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    What.a.clueless.dork. Turn off the Ted Nugent album George and reconnect with reality.

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    “I too was once sad that I lived in a refrigerator box in an alley and ate food out of a dumpster until I met a woman whose wine refrigerator was inconveniently located in the kitchen.”

    Tsk Tsk. Poor Megan, the horror of having a wine bottle cooler in the kitchen. My 100 bottle cooler for my reds is in our kitchen because it works best there and is most convenient. Where should it really go Megan? The basement? The bathroom? Ever hear of function over form?

    In reality, I’d bet Megan doesn’t know white zin from Chateauneuf and just wanted to make sure that her ignorance was not discovered while she wowed her guests with her cooking utensils and her kitchen design “prowess” sans wine. Pretentious people like her are such a pain in the ass.

  • Well, we can only hope so.

  • Handel is another extremist promoting a mutant and dangerous form of “spirituality” which is far closer to Fascism than Christianity. Her massive ego and insular arrogance blinded her to any political reality but her own. Small wonder this pompous fraud failed in her vendetta against PP, she should be terminated immediately for insubordinate and incompetent behavior.

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    This is from a friend of mine who actually knew Susan and her family:

    “When I lived in Peoria, I knew the husband and family of Susan Komen. They supported Planned Parenthood. The board of the local Komen Foundation made the grievious decision to no longer support the Breast Cancer Screenings that Planned Parenthood provided in a special two day event targeting low-income people. As a result, many low-income women went undetected. The Komen Foundation is putting their personal religious views in the way of the Komen Family’s (who are Jewish) purpose of preventing breast cancer. This is a terrible decision. Planned Parenthood is the primary provider of reproductive health care in the country — providing gynecological health care including annual exams, birth control services, midwifery and breast and ovarian cancer screendings etc. Remember, Planned Parenthood prevents more abortions through these gynecological services than any other single organization — especially the anti-choice protesters. Abortions are only a small portion of their quality healthcare services. I KNOW what Planned Parenthood REALLY does. I worked for them and was a board member of several Planned Parenthoods, attended many training sessions and conferences. I KNOW what their services are. The protesters are clueless.”

    I guess Susan didn’t know that her sister was a Judas who would gladly sell their family out for nine pieces of silver. What an amoral hypocrite—the Leona Helmsley of charitable giving.

  • I have a friend of mine that worked at Planned Parenthood in my hometown of Peoria, IL, where I still live. She knew Susan Komen (who is buried here) and her family (who were Jewish)and she supported Planned Parenthood when she was alive.

    Now that she’s gone, the theofascists who run the Foundation have no regard for her legacy except to selfishly use it as a weapon to punish their perceived “enemies” ala Nixon and promote their political agenda.

    It appears now that the “charitable” nature of this organization has ceased to be and they are just another willing tool of extremists bent on forcing their corrupt and hypocritical theology on all of us. They should have their 501c3 designation revoked if they are going to be a political advocacy organization.

  • It’s not “What were they thinking—it’s What, were they thinking? To which the obvious answer is no, they weren’t.

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    Yes, really and you miss the point. Perhaps when you stop laughing you can post something to support your “opinion.”

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    I agree with you. The problem at the moment is that corn is the only item that can be cost effectively used in large scale production. Other alternative technologies such celluostic ethanol are proven to work better but the large scale production problem has not been completely overcome yet.

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    Ethanol is definitely not dirtier than oil:


    And here is the impact of emissions with ethanol based fuels, for most categories a significant improvement over oil:


    My personal experience with E-85 was about a 5% loss in MPG but a significant increase in performance since it is 110 octane.

    In the final analysis, I think we need to be going to hydrogen fuel cell technology:


    Of course this would require a huge paradigm shift that would significantly impair the oil company interests–unfortunately, that idea has little traction at the moment because of the power of the oil oligarchy.

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    The meat industry should stop scapegoating the ethanol industry and peddling misinformation and check the facts from this article:

    “Second, about a third of the corn used for ethanol becomes a co-product: livestock feed for cattle, poultry and hogs. Last year alone, the U.S. exported 9 million metric tons of these distillers grains, corn gluten feed and corn gluten meal to nations around the world, including Egypt.”


    Ethanol uses only 3% of total global corn supply. I would say their concern is vastly overstated.

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    But a biofuels standard that includes a product that takes lots of energy to produce, and which raises food prices by taking up so much land, defeats the purpose of the RFS to create cleaner fuels and a cleaner planet.

    No, not really:


    And when was the last time we spent billions cleaning us an ethanol spill? Or spending trillions in useless wars so our country has access to oil? The ethanol industry is plagued with myths and distortions, there is no reason to keep promoting them here.

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    “It’s odd that people who care so much about politics rarely use one of politics’ biggest tools, humor. Mr. Romney did and scored. More please, from everyone.

    No, my Lady of Odious Condescension Mitt and the other crack addled GOP Presidential imbeciles are not humorous funny, they are strange funny–you know, just like you. Unlike Jon Stewart, Neocons are extremely inept at humor because they cannot resist lacing it with their cancerous hatred.

    Perhaps some day, Noonan will snap out of her vodka induced stupor and realize that she is covering for bizarre mental defectives that are a danger to America. But on the other hand, the compelling allure of a big salary and ability to peddle her psychotic tripe on the public virtually assures that she will be in an alcohol based coma for some time to come.

  • The cupboard should never get that bare.

    Of course, we are talking about snide and petty media stenographers that are obsessed with trivialities and mean spirited gossip. Their cupboard has been bare for a long time thanks to their corporate masters, who have turned the American media into a propaganda arm for their fascist political advocacy.

    On the other hand, there are those who don’t ascribe to that form of servitude:


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    Indeed—and it certainly be different than v1—here is the prototype of the actual production model:


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    Perhaps Callista v2 will have snakes in her hair to match her Medusa like image. And it would be a perfect fit with her reptilian husband’s moral depravity.

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    Rather simplistic, but certainly the odds are substantially against us. Irregardless of what faces us, we must press on and be in this for the long haul, for the future of our world is at stake. Being sarcastic and negative don’t build positive outcomes.

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    No thanks, it’s time to wage peace, please.

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    Sorry Condi, but we don’t have three trillion dollars and 4500 more Americans to toss into the meat grinder you call your “nation building.”

    Lucky for you that we have an incompetent media that regularly lionizes fools and imbeciles like you, otherwise you would be laughed off the earth as an utter fool.

  • Indeed, there are no words to describe Blingreich’s pomposity, arrogance, and his grossly overinflated and exaggerated sense of importance to us.

    Except that this turd floating in the toilet of our political discourse needs to be flushed now.

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