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Pull Up Your Cat

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Hello folks and welcome back to Pull Up Your Cat, the post where we pull up our cats and chat about this-n-that. It was a busy week for me at work. I swear I haven’t had to corner stitch one piece in over a year and I certainly haven’t since I got my new machine. Then this week came along and I wound up doing four separate jobs, all corner stitched. 4,000 pieces, then 7,000, then 17,000 and finally fully 25,000 five part sets, collated and corner stitched. In total 53,000 sets since Monday!

Why would I bring that up on a cat post? Well I’m getting to that so hold your cats. My new booklet maker has a delivery for corner stitched pieces that’s shin high and under the folder section, which means that I had to squat down to retrieve the finished sets in bunches of every fifty. By my calculations, I did about 1,060 deep knee bends from Monday to Friday and by Thursday, I felt crippled. I felt it especially in my right upper thigh. I was so sore that until Saturday, I had to think about locking that knee when I walked or I was in danger of it folding up on me.

And still you ask in exasperation, “WTF does any of this have to do with cats”? Well, it turns out that my right thigh is the one Kuroneko usually sleeps on when I lay down to read and sure enough, on Thursday she leaped from the floor, onto my thigh and I screamed like a ten year old girl. A high pitched squeal of pain! Poor ‘Neko went into a panic and jumped off my thigh and in so doing, inflicted even more pain, eliciting more unpleasant screaming. How do you explain what happened to a cat and tell her it’s okay to resume her place once the soreness abates? As shy as she is about loud noises, I’m afraid she may never get back in my lap now.

I’m doing a little better now and I’ll probably resume working out today but what a tough week! I’m going to spend Monday figuring a better way to remove stitched sets without having to squat.

On to the pictures!

462013 005

Kuroneko picture of the week: I wanted to get a Kuroneko picture of the week but she was only interested in the string attached to the camera. Silly thing. Looks like she’s spitting a death ray though, sorta.


Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Cutest. Toes. Evah. From Cute Overload.


Bonus picture: “Mmmmm…tastes like chicken….” Thank you Markfromireland

And now for something completely unexpected….

That’s it for this week. Come by and share some animal stories. Please have a good week ahead…in all the weeks ahead but whatever you do, please remember to set aside some time to spend with whatever animals share their lives with you. They’ll thank you for it. And so will I. :)

Pull Up Your Cat

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Good morning and Happy Easter, a.k.a. Zombie Jesus Day. Welcome to pull up your (not zombie) cat.

It’s been a very busy week for me so this feature will be short on text and long on excuses of why I’ll be mostly out of pocket today. I just wanna REST for a change! I’ll look in from time to time, especially if Kuroneko does anything silly. The only thing to report about her is that some of the noises that came out of the speakers when I was looking at cat videos earlier had her almost in a panic and she spent some time in my (bare legged -yikes!), lap.

Let’s look at some pictures!

3312013 004

Kuroneko picture of the week: My black cat peeks out from her fresh laundry nest

tp kitten

Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: This little one has discovered the wonders of TP. (Love the wallpaper, btw) From Cute Overload

And of course, this week’s cat video. Enjoy!

Sorry, I’m not going to include any cute bunnies, though the internet is rife with them just now. If it’s any consolation, I also considered and ultimately rejected including any undead images too. Have a great week ahead but whatever you do, please set aside some time to spend with whatever animals share their lives with you.

Pull Up Your Cat

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Good morning and welcome to another edition of Pull Up Your Cat were we servants of the feline persuasion get together to talk about how to better serve our masters. So pull up your cat and share with us.

It was an uneventful week at Kuroneko’s home. As some of you know, my email got hacked, which sent out a link to everybody in my email list. A change of password and answering my security question seemed to resolve the issue but of course I’m terrified of it happening again. Let me take the opportunity to apologize to everybody who got that stupid, spammy link. Neko of course was serenely unaffected by those events. The only real change in her life was that she was afforded more opportunity to perch on her favorite spot when I’m at the computer, which is my left shoulder. Which brings me to this week’s pictures:

3232013 002

Kuroneko picture of the week: ‘Neko enjoys sitting on my shoulder, though it’s problematic when she starts making biscuits there!

kitten in a pocket

Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Whatever you do, don’t scratch! From Cute Overload

white puppy

Bonus picture: Apparently yesterday was National Puppy Day, so in honor of that, enjoy this cutie. Also from Cute Overload.

Also in the spirit of amity between dog people and cat people, (I’m a bit of both), please enjoy this video of some of our favorite four legged antics. Although to be fair, many of the dog scenes ought to be renamed as “stupid human tricks”.

