On MoxieNews, Cornel West Explains Why He’s Bothered By Obama Taking The Oath On MLK’s Bible

I had a similar reaction to Cornel West’s when I heard it. It was but one more piece of evidence (as if I needed any more) of what a con man, what a fraud, Obama is. And that I had been right in assessing his character as shady. Whether it’s his drones and expansion of the wars and protection of torturers, or his domestic policies, I don’t think you get to claim the ground around iconic heroes of the 99% with Obama’s record that has rewarded and protected the perpetrators that caused widespread unemployment (something like 18% of the population, in real–as opposed to official–statistics) and the loss of billions of dollars in retirement savings. The crash of wiped out $11.1 trillion in household wealth, and this is not counting the several trillion lost in stock market investments.

A man with good intentions doesn’t let the oil and gas industry shut down his EPA’s damning fracking study.

A man of good character doesn’t break his pledge that Americans have a right to know whether their food is genetically modified and appoint a Monsanto vp and lobbyist to his administration as Food Czar. Or pressure the Secretary of Agriculture and the USDA to deregulate GMO crops, without regard to any scientific assessments of their danger to human health.

He also doesn’t do this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this. Or this.

I could go on listing what a man of character and integrity wouldn’t do (but this president did) all day and night, but that apparently still doesn’t get through to those who voted for him “in spite of his betrayals (because Romney would have been so much worse)”. To people like Michael Moore, Norman Solomon, Tom Hayden, Robert Redford, Ray McGovern, Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, bad men don’t look as pleasant and nice as Barack Obama. And apparently their need to believe in their own lyin’ eyes, to believe only the best in Obama and Democratic politicians, outweighs all their other needs.