• A conservative acquaintance just called to ask if I was watching the first bombings in Syria on the TeeVee. Before I could answer he said, ” we have to take them all out and rebuild their countries just like we did with Germany and Japan. ” I finally answered, ” No, I’m not. I’m not into re-runs and Syria isn’t anything like Germany or Japan. This isn’t WWII. ” He said, ” you’re right, it’s WWIII and we’ll win this one, too. ” So it goes in the U.S. today. Many of us still love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like victory, oil and The American Way. Personally, I think this whole farce stinks to high heaven.

  • What, the Feds not accounting for weapons and armaments? Sheesh, you’d think, as often as it happens, they’d planned it or something. Ah, has anyone seen that $2 Trillion dollars missing from the DOD since Iraq War I and going forward? Me neither. Could the bean counters have stolen the beans? Are there any weapons floating around, in say, the Middle East that aren’t accounted for? In Central and South America, perhaps? Africa, possibly? Locked up in the Missouri National Guard Armory, maybe?

  • This sounds like taking the old saying ” even a broken clock is right two times a day ” and violently twisting and turning Ronnie Raygun’s sarcastic ” I’m from the gov’t and I’m here to help ” on its’ racially tinged head. Raygun was a race-baiting panderer and most people are aware of the place he announced his run for the presidency; ya know, in Mississippi ( wink, wink, nod, nod, there White Citizens Council guys ). Now the Feds should, as Ronnie literally said, ” leave town because they’re really the outside agitators and union organizers ( the commies ) “. But instead, with Orwellian brilliance, the Feds kick out the concerned citizens and journalists who will tell an interested world how the U.S. really deals with its’ domestic racial and policing policies. So, the Feds by their bizarre actions, squelch and disrupt the chance for transparency. Just like they did with the U.N. observers, looking for the truth, in the build up to Iraq War 2.0. How weird that when we need the Feds out, they’re all in. And, when we need the reporters and concerned citizens in, they’re thrown out by, of course, the Federal Gov’t. Who’s now all in, again, of course. You begin to think the Feds are always up to something and mostly it’s never good for much of anything or anyone, except themselves. Ronnie Raygun’s broken clock is right on time here, methinks.

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    Obama is not doing anything that the Dulles brothers, Hoover, Nixon, Bush, Clinton and others at the Federal level, haven’t done. It’s just that he’s getting a ” big boost ” from Big Business and the inside game played by Wall Street investors. Yes, the computer and Internet changed everything by ending the very ideal of the 4th Amendment. Data collection on everything and everyone, by Big Business, is a real money maker for the 1%ers. So, therefore, it will continue. This gross intrusion for monetary gain, like our political campaigns, won’t be changed because the ” return on investment ” is huge in our increasingly one world, political economy. Like a person who loses both legs in a war, we may dream and fondly remember what it was like to be whole and complete; but in the end we’ll hobble along as best we can. Besides, there’s lot of money for a few in the wheelchair business, too.

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    Rabbi Joe, father of Homeland Security, graces our presence with his talmudic wisdom. Hey Joe, if ISIS were taxidermists instead of our own Frankensteins, would we still get our dogs back, one way or another? And, then, all you wise guys and gals can yuck it up on TeeVee with a ” take my Gaza, [...]

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    The ” great sorting out ” continues, eh? Conservadems, as labels go, always made me think of conservative/moderate Republicans in a good union job either with the state or the AFL-CIO, Teamsters and IBEW. Most of them are retiring or dieing. ” Now they’re free to vote ” god, guns and guts ” and watch re-runs of Gunsmoke and Have Gun Will Travel between Harley rides.

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    ” I feel your pain . ” President-to-be William Jefferson Clinton in 1992. ” Change we can believe in ” President-to-be Barack Obama in 2008. ” How’s this working out for the 99s, anyway?

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    Fascinating study, just think about it, 25% of adult Americans would like some form of ” restart ” when it comes to the U.S.A. gov’t and its’ governing practices. I remember a time when more 15% of drivers ignoring a stop sign was considered some sort of general breakdown in the moral and public order. Could there be a collision of sorts, ahead? Surely another crash or two and we’ll find out, I’m sure.

  • While many progressives will want an option and a real primary, 2016 doesn’t bode well, for them. Hillary can probably raise $4 Billion for all the Democrats. That’s quite a war chest. And, I do mean that’s quite A WAR CHEST!!! Her main pack could be MIC, methinks. Ya’ know, Military-Industrialists for Clinton or Military Investors for Clinton. My favorite would be The MIC Group or The Militarily Insane for Clinton. After she’s done she could keep it and use The Militarily Insolvents for Clinton and get the 99s to pay off her campaign debt with a nice jubilee fundraiser.

