve (downtown SF) started erecting some sort of partitions or barriers, so that’s an indication that the PTB are listening.

There was some general talk along the lines of assume the cops will have the occupation under surveillance and assume there could a cop at the GA itself.  A few people declared they weren’t cops :]

There was a core group of facilitators from yesterday’s meeting but it was fairly clear that many or most of the people today were new.  It was also clear that the facilitators had hoped today’s GA would be much shorter than it turned out to be, it having gotten dark by the time the group broke up into the 3 committees.  One of the biggest communications problem was being able to hear what people were saying. Read the rest of this entry →