As some of you may recall, I’ve been working on this and now that we are at a crisis, here it is for your perusal and comment.


Mission Statement

The Gaian Independence and Social Justice Party recognizes that our mother Gaia is an interconnected living system of which we are a part; that all humans who live on Gaia are created equal with equal rights to life, liberty, education, employment, independence, dignity, freedom of worship, and the pursuit and enjoyment of happiness; and that all humans have a duty to protect Gaia from the ravages of war and rapacious corporate greed and destruction. We reject violence and war and we dedicate ourselves daily to following the Golden Rule in all our interactions with Gaia, her life forms, and each other, no matter where we live, the language we speak, or the religion we practice.

War and International Justice

Because the Cold War is over and terrorism is best handled by law enforcement agencies cooperating with each other, we pledge to do the following:

1. Abolish and criminalize acts that are intended to interfere in the internal affairs of foreign nations;

2. Abolish the use of assassination squads and prosecute people who have engaged in those activities;

3. Declare an end to the Global War On Terror (GWOT) and;

4. Repeal the Authorization to Use Military Force;

5. End the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan immediately;

6. Withdraw all of our troops from foreign countries and bring them home immediately;

7. Close all military bases in foreign countries;

8. Oppose all future wars and reduce the size of our armed forces to a level reasonably required to defend our homeland from attack;

9. Treat terrorism as a law enforcement problem and assign the primary responsibility for solving it to the FBI;

10. Repeal the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the recently passed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (2008);

11. End all domestic spying and wiretapping unless it complies with the Fourth Amendment, the Title III Electronic Surveillance Act, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (2000);

12. Abolish the Central Intelligence agency;

13. Repudiate the use of torture for any purpose;

14. Release all prisoners seized as part of the GWOT who are not scheduled to be tried in federal court and release the ones who are acquitted;

15. Abolish the use of military tribunals;

16. Abolish the Department of Homeland Security;

17. Appoint an independent prosecutor to commence a federal grand jury investigation to determine whether probable cause exists to indict, and if so to prosecute and convict members of the Bush and Obama administrations, including the President and Vice President of both administrations, their various Attorney Generals and lawyers in the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice, for violating and covering up violations of provisions of the Geneva Convention and the laws of the United States regarding initiating aggressive wars without justification in Afghanistan and Iraq and the conduct of those wars by the United States military and all of its various private subcontractors, the Joint Special Operations Command, and the Central Intelligence Agency, intentionally and recklessly slaughtering innocent men, women, and children, kidnapping, detaining, torturing, and murdering innocent people;

The Financial Crisis, Economic Justice, and Creation of a Consumer Protection Agency

18. Establish, respect, and recognize the right of every person to house, clothe, and feed themselves with a job.

19. Abolish corporate socialism and the too-big-to-fail doctrine.

20. Enforce antitrust laws and breakup any business entity previously deemed too big to fail.

21. Reimpose Glass—Steagall.

22. Outlaw predatory, fraudulent, deceptive, and usurious bank practices and establish a national Consumer Protection Agency and authorize it to promulgate and enforce regulations.

23. Government must spend money to create jobs and put people back to work repairing infrastructure such as highways and bridges following the model established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression with the Civilian Conservation Corps before engaging in deficit reduction strategies.

24. Establish and maintain a nationwide network of high-speed railroad transportation that connects with municipal light rail transportation systems.

25. Promote clean and safe alternatives to fossil fuel consumption and nuclear energy plants

Health, Education, Social Justice, and Civil Rights

26. Reject free market capitalism theories as predatory, destructive, and a threat to human freedom, happiness, and survival.

27. Enact single payer healthcare for all.

28. Permit drug reimportation without penalties so that consumers in the Unitrd States no longer are required to pay more for drugs manufactured in the United States than consumers in foreign countries.

29. Abolish the antitrust exemption for health insurance companies.

30. Reaffirm Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose whether to abort a pregnancy.

31. Reaffirm the separation of church and state.

32. Reaffirm, create, and support public schools.

33. End the use of government vouchers to attend private schools.

34. Keep religion, religious beliefs, and religious practices out of public schools and affirm the supremacy of science over religious beliefs like creationism.

35. Support and fund scientific research.

36. Reaffirm that all humans are created equal, prohibit discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, handicap, or religious belief, and provide equal opportunities for all.

37. Abolish human trafficking.

38. Abolish the death penalty.

39. Abolish the War on Drugs, declare amnesty for everyone convicted of a non-violent drug offense, release every such person whose liberty is restrained by such a conviction, expunge all such convictions, and restore civil rights.

40. Declare drug addiction to be a health problem and treat it accordingly.

41. Legalize the possession and use of all drugs, tax their sale, and apply up to 50% of the revenues to drug treatment with the remainder to the general tax fund of the states.

Global Warming, Gaia, and an Environmental Bill of Rights

42. Recognize that our planet Gaia is an interconnected living system that we have a duty to protect from rapacious corporate greed and destruction.

43. Establish a bill of legally enforceable rights for Gaia and the environment.

44. Establish, maintain, and fund a guardian ad litem system so that Gaia is provided with legal representation in all legal proceedings to protect her legal rights.

45. Accept that global warming, are the most serious problems we have and commit to solving them.

46. Develop and adopt strategies designed to eliminate human behavior and practices that injure and threaten Gaia’s existence, such as global warming, habitat destruction, and species extinction.

47. Expand our system of national forests and parks and prohibit individuals and corporations from exploiting natural resources located within their borders.

48. Create or expand existing parks within city limits for beauty, recreation, and bicycle paths.

49. Establish green pedestrian zones that prohibit motorized traffic within commercial downtown areas of cities and provide bus or light rail transportation to nearby parking areas.

50. Promote small is beautiful and energy self-sufficient strategies.