  • Merkley and Widen were both Yeas. Oregon had some of the largest anti-war protests in the nation in 2003. Both Senators have heard the call ( from the war profiteers ) and have acted, accordingly. I’ll bypass them both and only vote on local and state issues from now on. What lackeys and sell-outs. Oregon can do better than these duds.

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    Hillary Clinton, ” minimum wage workers are on the brink ( of living on the streets ) and my husband and I helped put them there. However, in 2017, I’ll increase DOD funding for the War On Everything so that living on the streets is safer and healthier for them and their families. We’ll make the air cleaner by tightening rules in the EPA ( and then not funding enforcement ) and I’ll put more money into community policing so the police can shoot real bullets, not just rubber ones. And, finally with my martial law curfews, I’ll make sure these families aren’t harassed by dumpster divers and vagrants after sundown everywhere in this great country. Long live the Empire! “

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    General Protestant Worship. Is he a permanent member of The Joint Chiefs of Staffiness?

  • Claim is a word that rhymes with lame. Kind of like your argument. And, your make it sound like they’re coming for your bicycle and favorite decoder ring. Whoa, there, Mr. Projection. Nobody is coming for your stuff, just yet.

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    Before I finished your great column I thought MoDo on Train Wreck Brownies and ” Bakin’ Butter “. Yes, we have a problem with the NYT in this city. Fewer and fewer people could give two shits about it, here. And, that’s a problem more and more people everywhere would like to have, apparently.

  • We’ve got about 45% of the population thinking ” creationism ” is a viable and thoughtful position, too. State sponsored and school district approved in Texas, I believe. And, the ” climate change deniers ” are probably in a position to take over the Senate in 2014. So, FACTS and the American voters religious perceptions, make one plus one equal three, also. Kind of like the theory of the Trinity. One son, one father and one spirit world guy. All as digestible as one omelet of ham, eggs and cheese; ” an e pluribus unum omelet “. The polls on this ? make just as much sense doing this election cycle as on marijuana safety vs.just about any substance. It’s a no-brainer but, by all means, go figure!

  • There’s about $ 2 Trillion in DOD past budgets just ” bouncing ” around the world. ( I think the Caribbean would be a good place to start looking ) And, it’s unaccounted for since the gov’t audit results have been postponed, ( this time to 2016 ), yet again. So, there’s plenty of $$$ without authorizing more, apparently. BTW/FYI: that is 8 million jobs in America we can’t seem to find, too. If you think the game is rigged you’re not paying attention. The game is already over and our side lost, as in, 90% of the people will be losing more of their money for decades to come. Picture a cow with a spigot in its’ jugular, always ready to be tapped, and you’ll begin to see what they’re up to in Washington, D.C.

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    Israel may come to the U.S., hat in hand, but it won’t be before 2015. Long enough time for this not to be an election issue, for sure. Then, in a truly bipartisan manner, they’ll get whatever they want from our Congress and Adm. It won’t be a loan either, methinks. There are no costs, as has been proven so many times, for the slaughter of brown women and children. There are no costs for illegal settlements and confiscation of another’s property. Heck, the Palestinians would get more sympathy from USians if they adopted the racist nickname of Washington D.C.’s football team.

  • If FDL keeps reporting on this poor guy pretty soon the people of N.Jersey will lose faith in good gov’t corruption. Sheesh! What’s next; articles about crooked former federal prosecutors, police depts. who aren’t paying the DOD for their armored vehicles, sniper rifles and tear gas? Isn’t there a happy story about a successful GOP Governor who’s ” fiscally responsible “? How about Gov. Perry…er, … Gov. Walker…er, … Gov. Scott..er, … Gov. Brownback…er… Governor _______ ( fill in the blank )? Are there any kittens being rescued from trees this afternoon? Yeah, that’s the ticket. Though, Gov. Christie climbing a tree, may be more than some people can bear to watch.

  • It’s already in the grocery stores and I’m not talking on the shelf, here. Having been to Del Rio and Eagle Pass I feel kind of sorry for them. I’m guessing, if they had their druthers, they’ll go through National City and up Hwy 101 to Rte. 66. After all, it’s where ” America gets its’ kicks ” when they’re done ” Surfing U.S.A. “, that is. Just don’t be the last one to catch the wave.

  • ” Kerryoke ” for the people who found the Cheney/Bush/Rummy/Wolfowitz Barbershop Quartet staid and out of tune. After only 2 tours, too. Now it’s the Obama/Biden/Kerry/Clinton Barbershop Quartet with new and improved harmonies. Same songbook, though. Is there any way we could get this stuff piped into the elevators? And, the grocery stores? How about booking them on a Kiss Reunion Tour, too? Let’s have a competition for the costumes they’ll wear? I’m thinking they’d look good dressed up as Paul Revere and The Raiders. ” The ISIL are coming, The ISIL are coming ” is kind of catchy, yes?

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