• There’s so much ” old money ” in them there farmlands of Iowa, and so little work now to make a bundle, you see this deep reactionary ( anti-gov’t ) response in The Heartland. Thanks, of course, to a stew of Monsanto and Dow chemicals that would kill the townspeople of Red Oak in a day if it got into the water supply. Let’s not even begin to discuss farm subsidies, either, which I’m sure The Des Moines Register won’t talk about in the same context that they talk about public health or food stamps. And, if you don’t go to church in Red Oak; where there is no hospital or clinic connected by a holy umbilical cord to The Big Cloud Guy’s House, you’re considered a derelict and worse. Joni Ernst and her holier-than-thou politics is closer to Joe McCarthy than Eugene McCarthy, for sure. But, a nice picture of Rep. Steve King with Joni Ernst, will be a great postcard from Washington, D.C. back to the patriots of Iowa. Who now have a serious addiction to subsidies and special treatment. Whether it’s federal subsidies or tons of outside political handouts from the likes of the new Robber Barons. Joni, I’m sure, will pray a lot before voting for a white, conservative woman’s version of ” god, home and country “. And, bless her for representing her constituents.

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    Did I mention Bigger, perhaps the Biggest, Crooks and Liars in American History? I really meant to. Now, let’s all go for a plane ride and have a weekend on a cruise ship. They’re Really Big, too!

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    Everything is bigger in Texas! And, I mean everything! And, now we see the results of the ” bigger is better ” theory, playing out. Bigger Panics! Bigger Stupidity! Bigger Inequities! Bigger Wars! Bigger Cowboy Hats! Bigger Boots with Bigger Money! Bigger Fracking! Bigger Personalities! Bigger Rugged Individualists, Bigger Christians! But, mostly, Bigger Hypocrites and Bigger Opportunists! America is just not big enough to contain the potential BIGNESS of Texas. We must, reluctantly, let Texas go so that it can bring it’s Great Big Bigness to the world stage. And, screw it up so badly, so xxckin’ royally, you won’t be able to recognize the place in a decade. FORWARD, TEXAS!!!

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    ” If you talk like a traitor, and vote like a traitor, the American People will have no choice but to elect a traitor every time. Even when they think they’re making an informed choice. ” Harry S. True or False. ” Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the average American when making an informed choice; with completely bogus information. ” H.L. Barnum & Bailey ” There must be a circus in town, I’ve never seen so many clowns around. ” Eminem

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    Why the SWAT Teams instead of EMT and local Red Cross and community based health orgs? Swat Teams are police units and are used in terrorist and riots and hostage situations, usually, right? They’re sending out another not to subtle signal of ” let the police handle it ” and calling in the Nat’l Guard can’t be too far behind. It’s a fustercluck and it started with a bunch of sloppy work in Dallas by a private, for-profit hospital that turned away the uninsured Mr. Duncan. This is a made-for-television horror story like Halloween VIII. It’s as phony as a $3 dollar bill in a certain way. But, man oh man, will it sell product.

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    Will someone please ring the dinner bell in Wisconsin. It’s looks like it’s time for Wisconsinites to eat their rich. Or, they’ll end up like Kansas. And, Franks will be writing another book, What’s With Wisconsin? or What The Hell is Happening in Wisconsin? Amazingly bad, it’s being done by a Bush, too.

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    I like to think of the Democratic Leadership Council as ” Custer’s Brain “.

  • Wow, Udall is losing in Colorado? Either these polls are off or there’s something in that Rocky Mtn. water besides water. As for Grimes: there’s simply no there, there. Wendy Davis, tough roe to hoe, in that Texas sand and clay. ” May you live in interesting times ” might be a serious curse for the DLCers this year. For the Sanders/Warren wing of the party, not so much. The War Wing is losing this election but the Peace Wing will be the ones who suffer. Just Guessin’.

  • Are they in The Coalition of Willing? The Coalition of The Killing? The Coalition of The Billing? The Coalition of The Chillin’? The Coalition of Void and Nillin’? Have you seen the updated roster? And, where are the Armenians on this particular Kobani/Kabuki? Oh, never mind. The Kurds slaughtered most of them at the behest of the Turkey gov’t a while back. But, on the bright side, the grave digging business is booming and is on the verge of surpassing the oil and gas sector is job growth.

