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    I am not trying to change the subject but look at what the courts just did with Obama’s recess labor board appointments.

    The worst thing is this notion that there is supposed to be a balance between business and labor. That’s like suggesting the 1% gets 50% of the votes. The rights of an oppressive coddled %1 percent need to be grounded in their numbers and contribution or undermining lack of contribution.

    We need a business reform movement.

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    Hierarchy is lethal. It practices it spans murder to euthanasia. We need a system that provides autonomy. Our market growth economy- representative democracy- nation state aren’t good enough anymore. We need a better approach we need something better than the murder that is hierarchy.

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    Dr. King might ask today, how America can afford billionaires when its got poverty.

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    If we could end poverty by taxing the wealthy back into the middle class would that be something that should do?

    I think it should be done. The question today is whether the rich and their wealth are pulling their own weight. I think their wealth can’t be afforded especially in the absence of social mobility but the presence of destabilizing inequity. The rich and their wealth are a luxury we can’t afford. Its time to piss on trickle down- it theft pure and simple. Some people do the work and others steal the gains. Nope! If they didn’t earn it by making everyone better off they don’t get anything in the firs place and they surely don’t get to keep it.

    I think this counterproductive, useless, unnecessary concentration of wealth is in the way of a secure and better life for everyone. Its in the way of environmental progress and any attempt are democratic systems that aim at autonomy vice hierarchy.

  • Metamars, It was excellent. All I have are some thoughts on money as speech, hopefully it fits in somehow. These are notions that belong to political economy. Money is probably closer to coercion than speech, or at least coercive speech. People seek it to be free of it. It would be like seeking prison to [...]

  • The Right lost more than the culture war, its been at war with most of American and has lost its mind. For instance, who is it it that can’t afford stuff and needs to be punished with austerity?

    Who is it that can’t afford Social Security or Medicare? The people who actually worked or the relatives of the people who put the automation in place? Food is made toxic to improve profit, cures are suppressed, auto making firms build in obsolescence to keep their profit gigs or stay in the game but helping workers do the same is supposed to be wrong or evil. 300 million people held hostage by this pro-business pro rich people Republican Party. The Koch’s feel they own society and can’t afford Social Security.

    Many in the ranks of the rich feel guilty for their non-contribution and and apparent or actual thieving so they attempt to suppress with frauds like 911, to enable suppression like the NDAA riders and warrant-less wiretapping and all the secrecy and lack of transparency. Surely, people aren’t in the mood to forfeit their children’s lives to the murder of increasingly bitter wage slavery so that the rich can continue to wallow in their luxury. The rich are the ones who keep insisting on the phony entitlement crisis always try to use claims necessity to help themselves to people’s livelihoods. People grow tired of the theft of doing all the work and having a non-contributing wealthy parasite class take the gains and claim all the credit and call their trickle down fraud virtue. The Republican Party advocates the peril of the majority to enable the luxury of a minority. How is that different from the worst kind of crime? People don’t have to tolerate the Republican Party’s blatant naked calls for inequity and injustice. They apparently represent the fall of the American people and the country. The party is a like on ongoing hate crime. The same inequity and lack of democracy the party has insisted upon in the work place they are now trying to enforce in society at large, it’s totalitarian.

    Enough! We need a income tax code that strips the wealthy of their wealth unless it can be shown that the wealth was gained from activities that contribute to society, no more hiding behind market religionism and other similar bs. No more excuses involving globalism, absolute protectionism would be better.

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    The Koch Brothers are an inefficient use of capital.

    We can’t afford to have people like Canter and Ryan in Congress.

    We’re allowing education to be funded at the lowest level in 75 years to help out organized tax evaders.

    Austerity is tax evasion and theft from the public treasury.

    Exactly what does stock side of Wall Street contribute? I lend you my coercive speech (money) and then expect to have more as a result of the blind process. All Wall St. is doing is concentrating power. Its not helping distribute ownership in a way that helps the public, its simply concentrates power for people who don’t need anymore.

  • We are going to need more of a direct democracy format for our society. There is no balancing of rights issue here.

    Look how typical of the right Scott is. How is it respectable to advocate for crime and inequity? David Swansons “Respectible Murders” comment aimed at the left got us foaming at the mouth but the “as if” problem is complete on the right. Isn’t it time for the left to start working to permanently discredit the positions of the GOP and really work for its destruction? What good is ‘free’ commercial speech if it amounts to coercive speech meant to limit political speech? You can’t all defacto censorship speech. What good is ‘free trade’ if un-indexed wages drop so low that people can’t survive? These good paying union jobs are now very rare. ‘Free trade’ for peace(?,) not when protectionism (self-defense) is needed to avoid perfect tyranny.

    Shouldn’t the left be going after the Republican redistricting? Doesn’t this anti-democratic action need Federal Investigation and reversal. The general public doesn’t repeatedly elect exposed lunatics like Canter, and certainly not so many that they control Congress. Look what CA did when proper districting was used, no fake budget problem, no more austerity bullshit. Every time the word redistribution comes up the public needs to be reminded that it’s actually a case of distribution and taking back what wasn’t properly distributed in the first place.

