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    Well the NSA has been listening in (surprise) and the alien invader’s plan has been leaked:


    I blame Edward Snowden.

  • The movie (Zero Dark Thirty) portrayed torture as a necessary evil, when in fact it was more like a warped fraternity ritual—or a crime ring.

    Worst of all, there is ample evidence—obvious to anyone not actively trying to justify practicing it—that torture simply doesn’t work. People will say anything when they’re being dunked in ice water or having their head bashed against a wall, which means that torture produces a windfall of fabrications and false leads.

    “It makes me scared to talk about it. I’ve been keeping it all inside. I’m scared because they are listening to us now and they’re learning; I’m teaching them how to interrogate. And now they will write a whole new book on interrogation with what they have learned….

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    They’re idiots with no sense of value. Whether of their own efforts or of the customers. I don’t know anyone who works for a company that doesn’t think they’re underpaid and deserving of a raise/bonus, I don’t know any small business owner (my world) who doesn’t fear losing customers (paying ones). Whether they offer a product or a service, it’s how they put food on the table, and putting the food on the table appreciate the value of productive workers/salespeople. Suggest the Econ101′s take a page out of the NYT Style Section if they can’t take a road trip through Middle America/The Heartland and watch Alexander Payne’s “Nebraska.” It’s not just a story about old Bruce Dern collecting his fake million dollars, it’s also about the world his character lives in – ghost towns, empty storefronts, penniless customers with little hope of getting anywhere, the loss of what politicians/wall street once sold them on: “the American Dream.”

    Ruling class dilettantes.

  • That next day delivery of those over 500,000 things comes provided by:

    Amazon’s system of employee monitoring is the most oppressive I have ever come across and combines state-of-the-art surveillance technology with the system of “functional foreman,” introduced by Taylor in the workshops of the Pennsylvania machine-tool industry in the 1890s. In a fine piece of investigative reporting for the London Financial Times, economics correspondent Sarah O’Connor describes how, at Amazon’s center at Rugeley, England, Amazon tags its employees with personal sat-nav (satellite navigation) computers that tell them the route they must travel to shelve consignments of goods, but also set target times for their warehouse journeys and then measure whether targets are met.

    All this information is available to management in real time, and if an employee is behind schedule she will receive a text message pointing this out and telling her to reach her targets or suffer the consequences. At Amazon’s depot in Allentown, Pennsylvania (of which more later), Kate Salasky worked shifts of up to eleven hours a day, mostly spent walking the length and breadth of the warehouse. In March 2011 she received a warning message from her manager, saying that she had been found unproductive during several minutes of her shift, and she was eventually fired. This employee tagging is now in operation at Amazon centers worldwide.

    real time in the flesh human robots.

  • Forgot to add Wall Street to Silicon Valley and the National Security State. Truly our best and brightest take the money and run, and who would blame them with the payoffs in these World of Warfare boys games. The rest of the world loses in this silliness. Climate catastrophe is something to be concerned about but the hair on fire catastrophe will come with the melt down of the financial system.

  • No company wants to suffer or become collateral damage in a cyber war between China and the United States.

    I would suggest that they already have. Between Silicon Valley and the NSA (read the entire National Security State, both public and private) both have skimmed off the cream of the crop, probably the best hacker/coder minds coming out of our universities, leaving businesses and the rest of us with the second stringers and bench warmers. Not to say those minds aren’t up to the job just that they are unable to compete. Our interstate and world commerce and economic systems are on the losing end of this ridiculous game the world’s “leaders” are playing. From the last I would suggest those leaders too are playing the second stringers game unable to see the strategy they need to follow to keep the gears turning.

    Led by near-sighted dick swinging fools.

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    Would be interesting to see the Army brand any soldier who loses his temper a “terrorist.” Would be fun to watch the NRA heads explode, turns the whole – “Fighting them here so we don’t have to fight them over there” on its head. Blah, blah, blah – if you don’t support the troops you [...]

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    And there’s this too:

    …researchers found that soldiers they interviewed had joined the Army with significantly higher rates of post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder than those in the general population.

    Most notably, more than 8% of soldiers entered the Army with intermittent explosive disorder, characterized by uncontrolled attacks of anger. It was the most common disorder in the study, with a pre-enlistment prevalence nearly six times the civilian rate.

    “The kind of people who join the Army are not typical people,” Kessler said. “They have a lot more acting-out kind of mental disorders. They get into fights more. They’re more aggressive.”

    It was to be expected, so how did the Army prepare for it?

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    Given the decades of substance abuse, the idea of the chain-smoking, middle-aged Hollywood agent accompanying Marines into battle was sort of like Keith Richards competing in an Ironman Triathlon. But Dollard thrived. “My first time in a combat zone, I felt like I had walked into some bizarre fucking ultra-expensive movie set,” he would later say. “I had this vivid clarity, like when I used to take LSD. I felt joy. I felt like I had a message from God, or whoever, that this is exactly what I should be doing with my life. I belong in war. I am a warrior.”

    To those at home it seemed that Dollard had entered dangerous mental territory. Around the New Year in 2005, he e-mailed a photo of himself to friends. In it he is clutching a machine gun, surrounded by Marines. Dressed in combat gear, his hair in a Mohawk and the word “die” shaved into his chest hair, Dollard looks like the mascot of camp Lord of the Flies.

    “Those guys at William Morris loved Pat. They saw him as this happy-go-lucky dude. They didn’t see Pat locking himself in his bedroom at our apartment, him high as a kite, and me and his mother finally having the police and firemen get him because we’re afraid he’s killing himself in there. I saw he hated himself for what he was doing. After these runs Pat would just be balled up on the floor crying.”