That’s it from me this week. I hope everybody has a great week ahead, no matter how many legs you have but please remember to set aside some time to spend with whatever animals share their lives with you.

Pull Up Your Cat

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It’s Sunday which means Caturday and another installment of Pull Up Your Cat, where kitteh worshiping dorks get together and fawn over our four legged, fuzzy friends.

An eventful week at Margaret’s Kuroneko’s house. As I was showering Monday morning, the center piece came out of my shower head so I had to stop by Home Labyrinth to get a new one. Now you might be saying, “but I thought that you rent…”, and that would be true. On the other hand, waiting for several days for maintenance to get around to installing another $2.50 plastic shower head didn’t sound appealing so I spent the sixteen bucks and bought a nice one. (I also bought a cheap p.o.s. to install when I move).

Normally, Kuroneko doesn’t do well with new things, even things she doesn’t see much of. Heck, I let her hide for a day and a half before I dragged her out of the closet to confront the new television I bought last year. She did alright with the new shower head though but then she doesn’t spend much time in the tub.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a note from maintenance telling me that they were going to install new, programmable thermostats in all of the units. When I came home on Wednesday, there was a Honeywell van in front of my building, which meant that the thermostat people had either been to my apartment, were there just then or were coming soon. If I had had my camera in my pocket when I opened the door, my Kuroneko picture of the week would have been of her on the back of the sofa, sniffing and batting at the new thermostat! She seems to be overcoming her fear of everything not of the ordinary. Though I’m happy that she’s wary enough to hide when strangers come into my home, I’m grateful that I don’t have to drag her out of her current hidey hole because I had the temerity to introduce a new appliance or piece of furniture anymore.

On to our pictures!

3162013 006

Kuroneko picture of the week: Queen of all she surveys, (in the kitchen)

two kittens

Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: This one will give you diabetes! From Cute Overload.

This is Called “Cats can be Jerks” but some of these are just dead clever! Enjoy!

That’s it from me and ‘Neko this week. As I type this, she is draped over my right shoulder, purring against me head with her swishing tail sweeping over my typey fingers and her cold nose in the back of my neck. I’m sure I’ll have to edit this for typos when she gets down. Please feel free to stop by and let us know how you and your four leggeds, (two leggeds, no leggeds) are getting along. I hope everybody has a wonderful week to come but whatever you do, please remember to set aside some time to spend with whatever animals share their lives with you.

*As a new feature, if anybody would like to submit a picture of their cat, (or other animal friend for placement in a future PUYC, let me know in the comments and I’ll post my email address long enough for the requester to copy it down.*

Pull Up Your Cat

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It’s Sunday again and that means it’s time to pull up your cat and have some kitteh chat. Wow! This week went by quickly for me! It seems like just yesterday that I was writing this post. Kuroneko and I ended the week pretty much like any other, though she insisted that I wake up and pay attention to her at around 4:00am Saturday morning. Encouraging her to snuggle in the clean laundry while I mop the floors has worked like a charm and she hasn’t tried to follow me around over the mop bucket again. After clean up, we took a nap together on the sofa, she nestled on my legs. It was sweet but I woke up with her kneading my flesh in her sleep. As I write this, she’s climbing the back of my chair to sneak attack my typy fingers. She’s so stealthy and intrepid.

I saw an unusual number of dead cats in the road around here last week. I’m convinced that there is a borderline sociopath who lives nearby who goes out of his or her way to hit cats crossing the street. S/he certainly lives in this area. I’ve never gotten why some people have an irrational loathing of cats. I wonder if there have ever been any studies? If there is such a person around here, I sure wish someone would spot them and turn them in. I keep putting up warnings for people to keep their cats indoors because there is a cat abuser/killer loose but the management doesn’t seem to think it’s appropriate and keeps taking them down. I suppose their strategy is to ignore the problem and hope it goes away. There is a local school district newsletter that I’ve been ignoring since I moved here. I wonder if they would be interested in giving this some publicity?

On a happier note, here are the pictures:

392013 002

Kuroneko picture of the week: That’s okay ‘Neko…it’s not like I poured that for myself or anything!
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Pull Up Your Cat

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Good morning cat people and animal lovers of all flavors. Welcome to your weekly Pull Up Your Cat. Pull up your cat and feel free to join in and share stories or pictures with us.

It was a quiet and very routine week at Kuroneko’s home and for that, I’m grateful at least, although I’m not sure it can be called “routine” when the routine around here lately has been some minor crisis or another. Maybe uneventful would be a better word. I seem to have healed up and after a lot of intense itching, I feel more or less normal again. Kuroneko hates changes so she seems to be glad out of the ordinary things skipped us this week. The only thing really to report is that my method of letting her snuggle in the laundry while mopping worked like a charm again yesterday and she didn’t once follow me around from the counter. In fact, she seemed to be much braver around the vacuum and didn’t attack it once! Maybe fresh laundry has a soothing affect on her.

