• Revenge is revenge. The target is dehumanized anyway, even if not mentally disabled.

    But revenge probably does help vengeful people get closure. I think vengeful people would be better served by a cleric or a shrink, but that’s just me. The former could remind them that “vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord” and the latter could point our the psych damage of carrying a grudge.

    Boxturtle (But admittedly, neither of those is as entertaining as a good ol’ lynchin’)

  • Dunno. It sells papers and gets heartless bastards re-elected, too.

    Boxturtle (I’m too liberal. I don’t even think Dick Cheney should be executed!)

  • Alas, you see humans like that all too often. But to my mind, the worse ones are the ones who have compassion for some, but not all. You read about an execution, and almost always there will be a few paragraphs on compassion for the victim and victims survivors. But rarely anything for the friends & family of the condemned and NEVER anything like that for the condemned. People bitch about the last meal or the last goodbyes, for goodness sakes. The victim never got either of those, ya know!

    Boxturtle (And since it was wrong for the victim not to get that, it’s right for the condemned not to!)

  • so TX and GA just remove any connection to decency from their justice revenge system,

    Fixed it for ya!

    The death penalty has been about control and revenge, never justice.

    Thou shalt not kill. Except when running for re-election, or if the target is a minority, or if the target is poor. And it’s especially okay if the target is minority and male and the victim is white and female.

    Boxturtle (Geez, we’re gonna need an entire tablet just for the first commandment!)

  • I’m sure the citizens of Georgia feel much safer now that that fellow is under 6 ft of dirt rather than behind 6+ locked steel doors. Actually, most probably didn’t even notice. The only time an execution is really talked about anymore is during an election.

    But this case is a problem to me for a different reason. The man killed, we locked him up. Good. But he managed to kill again while locked up, implying strongly that he needed to be held more securely.

    Yet Supermax style confinement is a human rights violation. ESPECIALLY if the victim is mentally retarded. How do we hold someone like this in a humane environment without him being a danger to those around him?

    Boxturtle (Of the opinion that Supermax confinement is necessary for a SMALL percentage of felons)

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    You are one of the very few Hams that doesn’t. The smart ones get in a couple days early and try to pick Mendelsons dry. That’s tough to do, as Mendelsons knows when Hamvention is and they stock up as best they can.

    Locals go to Mendelsons AFTER the Hamvention and see whats new. :-)

    Boxturtle (Amazing how many people upgrade and then junk the old)

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    One of the things that amazes me when I visit Canada is how much better their beef is. And cheaper. You really can taste a difference, it’s no wonder US producers don’t want to compete with them.

    Boxturtle (Is it the air? The water? The feed? The unfailing Canadian politeness? Dunno)

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    In Dayton, the dividing line was I75. Whites simply did not go across that road, except for the Art Institute, Grandview Hospital, and one BBQ joint. Blacks would be treated poorly if they crossed the line.

    Dayton was a very polarized city. First, the west side tried to attract white customers. When that failed, they tried to force white customers by fighting every development effort that happened anywhere east of I75.

    The end result was that Dayton depopulated, retail moved outside the city to avoid the politics, and support of the school system ceased.

    There’s still no retail in Downtown Dayton. Unless there is a Dragons Game, downtown is empty shortly after 5pm.

    Boxturtle (Mendelson’s Surplus and dealing with government are the only other reasons to go downtown)

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    My reflex is to be cynical about everything.

    That is because you are wise and experienced.

    Boxturtle (I think my cynicism is genetic, cause I’m sure not wise)

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    Yeah, Dayton was pretty clearly divided as well. Whites were south and east and blacks were west and north. Institutional housing discrimination, some realtors were sued for refusing to even show east side houses to blacks. And they kept doing it.

    Whites when I was a kid shopped downtown, blacks shopped at strip shopping centers along one of of the three major roads through the West Side. Everything was more expensive at those strip malls.

    Boxturtle (Most whites would not travel West of I75)

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    I’ve see one helper dog on occasion at my Krogers. It’s impressive watching him stand on his hind legs and grab a can off the top shelf! His owner drives a wheelchair basket and can’t really reach but two shelves.

