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    For my Christmas gift, to myself, I’m giving me a ” Quit Trying To Have Rational, Honest Conversations With Fascists! ” tee shirt. Substitute Fascists with Torturers, Jamie Dimon, Ted Cruz or ________ ( insert your pick here ). It’s rolling over to include my New Years Resolution, too. Hell, after Sharpton’s Prom yesterday, he’s [...]

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    Great articles create great memories. Spent much time working in and loading the old barns in the Midwest. Also, worked reclaiming and ” repurposing ” the barns which had seen better days. Made great furniture and other buildings out of them. That is still being done today, thankfully. Smoking corn silk, oh yeah! Other things; okay, you got me. The houses on these farms were amazing but many went the way of hanging dynamite on the main floor and then mopping up with a front loader. Sad, really. Wooden barns are really cow cathedrals, etc, from a long ago time. It really isn’t Kansas anymore….

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    Well played, sir, as usual. Loved reading your Sunday writings. Thanks and good luck. As for Mr. Posner, well, he sounds a lot like that Christian who’s holding 4 aces. Keep fighting, though, for a seat at that card table. Your perspective is badly needed.

  • Isn’t it a coincidence that cities like Cleveland, Newark, Detroit, etc are broke and can’t fix their infrastructure but can afford the policing costs of this occupying army? Just like it’s a coincidence that the good ol’ USA has a large deficit, decaying infrastructure, but the largest defense budget, by a factor of 13 times, of any country in the world. These coincidences run like rails on a hellbound train, which is just a coincidence, too, I’m just sure. The trainwreck of willful, designed neglect, I might add. The coincidences of the killing of brown and the ” other ” at home and abroad, the growing velocity of the trainwrecks, is just a coincidence. Everywhere you look coincidences abound these days. From Ohio, to Missouri and coast to coast, were are cursed with an overabundance of coincidences.

  • The shooting in Cleveland, Ohio is by far the most bizarre and insane thing about all the laundry lists of incidents of police/minority encounters of the last several years. A car backfires in front of the cop shop and away they go. 61 squad cars in pursuit, 137 bullets fired, the cop standing on the victim’s car shooting into it testifies he scared out of his wits by the occupants, the victims being unarmed with no outstanding warrants, etc, etc. These police depts. are insane asylums where mostly white nutcases are in charge. They’ve got nothing on the KKK as far as ” da crazy ” but are allowed to wear a blue suit with badge instead of a straight jacket. Break up their unions, end the cozy relationships with the DAs, appoint vetted civilian leadership at the top of the command positions, demilitarize ( the equipment ) the SWAT units and put non armed community officers in all communities. End the Endless War on Civilians of all colors. If war is a racket then modern community policing is no less a racket than the MIC. Or just declare martial law, as in Ferguson, and let the police and security state sort out the winners and losers. That’s the default option we’re facing now. ” Let the police handle it ” is a real battle cry for fascism writ large going forward, imo.

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    You can thank Sens. Nelson ( Nebraska ) and LiberBum, please. Harkin held out until he got pole axed by his old buddies. Remember that August knee-capping? LieberBum to help his state’s insurance cronies and to control the new President he has had in his back pocket from the get-go. Same old sxxt, different decade. The party is really over, turn off the lights, please.

  • Does anyone in the newspapering business not get what has been going on in the Unjudicial and Unlaw Enforcement and Very Criminal Court System in the U.S.? Splitting ourselves from the Old Confederacy may not solve the problems with the above; however, it could allow us to get some needed breathing space and sort things [...]

  • Sovereign citizens; really stupid stuff, there. New Black Panthers, really? You mean all 10 of them? 100 FBI agents and this is the best they can do? I’m not saying this story is fishy, but; … the guys they arrested had gills and scales all over them, supposedly. Lots of b.s. as usual. I’ll wait for this verdict, too.

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    Brandon- I often have a very dry, strong Manhattan after reading ( your ) The Roundup. Thanks for making me feel better about this ceremony. While it’s not quite as good as eating the olives… your work is much appreciated ( Must be the vermouth ). Again, thanks.

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    Isn’t this the place where someone cues up ” New Speedway Boogie “? ” One way or another this darkness has got to give “. America, these are your tax dollars at work. Don’t ya’ know. Just lamentin’.

