Pull Up a Chair and Age With Me

7:56 am in Uncategorized by Margaret

Good morning pups o’ fire. Last week I celebrated a birthday. I’m not going to tell you how old I am but suffice it to say that I’m well into middle age. I actually worked that day and I had three people offer to take me to lunch. I wound up getting enchiladas with one of the salespeople and a couple of rain checks. When we got back from lunch, there were three enormous posters behind my desk screaming “Happy Birthday Peggy!”, which nobody will admit to but made me feel incredibly appreciated. Today another salesperson brought in two birthday cakes and I’m gorging myself on the last piece of one of them while typing this, making my keyboard all choco-licious and sticky.

But this isn’t about my birthday, that’s just a segue into a subject that’s been on my mind lately: aging. I’ve always been incredibly, ridiculously healthy and robust. I still look like I’m in my late thirties or early forties, heck I don’t even have any grey hairs. But the reality is that middle age hit me suddenly and hard.

It seemed to start with a bout of the flu that I came down with around New Year, 2008. After I got over the flu, I started have urinary trouble which turned out to be a nasty and fairly chronic case of urethritis. Then I gained weight while being sedentary while I convalesced, (trust me, having to pee all the time really crimps your lifestyle!), I came down with symptoms of gout and began having early symptoms of diabetes. Belatedly, I took charge of my health and since then have worked very hard to regain a semblance on the kind of good health I used to take for granted.

Health issues aside, aging hasn’t been all bad or even overall bad. I’ve been around long enough to recognize a scam when I see one for example and I find that the older I get, the more likely people are to either treat me in a friendly, respectful manner or, better yet,  just to leave me alone!

Considering some of the things I’ve been through and some of the crap I’ve put up with, that by itself makes having to work harder to maintain good health a fair exchange. My next promise to myself is that I’ll never be a “Get off my lawn” type of senior but I’ll have to wait a few more years for that.

What about it? I know there are a whole lot of middle aged folks who frequent this forum and many seniors and young people too. What are your perspectives on aging? Does the bad outweigh the good for you or are you, like me, finding it to be somewhat of a relief from the pressures we face in young adulthood?