On to our pictures:

2172013 001

Kuroneko picture of the week: ‘Neko the covers hog! How much do you really need, silly cat?


Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Kuroneko has one of these wind up mousies but her reaction to it is even more ho-hum than the cat in the background of this picture. She ignores it entirely. Oh well, at least someone enjoys them. via Cute Overload.

Our video of the week is a long one and it’s got a laugh track, which I’m not sure about yet but it’s got some classics along with a lot of new material.

That’s it for this week. I hope everybody has a wonderful week ahead but whatever you have going this week, please remember to set aside some time to spend with whatever animals selflessly share their lives with you.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Pull Up Your Cat

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Happy Sunday cat servants. Welcome to another Pull Up Your Cat. Sorry I was out sick last week but I was under doctor’s orders to spend most of my time lying down. I’d like to thank tejanarusa for filling in for me. But I’m back so please feel free to pull up your cat and share some cat stories with us.

I have a routine that on Saturday, I do my cleaning up around here. I start with laundry and surfaces and then work my way down to floors. Usually I wait until the kitchen floor is dry again before I pull the laundry out of the dryer put it in a heap on the bed for folding and etc. This is Kuroneko’s favorite time, since she loves to burrow into warm, clean laundry. When it cools, I can then fold it and usually get her to help me make the bed.

The issue is that while mopping, Neko knows that I’m about to pull out the vacuum cleaner and she loathes the vacuum! She bats it and hisses at it and hides from it, snarling. But since mopping always immediately precedes vacuuming, she picks that time to love on me and try to cajole me into not pulling it out of the closet it lives in. This has led to some near misses over the years. On more than one occasion, she has tried to rub against me while loving on me while I’m mopping. Since the floor is wet, she tries to do it from the top of the counter. Sometimes she strays too close to the edge and loses her purchase and slips. I’ve managed to catch her when that happens but it’s pretty clear that one of these days she might wind up in the mop bucket. I use mild cleaners but that could be really bad!

Yesterday, I hit on a solution. I piled all of the laundry up on the bed before I pulled out the mop and bucket and she promptly burrowed in. I then was able to mop without fear of her winding up in the bucket. After I was finished mopping, I then folded the clothes and made the bed before I vacuumed, so as to avoid her beginning to associate something she enjoys with something she is so terrified of. I hope this is a lasting solution. I don’t want a mopwater soaked kitteh.

2102013 004

Kuroneko picture of the week: Kuroneko eyes the mopwater after nearly falling into it for the umpteenth time

cone kitten

Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Look into my eyes…You WILL release me from this cone of shame… via cute overload.

What could be better than Van Halen with cats? Please enjoy both!

That’s it for another week. I hope everybody has a wonderful week ahead and I sincerely hope that nobody lost an animal loved one in the great blizzard of 2013! (Are we calling it Nemo? Seems a funny name for a blizzard but hey, I guess if somebody wants to name a Nor’easter after a fictional, psychotic submarine captain, who am I to argue?) Please remember to set aside some time to spend with whatever animals share their lives with you.

Pull Up Your Cat

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Hello again. It’s Sunday so it must be time to pull up your cat and share some kitteh chat. Kuroneko and I have made it through another week. I think sometimes she resents me going to work. I’d like nothing more than to let her outside unsupervised but at the rate cats disappear around here, I just don’t dare. I think I’m going to start looking for a place closer to the ground, much closer to work and further from busy streets and parking lots that have an over representation of young males. My lease is up in June and though moving is such a friggin hassle, I think Neko would be happier if she had somewhere to be while I’m at work.

I grew up in the country and keeping indoor only cats is very foreign to me but Kuroneko is such an important part of my life that I won’t put her outside in such a high risk environment. I’m always seeing new kittehs around here. Their two leggeds move in and let them outside and they hang around for a couple of weeks and the POOF! they vanish. I’ve put posters up in the mail room before, attempting to warn new residents to keep an eye on their cats because we have one or more people around here who really hates cats and new cats don’t last long but management won’t leave them up.

Sorry for the downer. On to the pictures.

1272012 001

Kuroneko picture of the week: She’s stalking my camera (or actually the wrist strap on it)

kitten with toy

Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Hello fuzzybutt! From Cute Overload

Okay, you’re right, this isn’t a cat video. It’s a dolphin rescue with a twist. the dolphin found a group of humans and presented itself for rescue.

