Hello cat people. Welcome to another Pull Up Your Cat, so pull him or her up, (or just your company if you have no cat). It’s been a good sort of week here, although I’m a little concerned about Kuroneko this morning as she’s been having digestive issues. She must have found a bug or something that disagrees with her.
The weather’s been been changing again and making her run around like a 12 week old kitten. It’s hard to capture her in that element though I have tried. The best I could do is to capture her image when she sat down to help me write this post:

nekohelps 001

Helpful kitty! Thanks Neko. I also appreciated it when you entered those numbers for me. Very nicely done.
Not much else going on. I hope everybody has had a good week and remembered to set some time aside for whatever animal shares your life. Please enjoy this old classic. Dunno if this is Darwin at work or just catzpugh.