    Boxturtle (The girl scouts love it when the dog buys cookies)

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    We have a pug ourselves, so I know a little bit about their temperament. They are VERY dependent dogs, they latch on to their favorite person and don’t really like to be even out of sight of that person. Our pug won’t eat if my wife isn’t home and he just lies on her bed and looks lonely and forlorn. And he’s better than most.

    I suspect that her pug is a very dependent pug and cannot be left alone for long periods.

    Boxturtle (Ours almost starved when the wife was gone for a week)

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    I’m gonna stop looking at your pictures. They make my cube look smaller and more drab.

    Boxturtle (And I’d have bet that wasn’t possible)

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    Helper Dogs have always been allowed. This pug is certainly not a helper dog, but probably has less impact on store hygiene than a helper.

    Me, I don’t mind. Any hygiene issue from that pug will become insignificant when my groceries arrive to my home with 5 dogs and 3 cats.

    Boxturtle (And arguably, my stepson has more impact on Hygiene that all the above. Combined)

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    Plenty of parking now. :-(

    Salem Mall officially died because of economic factors. But you will never convince the residents of the area of that. They feel very strongly that as the Mall Customers became largely black that it chased the whites away and thus the Dayton Mall was born.

    The protests of the new mall killing the old one resulted in the new Mall being located well south of town in another jurisdiction, basically chasing that retail out of Dayton.

    Boxturtle (During that time period, EVERYTHING was assumed to be racially motivated)

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    James Fenmore Cooper might disagree that it’s not a pun.

    An exercise bike?!? Geez, you’re mean! Stay in one place while pedaling like mad.

    Boxturtle (That sounds too much like a Day in the Life too me)

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    I like the salad bars, they enable me to buy just a little of something. Or just the broccoli tops or a few alfalfa sprouts for garnish. You just have to make sure it’s fresh, as during a slow time that bar may not get restocked as often.

    What I do like about grocery shopping is some of the people I meet.

    There’s a lady who has her pug with her, hidden in her purse in the basket seat. Sometimes, you can see the little brown face looking out at you. I suspect Krogers management knows about this, but will do nothing until someone who cares knows they know it.

    There’s a lady with a SMART little girl who argues quite effectively whenever her mother passes something she wants. Never too early to start saving for law school!

    The coupon lady (never get in the checkout behind her!), the Meat Man who must check EVERY package before making his selection, The Coke Dealer (he’ll get you some GLASS bottles off the truck and add it to Krogers Order), and so on.

    I suppose I could meet my neighbors at the park, but a single male gets watched if he hangs around parks with kids.

    Boxturtle (Unless he has a few dogs with him)

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    BOO!!!! *HISS*

    Boxturtle (Waddya mean, A bad pun is not sufficient cause to delete a post?!?)

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    Good Morning All!

    Ah, grocery shopping. I do it weekly and I hate it. Anytime I can get out of Krogers for under $200, it’s a win for me. Personal gripe: Those damn portable displays they put in the aisles that make ‘em one lane. Bad enough trying to maneuver around Mrs. McGuillicuddy who has a coupon for one specific size and brand.

    I remember Monkey Wards. That’s what we called ‘em, dunno why. They were kinda like a cross between Sears and Kreske’s (anybody remember them, the original 5 & dime store?). Dad wouldn’t buy a Monkey tool, we’d drive 20 miles to Sears to get Craftsman. Still got most of those craftsman tools, Dad was correct that they’d outlive him.

    Down here, the OLD Malls are toast. Salem Mall (the first in the area from the 1960′s) is gone, Dayton Mall (The mall that killed Salem mall) is hurting, but not down. Beavercreek Mall is doing okay, though they lost an anchor store (Edler Beermans). Upper Valley Mall is on life support, I think they’ll be dead after next Xmas. There’s just not enough shoppers in the area to support that many malls.

    I don’t see why capitalism has to be replaced. The only problem it generates is a concentration of wealth and than can be easily managed via regulation and taxes. Require real health care and living wages to be paid by the corporations and tax hard the people who are paid too much. Set the “too much” level at about $500K/year, anybody should be able to live well with that salary, don’t you think?

    Boxturtle (I just blew my chances for election in 2016, didn’t I?)

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    And the sad part of it is, Faux is too stupid to realize they’ve been slammed.

    Boxturtle (At least one spokesblonde will say “another Brit sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong”)

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