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Pull Up Your Cat

10:26 am in Uncategorized by Margaret

Greetings and welcome to the very last Pull Up Your Cat…of 2012 that is. I guess I’m going to continue this for a while, primarily as a place for people to gather but also in the fond memory of Richard, aka SouthernDragon. People seem to enjoy it and find value in it and that’s really all I care about

Last week, if you remember, I’d been ill and I remained feeling pretty bad all week, though I didn’t take any more days off. I even got back on the bicycle on Wednesday and Thursday but by Friday, I felt like I was relapsing into flu. Hot, achey, scratchy throat, the whole enchilada so I took another break from my exercise routine. All of this has a way of upsetting poor Kuroneko. Between the change in routine due to holidays, the change in my behavior due to illness, she wasn’t faring too well herself in the middle of the week. On Saturday morning, I found the final cause of her mopey behavior in the form of an enormous hairball, hacked up on the kitchen floor. By yesterday evening, she was charging around the place with her back arched and her tail straight up in the air again. If I could get her to do that on command, I could rent her out as a Halloween cat. I try to photograph her doing that but it’s impossible to capture her. Oh well, someday I’m bound to get lucky but in the meanwhile, I’ll have to settle for being entertained with her antics. And with that cheesy segue into this week’s pictures, let’s have a look!

7222012 007

This Kuroneko picture of the week wasn’t taken this week.
It’s an older picture I settled on when none of the ones I
tried to take of her running around like a furry, black Banshee
turned out. Here she is, resting under my desk and showing
off her white patches.


Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Who can resist these three cuties in a kitteh
hammock? via I Can Has Cheeburger?

Frustrated momma cat tries to corral her offspring who have found the way out!

LMAO! Bonus video. This cat REALLY doesn’t like getting shots! Even wearing welding gloves doesn’t allow that assistant to handle this handful safely.

That’s it for this week. Feel free to visit, converse or pull up your cat, (dog, ferret, mouse, etc). I hope everybody has a great week ahead but please remember to set aside some time to spend with the animals who share your life.

Pull Up Your Cat

9:51 am in Uncategorized by Margaret

Hello and Happy Sunday, cat folks and welcome to another edition of Pull Up Your Cat here on Fire(cat)lake. This morning I wanted to talk about cats kneading things. Kuroneko likes to knead my blankets, my sweaters, my towels, pretty much anything soft and cloth. She has very sharp claws so she leaves tiny holes in things. Not that it especially bothers me, it’s just one of the hazards you have to expect from sharing your life with a cat. The reason I bring it up is because I have never heard or read any theory that explains that behavior to my satisfaction. Neko herself spends a lot of time kneading the covers while I’m in bed reading but she almost never settles down to sleep in that spot.

In addition to that though, I wanted to point out that yellowsnapdragon spent this weekend retrieving Nagi from Florida. What a wonderful and generous thing to do. Hopefully she’ll recover enough later to give us an update. I think our OmAli will also let us know the status of some of the rest of SouthernDragon’s clowder. Huge hat tip to both of them and to all who donated to their care and to Nagi’s retrieval and especially to SD’s friend, Nancy, without whom all of those poor kittehs would have wound up in a real bad situation. Please join me in wishing him and his new two legged family the best. And hopefully Abner and Gracie want a new brother!

On to the pictures!

7222012 007

Kuronko picture of the week: Kuroneko kneads holes
into my sheet!


Nagi is looking a little anxious as he begins his trip to a new forever home


Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Hmmm, this tree looks good enough to eat! Via lolcats

And last, from Warner Brothers: How to make friends through kneading.

I hope everybody has a wonderful week. Please join me in wishing the best for Nagi in his new home, along with our yellowsnapdragon and Abner and Gracie also. Whatever your week ahead has in store, please remember to set aside some time to spend with the animals who share your life.

Pull Up Your Cat

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Good morning! When your owners have decided that they are through having you feed and admire them, pull them up right here for some kitty pictures and stories.

Really nothing to report here. Kuroneko has finally gotten used to the new side on my sofa and she’s starting to use it to scratch, which is great as that was the intention of doing it to begin with.

I always worry when it’s cold outside because I don’t like leaving the furnace on when I’m at work but I can’t leave her to be cold all day while I’m away. It’s an electric furnace though so I suppose that it’s no more likely to catch fire than any other electric appliance. The best I can do is keep the filter changed and try not to be such a worry wart. I sometimes make a nest for her with blankets but she never uses it, preferring to do her own nesting.

I have a request for our community: I’m hoping OmAli will stop by because I tried to email her a few weeks ago to help support Richard’s cats but the email bounced back at me. I’m not sure if I copied it wrong or what but maybe I can get one of you who knows my own email to give me her contact information? Thanks a bunch!

On to this week’s pic of the pics!

Check out this video of, (not actually), Swedish skydiving cats. Meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwww!

11182012 001

Kuroneko picture of the week: Kuroneko sometimes finds that little arrow thingy that moves on the screen fascinating.


This week’s obligatory cute kitten picture is a two-fer. The tortie makes me think of Richard for some reason. Awwww. Via lolcats.

I hope everybody has a wonderful week. It’s Thanksgiving so make sure your pets are safe if you have a houseful of people or are traveling but above all, have a safe and happy one. Whatever your plans, please be sure to set aside some time to spend with whatever animals share your life. They are simply devoted to us and we owe it to them to treat them like the monarchs they are.

Pull Up Your Cat

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Hello caturfolk. Pull Up Your Cat and join right in but please leave your politics at home. Pretty good week here as far as cats go I guess. Kuroneko has suddenly become both aloof and incredibly affectionate at the same time. The time change always confuses her though and she still can’t figure out why I’m such a layabout in the morning and so late getting home. Stoopid Hoomin!

Last week the apartment maintenance people had some carpet installers in my building and spying some carpet scraps outside, I decided the time was right to cover the arm of the sofa that Neko uses for a scratching post with a piece of carpet. I figured it would prevent further damage to the sofa and give her a place to scratch. I guess maybe it will even work…if she ever stops being afraid of it. At first she’d give the new covering a wide berth when moving past it and just last night, she moved on to sniffing it, having apparently decided that it won’t attack her. Intrepid cat.

So, on to this week’s pick of the pics:

11112012 002

Kuroneko picture of the week is of Kuroneko the meatloaf,
bravely cowering in the dark.

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Pull Up Your Cat

12:16 pm in Uncategorized by Margaret

Good morning kittehs o’ fire and happy Sunday! It’s been mostly routine this week around here with a couple of exceptions. One of those was the fact that Kuroneko was all stopped up and couldn’t poop early in the week but I eventually discovered the cause. It turns out that the water in her dish was contaminated, probably by something invisible growing in it. I make sure to wash her bowl out a couple of times a week but something or another had established itself in there and it was not to her liking at all. I bought a new bowl and stopped feeding her dry food for a couple of days and she cleared up nicely. Then the weather changed yesterday and that always seems to send her into new realms of rambunctiousness. After she spent a couple of hours charging around and making general mayhem, I found the source of at least some of the noise.

992012 003

There’s Taz on my pillow but he usually lives on the wall. And where are his ears?

992012 004

Oh, there they are. Still on the wall after ‘Neko leaped up and finally managed to pull Taz down.

992012 002

Kuroneko picture of the week. She just loves to burrow into fresh laundry but hates it when you pull it back to say, take a picture of her!

kittens in a basket

Obligatory cute kitten picture via Lolcats.

So what are your kitteh stories? Please share them or some new pics with us or just drop by for kitteh talk. No big whoop.