    Dollard estimates that he wound up in emergency rooms half a dozen times for overdoses. http://www.vanityfair.com/politics/features/2007/03/dollard200703

    Someone with past mental health issues and suicidal tendencies telegraphing a similar end while missing the projection? The inmates are running the institution. Dollard, like Nugent, proving you can make a living and keep the light shining on your narcissistic lonely soul by saying the rights (and lefts though not with these 2) insane shit.

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    General Motors already has their cover-up, they put a CEO with lady parts in charge and plan on using the “time of the month” excuse (see Christie, Chris and Mastro, Randy [hack] – “it was the wimmen folk”).

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    At least he’s staying in show business.

    Very funny, sarcastic insults like that are the reason politicians turn Right where they’ll find a more worshiping fan base. Bad Progressive!

  • “Too often, the tactic of our recruiting force when engaged by a hostile force, is to break contact, and re-focus efforts and resources where those hostile to military recruitment are less likely to be confronted, and therefore where success is more likely.” Yeah, right, “don’t blame us” left alone recruiters do a bang up job like: [...]

  • Ashleigh Banfield – Landon Lecture
    Kansas State University
    Manhattan, Kansas
    April 24, 2003

    MSNBC demoted and eventually fired Ashleigh Banfield for saying:

    - I can’t tell you how bad the civilian casualties were. I saw a couple of pictures. I saw French television pictures, I saw a few things here and there, but to truly understand what war is all about you’ve got to be on both sides. You’ve got to be a unilateral, someone who’s able to cover from outside of both front lines, which, by the way, is the most dangerous way to cover a war, which is the way most of us covered Afghanistan. There were no front lines, they were all over the place. They were caves, they were mountains, they were cobbled, they were everything. But we really don’t know from this latest adventure from the American military what this thing looked like and why perhaps we should never do it again.

    - As a journalist I’m often ostracized just for saying these messages, just for going on television and saying, “Here’s what the leaders of Hezbullah are telling me and here’s what the Lebanese are telling me and here’s what the Syrians have said about Hezbullah. Here’s what they have to say about the Golan Heights.” Like it or lump it, don’t shoot the messenger, but invariably the messenger gets shot.

    - I’m a journalist and I like to be able to tell the story as I see it, and I hate it when someone tells me I’m one-sided. It’s the worst I can hear. Fox has taken so many viewers away from CNN and MSNBC because of their agenda and because of their targeting the market of cable news viewership, that I’m afraid there’s not a really big place in cable for news. Cable is for entertainment, as it’s turning out, but not news.

    - I’m hoping that I will have a future in news in cable, but not the way some cable news operators wrap themselves in the American flag and patriotism and go after a certain target demographic, which is very lucrative.

    - Well, all of this has to do with what you’ve seen on Fox and its successes. So I do urge you to be very discerning as you continue to watch the development of cable news, and it is changing like lightning. Be very discerning because it behooves you like it never did before to watch with a grain of salt and to choose responsibly, and to demand what you should know.

  • Hey now, the style of the graduates of the Charles Krauthammer (Dr. Psychiatrist Krauthammer to be respectful) School of Journalism can see into Putin’s soul and pick a rune. So why not, anybody who disagrees with me must be crazy or a socialist (Lord Grantham doesn’t see a difference). ‘Cause Krauthammer is a doctor and knows that Obama is living in a fantasy world (http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/372446/krauthammers-take-obama-living-fantasy-world-nro-staff).

    Mainstream journalism (used loosely)is a blood sport. In with the in crowd, every week is pledge week so punch a hippie add some points, both sides do it. Happy Hour!

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    Nothing to worry about Dem leadership has a plan, just ask Barbara Buono. Dem leaders inspire GOTV efforts: Wasserman-Schultz doesn’t listen to any “progressive crap”, Pelosi dismisses “advocates” because they are one issue voters and don’t understand that leaders have to lead, and “The World’s Most Deliberative Body” is above politics.

    Hat tip to Jason Jones: “In Russia they have a saying – Don’t be a pussy.”

    Dems: Don’t be pussies.

    Now there’s Hope for Change.

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    Well, some of them will. If they embed themselves with tribes that know how to farm, hunt and gather, build with the materials at hand and not eat the fattest in the lean season.

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    In the ’80′s my group of friends would meet almost weekly for “massage parties”, much like Daedon’s meetups. 2 masseuse would “give” to the friend on the table. Led by a psychotherapist it usually wasn’t long before clothes were off. Drifting from Osho’s ashram discoveries to tribe.net and a group to fit every kink Daedon’s [...]

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    I’m sure there are a few PhD level scientist working at NASA, CIA, DNI, State and the Pentagon. So there’s that to add to the debate.

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    January 21, 2014 RELEASE 14-024 NASA Finds 2013 Sustained Long-Term Climate Warming Trend NASA scientists say 2013 tied with 2009 and 2006 for the seventh warmest year since 1880, continuing a long-term trend of rising global temperatures. With the exception of 1998, the 10 warmest years in the 134-year record all have occurred since 2000, with [...]

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    Curl should quit blowing smoke up his readers a…s and take on this writers “hoax”: http://www.intelligence.senate.gov/130312/clapper.pdf Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community Senate Select Committee on Intelligence James R. Clapper Director of National Intelligence March 12, 2013 Climate Change and Demographics Food security has been aggravated partly because the world’s land masses are being affected [...]

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