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    Shouldn’t that be he or she? Since it was that space cadet M.D. from NBC who decided to spring for a carry out lunch after being in placed in quarantine. Just wonderin?

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    Twyla Tharp couldn’t choreograph this 24/7 Fear Factor bullshit any better. The MSM is beyond disgusting. Worse than the pols if that’s possible. The MSM is making everyone ill, with symptoms of puking and a desire for bloodletting, and it has nothing to do with Ebola. What’s the big news dump this weekend? Or, have they run out of polls and scenarios to fantasize and speculate about?

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    Mike Rounds is from South Dakota. But, I could see how you can get these two state’s corporate shenanigans and malfeasance mixed up. I have that problem all the time. Great article on big data in South America and truly classic picture of Dr. ” Death ” Kissinger picking through the leftovers. Have a good weekend, Brandon. You do good work.

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    Without defending Williston I think you can make an argument for some Native American tribes being much less combative than others. With or without the gun powder. So much is to be considered. The Hopi and Navajo in the Southwest might be a good place to look for answers about N. American examples. But, it’s [...]

  • Crisco was suppose to campaign in Oregon for the other Monica ( Senate hopeful Mad Dog Monica ) of fame, here. Sadly, for him, Lardo’s could only guarantee him 2 tables and 8 chairs. He sent back an angry note asking,’ ” Where’s everybody else suppose to sit?

  • The Crisco Kid ( fat in the can ) is tired of talking about $350 a week for the rubes in New Jersey who voted for him. Probably hitting his redundancy zenith, like Obysmal, who’s still shilling ” hope and change ” and ” prosperity is just around the corner “. So, now Gov. Soprano is out promoting felonies, to the Chamber of Commerce. That’s seems redundant, too. You’d think he’d tire of that, also, except it probably pays $100K or so every time this federal appointed crook opens his pie hole. Next topic up for Crisco: Police shooting of unarmed blacks is good for law enforcement morale. As in, practice makes perfect. He’ll be birthing that whale at the annual Missouri City, County and State Police Convention, no doubt.

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    WP, like the NYT, is just another state organ for the status quo. Or worse? They’re losing their grip, on the war on drugs here, and no one gives an effin’ rip. Maybe, as in Ferguson, a revenue stream will be adversely affected.

  • Uncle Miltie Friedman’s wet dream. Pro-business 1%ers running the HK economy like a well-oiled machine. The Chicago School Machine, that is. Voting being the opium of the masses and HK being a den for the poor, needing guidance and a strong hand, apparently. And, Obysmal’s trying to pull off the same despicable policies in the good ol’ U.S.of A. Friedman lite, maybe, for now? When are we invading the new South American democracies, again? Things have been going so well in Chile and Columbia, after all. Why can’t we kill bad ideas around the world with the ballot? Because the other side has the bullets, possibly.

  • Just like body and patrol car cameras the is a good first step; backwards for them ( popos ) and forward for sanity. But, it still doesn’t address the major violations occurring every day, 24/7, by the Police and Security State in regards to John Q. Publics’ right to the guarantees under 1st and 4th Amendment legal ( former ) protections. The Ferguson P.D. are an especially sorry case, but hey, it’s Missouri. A place where white bank robbers and murderers get movies made about their ” sads ” and black kids get sos ( shot on sight ). Some of the SPD’s claims are hilarious here, btw. Thanks for posting this. I laughed my ass off after reading their claims- oh, my aching ass. Who said the police don’t have a sense of humor.

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    The Fairness Doctrine was a spot on law. I remember local city TeeVee news having a commentator to give ” another side ” to the news cycle spin. Usually it was an experienced reporter who’d cover the city, regional or state political/economy, etc.; for decades. She or he cut both ways, too. A real live Bullshit Measurement Analyst for the 99s, as it were. Imagine a Noam Chomsky/Chris Hedges/Dean Baker/______ ( fill in the blank ) giving the ” other side ” after the national MTP or Paste the Nation. I certainly can. But then I wake up and turn on the local news and weather. Again, Yikes!

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    One could easily take the low road here and quote J.S. Mills famous, ” Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most conservative people are stupid. ” However, that was just too easy in regards to the information Pew has provided us with, here. But the sources of information for liberals, from the MSM, is quite disappointing to my eyes. It reminds me of another thing Mills said, ” Indeed, the dictum that truth always triumphs over persecution ( power ), is one of those pleasant falsehoods which men repeat after on another until they pass into common places, but which all experience refutes. ” I understand that people who watch Fox News actually become less informed on general issues of the day. And, the more they watch the more stupid they become. But, are liberals really stuck with CNN and MSNBC, for the most part? Yikes!!! Just askin’.

