Good morning pups-o-fire! Pull up a chair this morning and let’s share a laugh. It’s established science that laughter has the ability to help heal physical wounds and ailments; but beyond that, it’s also wonderful at healing rifts between people. Everybody can remember getting over a huge altercation with somebody in their lives that was quickly forgiven over a shared belly laugh. I, myself, have ended arguments with a laugh over how silly the argument was.

What is funny is entirely subjective though. I won’t laugh at everything you find funny and you will perhaps just groan and roll your eyes at some things I find uproarious. Today I’d like to discuss what each of us finds funny and to share a few laughs. I can’t think of many better ways to start any day than to share some fun with people in my life. In that spirit, I’ll start us off. Below are a few videos I really like:

Here we have scenes from The Original Star Trek series set to some very silly music indeed:

(The sad thing is that I can assign a title and describe the context of each and every scene in that entire montage…)

Now we see what happens when you mix a classic sci-fi/horror creature with a nursery rhyme:

(This is just so wrong on so many levels. I mean, “Their souls make his tummy happy”? That just had me falling out of the chair I’d pulled up!)

Next up was a tough choice. I mean, what to choose in the funny song category? It’s such a rich field that making one choice is almost torturous but I chose to go waaaay out in left field and share with you something that I still can’t explain:

(“Yatta” is Japanese for “Done” and that’s about as enlightening to me in the context of this video as it would be to somebody who doesn’t speak any of the language. But you hafta love those stupid outfits!)

Finally, I’ll end with a joke that almost never fails to get a laugh:

There was a man who went out for a night on the town. After trying several places, (all on a bus route of course), he found a bar that had a live band playing with no cover charge, inexpensive, high quality drinks and a friendly staff and wonderful food. Overall it was a great night club and he got very inebriated.

The next day, he was telling his friend about it and after being regaled for the third time about what a great place it was, the friend expressed a desire to go and check it out for himself.

“What was the name of the place”? his friend inquired.

“I don’t know”, said the man, all I remember about it was that it had a blue door and a gold commode”.

“Where was it then?”, his friend persisted.

“I really don’t know. Just that it is on the bus route”, said the first man.

“Well”, his friend mused, “there can’t be too many places on the bus route with a blue door and a gold commode. Let’s drive around until we find it”.

Liking the idea, the first man agreed and off they went. But after looking into every bar, club and restaurant with a blue front door that they could find, they decided to admit defeat and head home. Turning around, they got a couple of blocks off the bus route and suddenly the first man sat up straight and pointed excitedly.

“There it is!”, he exclaimed, “I think that’s the place”!

So they get out of the car, walk into the bar and go up to the bartender.

“Was I in here last night?”, asked the man.

“I really don’t know sir, I was off last night.” said the bartender.

“Well can you tell me this”, asked the first man persistently, “do you have a gold commode”?

“Wait right here!”, the barman barked and then turned around and shouted into the back, “Hey Phil! Here’s the bastard that crapped in your Tuba last night”!

Now, won’t you please share a rare joke with us or maybe another funny video? Come on. Among all of the doom and gloom, let’s just laugh with each other this morning and talk about what makes us feel good.