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What will happen now that bin Laden has been killed?

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What will happen to Bradley Manning now that America has killed Osama bin Laden? Will Mr. Manning be seen as a partner in crime with bin Laden?

What will happen to the fight for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? Will the money be needed to protect Americans from the vengence of Al Qaeda?

What will happen to the Gulf of Mexico now that Osama bin Laden has been killed? Will we need to drill for oil at home because of the threat in the Middle East?

What will happen to the freedoms that have been eroded for the sake of security now that Osama bin Laden has been killed? Are we safer? Can we be free again now?

What will happen to the little children in America and the Middle East who continue to go hungry now that Osama bin Laden has been killed? Will they be fed or will the resources be needed to protect the world?

What will happen to Obama’s chances of re-election now that Osama bin Laden has been killed?

What will happen to the bankers that destroyed the world economy now that Osama bin Laden has been killed?

What will happen?

The key is to find out all you can and to fight back

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Over the course of the last six years we have incurred many medical debts. In the middle of the illnesses we filed for bankruptcy thinking our run of bad luck had ended. Didn’t. We both got sick again.

So, we have been fielding phone calls for some time now from collection agencies. It got worse when we could no longer pay our credit card bills and student loans.

Recently, Ron received a notice of intent to levy from a collection agency. UhOh. It was a medical debt of Ron’s from his heart surgery.

Ron filed a claim of exemption since in California social security cannot be levied and that is his entire income. There was a court date set so Ron could prove his claim of exemption.

When he went to court he was told that the state of California had given him more time to prepare his case and didn’t he get a notice from the lawyer that had sued him? Apparently, it was the lawyer’s responsibility to send Ron the notice.

No. He had not.

The new court date was set for 01-08-2008. Ron showed up. The attorney for the collection agency did not. Ron showed the judge his paperwork that was the evidence that he could not pay and that his income was from social security. The judge found in Ron’s favor.

That was on Friday. On Saturday when I checked the mail we had received a letter from the collection agency stating, "I received notice from the court that your claim of exemption has been denied. If you want to avoid any further levies in the future,we will accept a resumption of $100.00 monthly payments. Please use the enclosed envelope to mail a $100.00 payment for January by 1/15/10."

I guess they figured that since they had not informed us of the new court date we would not show up and they would prevail by default.

By my count the collection agency and their lawyer committed fraud twice. Once by not sending Ron the letter informing him of the extention by the state. And the second time by demanding money and stating that the court had found in their favor.

We will be talking to the D.A. on Monday. I wonder how many people are not eating or paying their utility bills because they sent their money to these jerks.

I see this as preparation for the time when we go to court if the banksters want to take our house. The key is to find out all you can and to fight back.

I want to thank my sister who is a paralegal in New Orleans for her advice through this experience. Thanks Sister Woman!

We Are Divorced.

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The divorce papers came in the mail today. Two thick envelopes filled with the legalities of our lives. One was addressed to me. The other was addressed to Ron. Even though we knew it was coming both of us were stunned. It felt hollow.

Eleven years ago we were married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by our friends and families. It was a great day. We were married in the Sonoma Mission.


We had our reception in the backyard of a beautiful Victorian home. The only thing we asked our friends to bring was food. We had a Klezmer band. All of the band members are friends.




But today we are divorced and now I can receive my first husband’s social security. This means that we can do things like eat and make the house payment. If you don’t think this can happen to you take a close look at the pictures. I bet we look a lot like your family and friends. (Here is the entire story on the off chance that you haven’t already read it.)

We will remarry next year when Ron will be on medicare. We will have a big party and it will be on his birthday. You are all invited. And, yes, we can remarry and keep the benefits.

Time Magazine — Outrageous Distortions!

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This is what Time Magazine pulled from the Huffington Post article about Ron and me.

‘The only thing that happens is a check mark in a box in a courthouse.’
MARY MCCURNIN, a Rancho Cordova, Calif., woman, on her decision to file for a divorce in order to reap financial benefits. By getting the divorce, McCurnin, who is happily married to husband Ron Bednar, becomes eligible to receive the Social Security payments owed to her deceased first husband

They will be hearing from me!!!!!!! Fuckery. God damn it. Nothing about our four illnesses. Nothing about our loses due to those illnesses. Just me wanting money.

For those of you who do not know, my husband and I had two major illnesses each that lead to our filing for bankruptcy which ruined our credit which decreased our chances of employment. So we decided that we would get divorced so I could receive social security widow’s benefits from my first husband.

Shit. I can hardly speak/write.

[Adding the CBS video from June 5 - *They* got the story right, talking about the illnesses. --egr]

Mary and Ron on CBS Morning News 5 June 2009

Loving Couple Divorces To Stay Afloat….

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Here is an article on Huffington Post about Ron and me. It is about us getting divorced so I can claim my first husband’s social security. We need to do this because both of us have medical problems and health insurance issues. In other words: get sick, find out insurance is worthless, file for bankruptcy, get sick again, incur bad credit cause you were sick and out of work, can’t get a job cause you have bad credit cause you were sick or can’t find work cause employers don’t want to pay for health care for people over 55 and, finally, fall behind in your mortgage and wonder how long it will take for the banksters to show up for your home. Getting divorced will give us $1200 more a month. This is not much money but is better than none. Excuse me while I go throw up.