That dolphin video is really a wonderful example of how intelligent dolphins are. It is, in my opinion, compelling evidence for sentience. Right down to the group of people the dolphin chose to present itself to, the act shows that a lot of thought went into it. I mean, who better to present yourself for rescue to than a group of people that are A) there on a daily basis and B) are only armed with cameras? Presenting itself to fishermen might have been the last thing it ever did. Anyway, it warmed my heart. I guess it’s a good thing they weren’t Japanese.

I hope everybody has a wonderful week ahead, (regardless of the number of legs one has), but please remember to set aside time to spend with the animals who share your life. Let them know they are loved and adored. See your fonts in the comments!

Pull Up Your Cat

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Happy Caturday folks or as people who aren’t cat dorks like us call it, Sunday. Welcome to the first expanded edition of Pull Up Your Cat.

I got to thinking earlier in the week, (actually right after a wrestling match with Kuroneko in which I bled copiously), about the darker nature of the friends we share our lives with. They aren’t just cute, endearing little balls of purring fur. They are, in fact, some of the most well adapted land predators that evolution has accomplished. If you’ve ever seen a clowder of cats without humans around at night, you’d know the side I’m talking about. Totally unlike the same animals who stretch themselves out in front of fireplaces and present themselves for scritches.

The late and lamented SouthernDragon used to call them “Tigers” and it turns out there is some truth to that. Cats share a common ancestor that is chronologically and genetically closer to them than the last ancestor we shared with Chimpanzees or Bonobos. The two extant subfamilies of cat share a common ancestor from only ten to fifteen million years ago. Because of this, they are considered to be “rapidly evolving" creatures.

Cats, like the ones we adore and worship are from the subfamily Felinae, along with Wildcats, Bobcats, Cougars, Ocelots and Cheetahs. Larger cats like Lions and Tigers and Leopards, (oh my!), belong to the subfamily of Pantherinae, while a third subfamily, classified as Machairodontinae, is extinct and included the sabertooth cats like Smilodon. Regardless of the classification taxon, cats are all much more closely related to one another than members of the Hominidae family, which includes humans, are.

All cats are almost purely carnivorous by nature and are very well adapted for it. My own Kuroneko can go from a lap kitteh to a ruthless bird killer at less than the drop of a hat. I have deprived her of her mouse prey before because I couldn’t bear to see the poor thing tormented so. The cats that are so sweet to us are in reality able hunters, capable of bringing down prey many times their own size if the need is there. Cats are in fact, not adapted well to eating vegetable matter as their intestines are too short to adequately digest it.

So the next time you’re playing with your cat with a string or wrestling around with her and she draws blood, just remember that people are discouraged from keeping large cats for good reason. It’s in their natures to play with their prey or surrogates for their prey and it’s in their natures to play to win!

1192012 014

Kuroneko picture of the week: Plenty of toys but she’d
rather play with a scrap of paper from my W-2.


Ever wonder what a cat looks like going into warp speed while wearing a bow tie? Wonder no more! This comes to us from boingboing


Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week. This time from Cute Overload.

Here’s a funny, if rather silent video of a cat experiencing snow for the first time.

That’s it for this week. Please share your cat or other pet stories with us. I hope everybody has a great week ahead but please remember to set aside some time to spend with whatever animals share their lives with you and if one of those animals is a cat, set aside some bandages and antiseptic too!

Update: Speaking of the nature of cats, I woke up to this little present in my bedroom this very morning. Glad I turned the light on! (warning: wee bit graphic)

Pull Up Your Cat

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Greetings cat appreciators! I’m back after a short hiatus on this chilly Sunday morning. Kuroneko has so far eschewed her breakfast in order to stay in the warm spot I made on the bed, which of course I did for her.

There were some quite stormy days this week that could fairly be called a deluge. The reason I bring it up is because, despite having ample clean water in her bowl at all times, my silly cat would much rather drink from the puddle outside the sliding door. She’s not the only cat I’ve had who has done this but her reactions at being caught at it are some of the funniest. Thus our Kurneko picture of the week. It’s a little unclear because I took it with telephoto through a dirty, glass door. (Okay, I’m not the best housekeeper in the world, sue me.)

1132013 004

Neko reacts to being caught drinking from the puddle, silly thing.


Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week from boingboing this time.

Fun with cats and water. I’ll point out the 1:05 time in the video as well as the 2:53 time. At the 1:05 spot, the child just learned a Newtonian law, specifically the Third Law of Motion. I’m sure he was unhurt but he may want to take physics when he gets to college.

That’s it for this week. Please share your cat/animal stories with us. I hope everybody has a great week ahead but please remember to set aside some time to spend with the animals who share your life.