Morning Firepups! As most of you are aware, I’m all about science and things scientific. I’m one of those people who needs hard, solid, empirical evidence in order to be convinced of the veracity of claims. Don’t have the evidence? Then don’t waste your time and mine trying to convince me. And anecdotal “evidence” is not evidence at all. Don’t even try to woo me with astrology or pyramid power. The fastest way for a guy who wants to ask me out to get shot down is to ask what my sign is.

Now that I’ve almost certainly made you think that I’m a close minded skeptic who wears blinders and never considers the possibility of something more, let me qualify that last paragraph: there are many, many phenomena which are unexplained and sometimes inexplicable. Some things we don’t know or  understand because our science is not there yet, some because we are unable to perceive them, (we can only perceive the tiniest portion of the EM spectrum unaided for example), and I’m sure there are many things that we are just unable to grasp. Consider that just a few short years ago, the possibility of extra solar planets was a hotly debated topic in astronomy circles. While given the vastness of the cosmos their existence seemed inevitable, we as yet had no evidence of any planetary bodies outside our own solar system. Now we know that they not only exist but are in fact common, with some 778 exoplanets counted to date. A few centuries ago, people thought that the elements were: Earth, Air, Fire and Water but now we know that none of those are elements at all. One is a molecule, two are mixtures of molecules and one is a plasma. So science evolves, and to a more limited degree, our perceptions evolve as we develop tools which enable us to perceive more of that electromagnetic band but some things we’ll probably never know. Maybe we aren’t wired for it, maybe it can never be successfully tested, etc.

I have had a number of unexplained things occur to or around me, (not all of which happened while experimenting with mind altering substances). For example, there was the aircraft for which I couldn’t identify the airframe, its methods of flight or of propulsion. There was also what I and my former neighbors called “The Bull Creek Ghost,” a portly, tipsy young man who was always carrying a beer and hanging around the pool area. I have no evidence to back up my claims of those phenomena, except for a couple of witnesses. I know what I perceived though and I know that I can’t explain them and I probably never will be able to. I’m certain that there will always be phenomena which we can’t explain and which will cause almost everybody else to look at us askance and take a step away, but that doesn’t make our experiences any less “real.” Sometimes we aren’t perceiving what we think we are but there are rarer occasions when we have witnessed the genuinely strange.

So what about you? What experiences have you had that you’ve only ever whispered to your closest confidants out of fear of being labeled a loon or worse? I promise I won’t laugh or jeer. Now is the time to get it off your chest, so spill.