Serious Trouble Ahead in Syria

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To bring about regime change in Syria, the United States has partnered up with Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States to supply rebel groups with ever more sophisticated weapons, ammunition and communication equipment, even though the rebels are a disparate group, probably including some radical anti US so-called terrorist groups. This is a serious mistake.

A Syrian flag held over protesters.

(Photo: Syria Freedom / Flickr)

Eric Margolis explains:

America’s most vital national security concern is to maintain calm, productive relations with Russia.

The reason is obvious: Russia and the United States have thousands of nuclear warheads targeted on each other. Many are ready to launch in minutes. Compared to this threat, all of America’s other security issues are minor.

Avoiding confrontations with a major nuclear power is obvious. Yet the United States and Russia are ignoring such common sense in their increasingly heated war of words over Syria’s civil war.

The US and its allies have been actively trying to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria for over a year. They have been pouring arms, money, communications gear and fighters into Syria to take advantage of a popular Sunni uprising against the Alawite-dominated regime.

Russia and Syria have been allies for many years and last Thursday, according to John Glaser at, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated there would be no UN Security Council mandate for outside intervention in Syria, which means Russia will veto any proposal for the United Nations to intervene in Syria with military action.

Lavrov’s statement reinforces action taken last February by Russia and China vetoing a Security Council resolution to remove President Asaad and commence a transitional government.

Meanwhile, one week ago Russia announced that she is preparing to send two warships (i.e., large landing ships, possibly with marines) to Tartous, a port on Syria’s Mediterranean coast where she maintains a naval facility. The announced purpose of the trip is to protect the naval facility and its personnel in the event of an attack.

DP News also reports,

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