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    Nieto signed a huge infrastructure bill last year with owner of tele-communications monopolist. My Hispanic customers tell me 20% will be skimmed off and the finished products will be substandard. Ouch! Just sayin’.

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    The deal struck with Cuba was to prempt Russian oil exploration so close to Florida beaches. Mexican resort beaches are hard to see from Wall Street and so there’s that, too. Won’t help Mexico workers unless they’re planning to become sea pirates. Venezuela’s problem was trying to deveop middle class. Mexico has never been that ambitious. Another sweet deal for .01%ers in both countries who want a 3rd, er…5th private beach compound and the cheap fuel to get them there. And, that new canal coming through Nicaragua has reminded me of that Climate Change report stating fossil fuels should stay put. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. And, to think, I just became a great uncle, again. I wonder if The Atlantic Council gave out haz-mat suits at any baby showers lately?

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    Great job here, Brandon. The new catchphrase of the week appears to be ” the doctrinaire left. ” It appeared in several articles I read about on films, art and actors, economic policies and law enforcement. Religion and foreign policy a bit, too. The antonym for that word is obedience and subservience. Yeah, that’d be the takeaway for the 99%ers. Just obey, got it? If you’d like to find out what happens when you don’t obey ask Atty General Designee if she’d prosecute Bob McCollough for running an illegal grand jury process in the shooting of Mike Brown by Officer Wilson? Or, how she feels about Federal eentrapment laws, etc…The Doctrinaire Left is just so demandind these days, right? Can I get a witness, Loretta?

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    Agitprop for warmongering military/zealots/revisionists who will never admit they haven’t won ” hearts and minds ” since 1945. The MIC has looted and overthrown good and bad forms of governments for profits, for sure. But that’s far from moral or patriotic. Just watched 3 Days of The Condor, again. It was called propoganda, too. Compare [...]

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    If the preacher didn’t have the harlot, the whiskey and the petty thief he’d. be out of the fire and and brimstone business in a year. He creates the conditions necessary for his business model. More people are choosing science and reason every day. That’s why evangelicals and the volunteer military work, hand and glove. [...]

  • Buckley v. Valeo ah, yes. Only vote to affirm law entirely was White. Marshall dissented only on a self-funded millionaire blowing his fortune on a vanity campaign. The rest of the court sided with Uncle Milton’s crowd out U. of C., and, of course William F. Buckley. All, hardy fellows, well met. And, so it went, right down to the depot. Where it hopped on board The Money Train. ” All aboard, please have your ticket ready. Conductor Koch will have his agents come by and punch it validated. ” Choo, choo cha boogie. Take me right back to the track, Jack. I think we’re in for long, strange trip in 2016.

  • The members of the board and its’ numerous directors contains quite a caste of characters. The wholes in our nation’s collective pockets is truly greater than the sum in their individual bank accounts. But I’m sure they’re working on tht very diligently, too. Maduro is a brave man and Pres. Obama is a shape shifter, extroadinaire. With Judith and Madeleine at the table you’ve got to ask, How much yellow cake does Venezuela otentially have and how many dead Ir..er, Venezuelan children is an acceptable number for this Ship of Deep Staters?

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    Baptists aren’t only zealots pitching for the Nuland Kaghanite All Stars. Did you catch the tent revival in Iowa this weekend? The Gospel of Guns, God and Guts was doing its’ mission work, too. ” They’re more interested in the congregants who still know the words to Rock of Ages than people who know the age of rocks. ” They claim to know people in high places but are the stockholders in Monsanto, Dupont and Dow really interested in anything other than looting the temples? The good news is that if the EU has to bail out 4-5 more member countries the New Crusades will leave the collection plates empty; that is, to empty for buying god more mercenaries.

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    Greece was in the process of selling/leasing many of their islands to resort and wealthy individuals. That’s what I think will happen here. ” you’ve got to give a little, take a little and, so I say …. “

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    40% of Greece’s child live in poverty. 50% of U.S.’s children live in poverty. Why were we lending them money through WS deals and if they restructure their payments; are U.S. taxpayers on the hook? I congratulate SYRIZA’s win and goals but who gets the haircut, here? Just wondering.

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    They quit building round barns for safety reasons in the Midwest: bladders were bursting at horrific rates as farmers struggled to find a corner to take a leak in.

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    ” So wave the flag and take a stand. You know he’s a friend; a friend of the common man. “

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    Clint can certainly raise the dough to make this propoganda without gov’t funding. At least Riefenstahl had to get her $$$ from Hitler, himself. Her fingerprints, like the artist’s signature on a painting, is the key thing to identifying what her motives and point of view on race, mass murder and all sorts of crimes against ” the other ” came through the camera and into the audiences’ heads. What Clint Eastwood did to the Iraq citizenry is an extension of what John Ford did to Native Americans. And, we know how that’s worked out. Ford admired Refeinstahl’s skills and Eastwood learned his craft from the study of the masters, too. It’s why his work, American Sniper, is so dangerous. Patriotism like this shows it’s a vestige of hoodwinkers as well as dangerous scoundrels.

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    ” It is by the goodness of God, that in our we have three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence to never practice either of them. ” Twain, M. To a hammer everything looks like a nail and I read somewhere, can’t find the link, where the DoD spent something like $870 for a hammer we could buy at Ace Hardware for $29.

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    Re: American Sniper is comparable to Reifenstahl’s work for German govt in the late 30s. When Kid Rock is the film critic, ( Beavis and Butthead’s love child ) you know the tapeworm has turned in the bowels of American cinema. The best mainstream films of the year are The Grand Budapest Hotel and Selma. As Joni said, ” Laughing and crying its’ the same release. Oh, I wish I had a river I could skate away on.” Great stuff, Brandon.

  • Yesterday Andrea Mitchell interviewed Sen. McCain ( aka Col. Clyde Crashcock ) on the TeeVee. It was about moneys for fighting Worldwide Terrorism, of course. I only mention this because, at the of end of the segment, Mitchell turned directly to the audience and said, ” and more funding for weapons to the Ukraine, too. ” Her reponse was so abrupt and ungainly it looked forced and panicked. Maybe ruffled and demanding? A tell, perhaps. I’d guess the PTB has miscalculated the cost, yet again, of spreading democratic ( manure ) principles around the globe. SNAFU’d, as usual.

  • Absolutely nothing in Sen. Inhofe’s personal or professional life qualifies him for this position. In other words; his background is perfectly suited to lead the Senate in its search for plausible deniability concerning climate change. ” In god we trust, all you other suckers pay cash. “

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    Sen. Menendez is acting like Obama peed in his Cuba Libre. ” Loan Shark Bankin’ Bobby ” is determined to deny De Prez his Iranian negotiation/deal and is up to his double chin in Port Contracts shenanigans. Menendez is a posture boy for all that’s wrong with Democratic politics. Mendacious Menendez, ” Right enough for New Jersey” .

  • Thank your lucky stars Oh Bummer Dude told us to rebuild the MC we’ll ” all play by the same rules. ” 12 of 13 balls deflated simultaneously. Hope Sen. Ernst doesn’t find out I have that many. Many she can cut on the mis-named Patriots. Sounds like the level playing field is tilted a wee bit. Cheating to win for money in America? Say it so, Joe.

  • How do you know that if they’re undiscovered. Are you drumtapping their hollow logs or monitoring animal sounds for subversive messages? I’ve got my garden bugged and sell the metadata at the Wednesday Farmer’s Market. Look for booths marked TIA: Terminally Insane Assholes. They’ll buy anything.

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