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    Sorry, that’s Trumka without the pee.

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    Morales won with only 60% of the vote. That’s not nearly enough, certainly. It’s time Pres. Obama sends in the USAID, CIA, IMF, TWB, various NGOs and establish a covert military base with the best intentions; to, of course, liberate these suffering people of the lower Americas. Hugo Chavez got 60% a couple of elections and with US help he almost lost his country 3 times, before dying. Where’s the great union leader Mr. Trumpka and his AFL-CIO buddies? Certainly the union leaders ( of the common man ) and the Democratic Party will celebrate the liberation of the poor and indigenous people by trying to overturn the election results and foment a coup to restore the rights of The Whiter Peoples. The right to murder union organizers in the energy sectors of the economy. The right, under the false flag of educational outreach, to murder union organizers in the manufacturing sectors of the economy. With Mr. Trumpka and his buddie’s help, ” the poor will be with us always “.

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    Cheap shots are called cheap because they’re free. And, I do miss the dancehall in Groene. And, of course, the barbacos and tequila.

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    Does that mean my past donations to the Democratic Party could get me in trouble? My donations to the ACLU? WWF or NRDC? How about Save the Whales? ( Some people think whales can speak in tongues. Very strange, indeed ). There’s so many GOTCHA opportunities and so little time. What did the primitive peoples, who didn’t have an alphabet and a library card, do without GOTCHA? Did they rely on something so crazy as multiple past experiences with the Federal Gov’t or The Empire?

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    When it comes to Texans and their pathologies, Robert Frost was right, ” good fences make good neighbors “.

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    There’s another outbreak that’s not being reported. It’s Texans fleeing to other states to spread another virus. The Highway Patrol in states like New Hampshire, Iowa, S. Carolina and, really everywhere, have been alerted to be on the lookout for people using the names Cruz, Perry, Gommert, Bush, Abbott, Delay, Paul and Jerry Jones and say; ” we’re here from Texas and we’re hear to save you from Single Payer “. BTW- Did Mr. Duncan have insurance when he showed up to the hospital the first time with a 103 degree temperature? My personal doctor says you have a better chance of dying from French kissing than from Ebola unless, of course, you’re actually handling the patient and his ( ahem ) symptoms.

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    I know where you’re coming from but I was making snark. Like in:
    the only reason that they don’t break the law is they’re not smart enough to pull the crime off and cover it up. I’d cite examples but I have to go to work in a couple of weeks.

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    No offense, but in gov’t and the corporate world, ignorance is the excuse for not breaking the law.

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    I just found a quarter in my washing machine so I can understand Paul Bremer & Cos. slip up. We must, however, as a united country learn to forgive and forget. Moving forward, the bright side of this mistake by the DOD, is obvious. We only have $1.988-$1.996 Trillion dollars to find in bunkers in the ME and not be able to recover. And, with The 30-50 Year War of Swindle, Bamboozle and Hoodwink just picking up steam, we are blowing up more bunkers all the time. Of course, they’re ( Our Allies ) building them pretty fast, too. So, there’s that. BTW, how close is that Lebanese bunker to Benjamin NetantheYahoo’s summer home and gov’t supplied bunker? Is there a tunnel connecting the two? I know Bennie the Net loves blowing up tunnels and I guess I’m Just Wondering.

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    Thanks Brandon for leading off with Indigenous People’s Day. This is the day when European and American stenographers ….er, I mean historians, are honored. For calling genocide a ” civilizing ” counterbalance to the primitive ways of the Western Hemisphere, pre Columbus and pre Christian, of course. Native Americans call this ” pen and ink witchcraft ” and that about sums up the recorded butchery. Sort of like today only with bigger weaponry. Of course, American Exceptionalism and Empire has always required a very large canvas to pour blood on and call the course Art History 101. So our bigger hands now, in the world, require larger and more sophisticated finger printing techniques, too. ( The CIA and NSA are slippery little devils. ) If the lesson to be taught was that war is a natural part of civilized history, like maze for the diet, then American leadership gets an A+.

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    Sow the ME winds, reap the ME whirlwinds. And, try leaving without using a ” scorched earth policy ” as an exit strategy. We’re running out of earths to scorch. Get out of this quagmire now, please.

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