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    No one wants to trivialize Muslims, Buddhists, Jewish people or anyone else’s religious beliefs. However, with the rise in the % of people saying ” none of the above, please ” what we don’t need is ” conversions are us ” world gov’ts. I’m not optimistic that we can allow all to worship, or not, [...]

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    Since polls are such messy and confusing things we should ask, Do you think you have a right-to-work in a union job? If 50% of the American workers say ” no ” or ” huh ” we’ll know we’re on to something. Then, the follow up could be, ” Does your neighbor have a right to work on a gov’t funded infrastructure project and, if so, should he be paid the prevailing wage if qualified? If 50% of the American workers say ” no ” or ” huh ” we’ll really be on to something. And, if the survey did this in the East, West, North and South and recorded the sex and race of those polled, we’d have something really, really big to talk about. Because we do know this is really a region by region question and generalities need to be dissected to solve the problem of low wages and union discrimination.

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    Since this state has reached new lows with Con. King I’ll say, ” my sendiments exactly about this particular race to the bottom of the sludge ( manure ) pond. ” But, hey ” How ’bout them Hawkeyes? “

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    It’s working quite well, isn’t it? 86% to 42% is shocking; think about it ( or don’t if you want to stay off their radar )? The next thing will be mini-microphones and pocket sized drones to capture all dissenters and free-thinkers. The snitch state and paid ” recorders ” for them, too. Big Brother won’t leave it alone or give it up, not without a fight, apparently.

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    Congress’s new chant is ” We shall, we shall, we shall not be moved. By the people who elected us “; that is. Let’s hear it now, ” We shall, we shall, we shall not…..” These so-called representatives are nothing more than our jailers. Please turn out the lights, the Democratic Party is over. The [...]

  • Teachout’s skills are perfect to handle the problems of the state of New York and all the other 49 state’s problems, too. When all the states start serving the needs of the 99%, at the expense of the 1%, the issues will be taken care of quite well, thank you very much. People like Cuomo make me long for the days when politicians were tarred and feathered, then run out of town, on a rail. Maybe they could substitute a garbage barge instead of the rail, for the Guv’ and his other buddy Guv’ Christie, now known as The Crisco Kid. Ya’ know, ” 100% fat in the can “.

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    Superb post. Thanks. ” Freedom isn’t free ” is the right’s constant refrain. And, it’s a total crock, too. Oligarchy, Plutocracy and Corporate Totalitarianism is what ” isn’t free “. And, we’ve got a bad case of it. The Police and Security isn’t ” free “, either. And, we’ve got a bad case of that, too.

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    Thanks for this. Think ” All the King’s Men ” captured Huey best and not this Lewis work, particularly. But, he surely nailed some archetypal American hoodwinkers, bamboozlers and worse in his works. Elmer Gantry, IMO, is now Rush Limbaugh without the revival tent. Who’d play him, though, since John Candy is dead.

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    The ” snitch ” state. Here, one wishes the ” era of big gov’t was, indeed, over. ” Those teachers, who reported this to the state and the MFS administators, homes should be picketed with pictures of suffering children pushed into their faces. Just like the pro-lifers, do, at abortion clinics. The so-called heartland shows [...]

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    When the writing on the wall is in huge letters, as it is with Obama and his Inner Circle, but you as a loyal supporter are standing with your nose up to one letter, all perspective is lost. If the Obama voters would step back and look at the whole picture, respond to what they’re actually seeing and vote ( or not-my choice ) accordingly, they would do themselves and their communities and country a real patriotic favor. Obama is more like Don King than MLK. And,he’s created the most soulless ruling majority of any President in my lifetime. It’s like choosing Vanilla or French Vanilla every couple of years with this current bunch of scoop servers of, and for, the status quo. In 2008 we demanded Baskin and Robins’ and were told ” ya sure kids, you’ll get it. ” Now, we’re stuck in line at Grocery Outlet waiting for the expired date crap, that already appears spoiled when you open it. Don King would do that sort of thing, MLK wouldn’t. Would you like another scoop, by the way? Hillary’s got her latex gloves on.

