Hello caturfolk. Pull Up Your Cat and join right in but please leave your politics at home. Pretty good week here as far as cats go I guess. Kuroneko has suddenly become both aloof and incredibly affectionate at the same time. The time change always confuses her though and she still can’t figure out why I’m such a layabout in the morning and so late getting home. Stoopid Hoomin!

Last week the apartment maintenance people had some carpet installers in my building and spying some carpet scraps outside, I decided the time was right to cover the arm of the sofa that Neko uses for a scratching post with a piece of carpet. I figured it would prevent further damage to the sofa and give her a place to scratch. I guess maybe it will even work…if she ever stops being afraid of it. At first she’d give the new covering a wide berth when moving past it and just last night, she moved on to sniffing it, having apparently decided that it won’t attack her. Intrepid cat.

So, on to this week’s pick of the pics:

11112012 002

Kuroneko picture of the week is of Kuroneko the meatloaf,
bravely cowering in the dark.

11112012 001

The object of her abject terror. Oh noes!


Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week. Tigerstripe kittens
are so cute but they seem to grow up so mean!
Via lolcats

I hope everybody has a great week ahead but no matter what you have planned, please set aside some time to spend with whatever animal(s) share your life. Please feel free to share your pet stories, information and photos here!

Please enjoy this video of the ancient martial art of Kat-Fu.