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    Where’s Molly Ivins when you really, really need her to explain again, very slowly so the people can at least understand the words, The First Rule of Holes? And, then for her to explain, very slowly again, that the fight for America’s future well being, is not between the left and right but between the Ups and the Downs. The 99s are being pushed deeper into a Middle Eastern hole, if that’s still possible, while the Uniparty of the 1%, smiles all the way to the Bank. The Bank of Switzerland, The Bank of Bermuda and The Bank of America come to mind. But the scale of theft is so large and the organization of The Police and Security State so vast it’s hard to get your head around the amount of looting and theft. And, the support system which keeps it afloat. The MIC is nothing more than a laundry room for 1%er’s illegal profits. We’ve really got to quit digging in the sand, too. Just sayin’.

  • Why, if it’s not illegal TO NOT lock up your guns at home, NOT illegal to open carry in public and probably even in retail pot stores, are we even contemplating this action? We know more children will get shot and die than will die from brownies, right? This is silly, really. Are you ” testing ” early trick stories for Halloween?

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    Here I disagree. The Ebola Panic has done this country and it’s citizens a great service. It has allowed the likes of most Conservatives, including the MSM, and Southern Democrats to be exposed as too, too ill-equipped, to serve. They’re simply too quarantined by their 1% handlers to tell their constituents how dumb, sick and phony they both are. And, they really are on most issues. I know some may see this current exposure as redundant. But, this condition has been incubating, misdiagnosed and untreated in polite circles for long enough. Bipartisan fearmongering among these groups, race-baiting campaigns surgically masked as gov’t underperformance and incompetence, extreme and virulent nativist sentiments by the wealthy white property class, inherent bias in the prescription for the cure…. er, sorry, I almost forgot: ” the money is not in the cure the ( big ) $$$$$$ money is in the disease. ” Dang it all, foiled again.

  • There’s so much ” old money ” in them there farmlands of Iowa, and so little work now to make a bundle, you see this deep reactionary ( anti-gov’t ) response in The Heartland. Thanks, of course, to a stew of Monsanto and Dow chemicals that would kill the townspeople of Red Oak in a day if it got into the water supply. Let’s not even begin to discuss farm subsidies, either, which I’m sure The Des Moines Register won’t talk about in the same context that they talk about public health or food stamps. And, if you don’t go to church in Red Oak; where there is no hospital or clinic connected by a holy umbilical cord to The Big Cloud Guy’s House, you’re considered a derelict and worse. Joni Ernst and her holier-than-thou politics is closer to Joe McCarthy than Eugene McCarthy, for sure. But, a nice picture of Rep. Steve King with Joni Ernst, will be a great postcard from Washington, D.C. back to the patriots of Iowa. Who now have a serious addiction to subsidies and special treatment. Whether it’s federal subsidies or tons of outside political handouts from the likes of the new Robber Barons. Joni, I’m sure, will pray a lot before voting for a white, conservative woman’s version of ” god, home and country “. And, bless her for representing her constituents.

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    Did I mention Bigger, perhaps the Biggest, Crooks and Liars in American History? I really meant to. Now, let’s all go for a plane ride and have a weekend on a cruise ship. They’re Really Big, too!

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    Everything is bigger in Texas! And, I mean everything! And, now we see the results of the ” bigger is better ” theory, playing out. Bigger Panics! Bigger Stupidity! Bigger Inequities! Bigger Wars! Bigger Cowboy Hats! Bigger Boots with Bigger Money! Bigger Fracking! Bigger Personalities! Bigger Rugged Individualists, Bigger Christians! But, mostly, Bigger Hypocrites and Bigger Opportunists! America is just not big enough to contain the potential BIGNESS of Texas. We must, reluctantly, let Texas go so that it can bring it’s Great Big Bigness to the world stage. And, screw it up so badly, so xxckin’ royally, you won’t be able to recognize the place in a decade. FORWARD, TEXAS!!!

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    ” If you talk like a traitor, and vote like a traitor, the American People will have no choice but to elect a traitor every time. Even when they think they’re making an informed choice. ” Harry S. True or False. ” Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the average American when making an informed choice; with completely bogus information. ” H.L. Barnum & Bailey ” There must be a circus in town, I’ve never seen so many clowns around. ” Eminem

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    Why the SWAT Teams instead of EMT and local Red Cross and community based health orgs? Swat Teams are police units and are used in terrorist and riots and hostage situations, usually, right? They’re sending out another not to subtle signal of ” let the police handle it ” and calling in the Nat’l Guard can’t be too far behind. It’s a fustercluck and it started with a bunch of sloppy work in Dallas by a private, for-profit hospital that turned away the uninsured Mr. Duncan. This is a made-for-television horror story like Halloween VIII. It’s as phony as a $3 dollar bill in a certain way. But, man oh man, will it sell product.

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    Will someone please ring the dinner bell in Wisconsin. It’s looks like it’s time for Wisconsinites to eat their rich. Or, they’ll end up like Kansas. And, Franks will be writing another book, What’s With Wisconsin? or What The Hell is Happening in Wisconsin? Amazingly bad, it’s being done by a Bush, too.

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