  • If they remain dandelions they wouldn’t be taxed. If they’re made into dandelion wine, however, they would possibly taxed if enough people were interested in drinking it. Are you interested in trying some?

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    This Prez has little to do besides write executive orders and veto crazy things. Oh, and site his library, of course. Probably looking at the site between Mayor Daley’s bookshelf and Milton Friedman’s closet.

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    The art of the deal, the multiple sum game, has turned into the art of the swindle and the old minus sum game. Our political economy and social contracts look shattered. And, it is done with impunity, by the MOTU followers and those they buy off or terrorize. When 80-100 million lives, with inalienable rights [...]

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    Saw that and the deal will be approved, I’m sure. Fracking must have high machinery replacement costs, etc. The price of the tar sands crude is fascinating simply because of what it can potentially be used for, I think. Oil prices goes down, the fight for Keystone tar, intensifies. Maybe it’s all muscle-flexing before 2016. But I doubt it. Just wonderin’.

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    FYI-The pipeline would of raised fuel prices in the Midwestern states by up to .20 cents per gallon. That tells me it was/will be ( planned ) being refined in Louisiana, where Venezuelan heavy crude is now, for other purposes than fuel. Bitumen is used in building/construction products, etc and has a potentially much higher value than mere exhaust pipe fumes. Speculating this use is/was/will be something to look into down the road. Either the Oil Boys & Surrogate Mary have diminishing hopes for Venezuelan heavy crude coming to those Louisiana refineries in the future ( disruption/change in demand ) or Venezuela has found better paying allies, China, maybe. With the price of oil going down ( non-value added ) and the price of bitumen going up (value added ) the pipeline seems like a long play by the Oil Guys. Maybe they and their friends have future plans for Venezuela? Global power plays are always interesting.

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    Happy days really are here. We don’t have to listen to 24/7 b.s. from the Democratic Party for at least 18 mos. And, then the cycle will hit us again, like a water hose, with another streaming, steaming pile. Fresh-faced liars, anyone? Not a chance with this bunch. Plenty of fertilizer, though, for us here [...]

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    Battleship Mary is a dumb ass cow. Here we see her nakedly ( scary that ) and desperately trying to save face in Lousyana, throw a turd in the Greens’ punchbowl and land a cushy lobbyist job in Washington, D. C.. That’s all this is really about, imo. Look at the dolts who are tossing her this last favor, especially Manchin ( more scary that ). They’ll be talking to her the month ( Caribbean vacation? ) after the election, at a reception for the energy interests, about her new think tank ( pork/payoff ) consulting job. Just ask all the other DLCers like Blanche Lincoln, LieberBum, Righty Rev. Pryor, Tom Daschle, etc how well that pays ( yeahbaby ). Is her house in D.C. for sale? That would tell us more than the polls in her home state, btw. I’m glad she’s toast, as her pre-Katrina ( corrupt ) work on the NO levees was pretty shoddy, to say the least. Alas, the last of a dying breed; the Southern blue mongrel. They were well healed I understand but it wasn’t quite enough.

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    The Democratic Coalition Party has panned for iron pyrite for decades in the South. It has “coalitioned ” itself with those blue dogs and put social welfare and public investment; ” the poor, minorities, middle class ” on the second and third tier of importance behind balanced budgets and a strong national defense posture. Historically, [...]

  • If you’re in a fatal auto accident does it really matter whether you were pushed into it, by the vehicle, ( rear wheel drive ) or pulled in to it ( front wheel drive vehicle )? Or are we all going to experience what it feels like to be crash test dummies? The Prez is going to push to the right and the Goppers are going to pull to the right and with that kind of torque will be in the ditch in short order. Then Hillary and the DLC medics will drive up, attempt to save us by giving us more of the same wrong triage medicine, and, then leave us outside the emergency room of the worst private hospital in the country. When, of course, they find out we have lousy insurance. Ah, all hale the new social safety net and the new and improved national health insurance. Without any chance for recalls, we’re heading to the wrecking yard, to boot. Enjoy the ride, as they say.

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    People will roll the bones on this ? for several weeks, at least. Then the party wiseguys, as opposed to the wise men, will conclude the DIMS need to move to the center of the ( mythic and ghostly ) general voting public. Which is hogwash, horsexxit, bunk and lots of other descriptive and fairly [...]

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