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    Anthony Weiner is a flawed human being, but he is a good congressman. And for those who argue that we are “better than that,” I agree – at least in theory – in a perfect world.

    But, we don’t have enough of the “good guys” left that we can afford to puff out our self-righteous chests and demand Weiner resign because he used extremely poor judgment and got caught having some e-mail fantasies and sending some “cock pics” over the tubes. “Stoopid,” yes, but who hasn’t done stupid things when we thought we were doing them in private?

    With all of Anthony’s flaws, he does passionately fight for us, and we can’t honestly say that many of them (our Democratic office holders) do, including, at least most of the time, our Democratic president.

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    Baracky, Palin. Baracky, Palin. Baracky, Palin. Baracky, Palin.

    I just don’t know how I’m ever going to decide.

  • 2016 I believe.

  • If trying to abolish Medicare is killing Republicans in the polls, wouldn’t newspaper headlines all across the country like “Republicans Want To Kill Medicare So Badly That They’re Even Willing To Let Our Great Country Collapse Into A Major Depression By Defaulting On Our Debts” kill the Republican Party even more? I say call their bluff. The Democrats’ choices seem to be, risk a possible default, or the reality of actually helping Republicans kill Medicare. How can Democrats even be Democrats if they kill Medicare?

    If the Democrats won’t stand up to this, they’ll never stand up to anything.

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