  • This from the state that gave us John Sununu? Who flew to Saudi Arabia on a gov’t plane and collected several $$$ million dollars after Iraq War I. Well, you know what they say about apples, and falling, I’m sure. So, we elect these types and expect a different result from the electorate that voted for Sen. Bob Smith, too? The lesser of two weasels is still a weasel, yes? And, Vermont will have single payer if the Feds, including either one of these ” moderates “. don’t get in the way. It’s about policies, as you say, and Shaheen is about politics. And, the hippy comment is pretty funny, by the way. But, I’ve come to expect no less, from DLCers and their drowling followers.

  • Jeanne Shaheen is a DLCer. Scott Brown is a Mod/Republican. There ain’t a dimes worth of difference between these two on the big issues. They’ll both be on the lifeboats sipping champagne when the ship sinks. So will Pres. Obysmal. There’s hardly any people in N.Hampshire, anyway, so who cares what these ” live free ( of taxes ) as freeloaders or die ” bunch do?

  • Oregon citizens need jobs, too. I suppose if the only criteria is, I need a job to feed my nine children, then the cart is way too far in front of the horse, here. I think you need a vasectomy after 2 kids so our world isn’t destroyed by your selfishness, so there’s that, too. [...]

  • Yup, I’m surprised the two Longshore Workers had to even show up, too. But, since only 100 Long Beach citizens bothered to show up, it appears the ratio is about right. Oregon, on the other hand, generally shows up for these environmental and quality of life issues. Even if we’re both about the same distance [...]

  • Or, you could try a bigger tongue or cheek, too. The 8^) kind of had my acceptance level meter wavering. It’s funny, that sayin’, isn’t it?

  • Yes, I see. They reduced the officer’s paid leave, possibly, but didn’t eliminate it. Or, his position, either. So, the outcome was quite fair, I suppose. It’s what I always think of when I think of fair, now. Ya know, how well it pays and how good the union benefits are, for being fair. Here’s to the 1%ers, and their minions, being fair to the 99%.

  • The cops in Portland beat a citizen holding a video camera and then took the camera away. He was filming the police officer dealing with a homeless person. The officer, and the ( city/county? ) lawyers defending his actions, lost the case. But, he had a nice paid vacation. So, there’s that, too. Unlike Blanche, I’m not so sure we should put our collective trust in the kindness of strangers. And, nothing is stranger than the police beating up a citizen journalist on a public thorough fare, recording a public event. That is, if you support that sort of thing which seems pretty reasonable, to me. Besides, it didn’t turn out well for Blanche, either. But, she was sort of homeless and down on her luck, too. And, being noisy and disruptive to the harmonious flow of commerce can be dangerous.

  • Thanks for being so accepting. And, pray tell, sell it to whom, exactly? Or should we accept that, as a trade off, too?

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    On the contrary. The police state is not out of control in this country, it’s in complete control, in this country. And, the Pew survey doesn’t ask other questions, it needs to, to be informative. That is, ” Do you feel comfortable answering ?s honestly about the the police and security state? Does fear of [...]

  • Good start. But, gaming the system is what the powerful do. And, they will do it with impunity here, too. The world is full of examples of police state injustice and discrimination ok’d by courts and gov’ts. The greater good is always mentioned in this defense of the surveillance state. It can’t be the status quo’s greater good and be compatible with the Bill of Rights and Constitutional protections, however. The total destruction of civil liberties, and privacy rights, is incompatible with community as we understand it. The ” snitch ” state in the PIC has been abused in this way for decades. This is why community policing is a bust. It allows the police to use selected leaders ( someone they can do business with ) to compress and funnel populist and progressive sentiment into something the elites can infiltrate and distort. Ultimately, we can’t have it both ways. ” Those who would sacrifice some liberty for some security end up with, and deserve, neither. ” To paraphrase ol’ Ben. Same as it is ever is.

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