    Properly characterizing people like the Kochs as welfare children and massive state beneficiaries can help re-legitimize the actual healthy form of welfare. Should the left be reminding people that they shouldn’t be having to beg for time off or anything else good. We need strong goals. Let’s have straight welfare with a high pay out un-stigmatized so people have the option of work so the dignity of work remains high and the stress remains low and wages remain high. It couldn’t matter less if it makes the US less competitive or un-competitive! There is no such thing as a competitive prison state and fortunately or unfortunately nukes keep us competitive in the sense they use to fear monger with. We might consider blocking for-profit media firms.

    Wouldn’t Obama be effectively killing Social Security if he screwed with the cost of living adjustment- wouldn’t it be a programmed death? Why claim to temporarily tax the Kochs to permanently destroy Social Security? A 94% progressive tax on people like the Kocks needs to be part of the Constitution (its freedom from plutocratic government)- if what they are doing becomes socially useful a loop hole could leave someone similarly situated with some of it or even most of it. Why wouldn’t Obama be going after the non-negotiate terms of Bush’s welfare for drug companies for $300 billion a year to shore of Social Security? Bush did that to put pressure on Social Security just like he did the useless fraud of Iraq to help bankrupt the government so we could play Norquistian games with Social Security.

    If you tax away the wealth of people like the Kochs until they try to flee with it and then then tax away the rest of the it at the border you are not allowing a majority of to tyrannize a minority, for the rich are not a proper minority. Further, you are only freeing a people and returning their property.
    Why would Obama be doing this? There should be an end to politicians once elected kowtowing (especially presidents) to money. It seems we do have what amounts to a global conspiracy of the rich to enslave everyone else. Maybe it just worked out that way. But was Norquist’s plan in a way to say oh we have a crisis and can’t afford government (safety net) so as not to tax the rich and leave them free to abuse people. That is what the fiscal cliff is, that’s what the Iraq war was. That’s what the frauds that led to the bail out and the bail-out were. It’s probably time to simply cancel the debts supposedly owed to many in the ranks of the rich- it can be done on a case by case basis. It’s not a debt if it wasn’t acquired by fair means. They can be told they should have known better. Debts owed people who are not rich can remain. Maybe T bills should only be available to people with modest means. Let the capital of the rich rot, the government can make zero interest loans to fill the credit vacuum. Since the market is so easily gamed it needs some help, call it justice.

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    Austerity is just tax evasion. Norquist and the Kochs are simply organized tax evaders. Instead of sneaking in through the back door they try to kick down the front. They want to universalize tax evasion. Its worse than tax evasion. In the case of the Kochs their wealth is the result of welfare for the rich. No more pork empires. No more righteous defense of pork. Trickle down needs to be associated with criminality as an attempt to undermine society with fraud and criminality. Thieves have stolen a society and it needs to be returned to its people.

    It seems its actually capitalism which is the domination of the strong by the weak. The strong have integrity, but we have a system that makes it possible for people without integrity to thrive and at the expense of people with integrity.

  • Tragedies like this are not driven by progressives or progressive polices It’s because we have a business first world, a socially useless society-for-the-sake-of-business world. It’s because we have busy work lives that begin in production oriented class rooms. It’s because most people live off profitized fake food and while overweight are nutrition starved but still over stimulated and sleep deprived. It because most people due to the conservative business first world spend the majority of their days in involuntary tasks ( a kind of murder by wage slavery) that are both counter production and unnecessary. At least slavery could yield some sense of sacrifice and some connection to necessity but in the face of so much automation this baby-sitting, warehousing and cannon foddering for the benefit of a parasitic right side elites leaves people without dignity but with an extreme stress for lack of security and this bleeds over into families and rips them apart. The children are the casualties. When it was Enron time the Enron execs supposedly did it for the right preschool for their children and not for the corner office because in this backwards Republican paradise it’s your kids they fire into the street and blackmail you with.

    Notice the conservative mode of speech, It amounts to censorship. Look at Fox, its censorship for profit. It is time we took away the ‘money is speech’ argument from them and turned it on its head. If money is speech then it’s the coercive kind like telling someone their kid died knowing fully that it wasn’t true. If its speech it speech with that kind of coercion behind it. That’s dangerous enough but in the Republican and Conservative system in which we live it’s money-for-the-sake-of-money or coercive speech for the sake of more coercive speech, it loudness without content, its censorship and it needs not only to be limited but to be deliberately downgraded and de-priortized. When a crime or anything like a crime is committed for profit it needs to be charged as aggravated. We need to scrap the idea that the purpose of the firm is to make profit- its purpose is to serve society and firms that exist primarily for profit destroy society. Progressive charters need to be enforced and firms dissolved when they fail a charter audit.

    Kids watching 180 hours of barrel scraping stupidity inducing TV per month of which 60 hours might be ads and their parents paying for this brainwashing is pure insanity. Consider the medium, it’s a mass one-way propaganda system and it’s completely tyrannical yet it’s also what imparts values and behavior to our children- it’s what drives tragedy. It prime purpose is to drive mindless consumption and passivity. It’s generally useless commercial speech of the sort that causes the wrong kind of purchase decisions and in successive cycle after cycle weakens consumers. This is much like Wall Street where something like 8000 mutual funds invest money for 50 million people in the 2000 NYSE firms with most betting the entire market. This is like people throwing money into a street and expecting to come back and not only find their money but find more money. The firms get their money no matter what their CEO do. Its absolute magical thinking just like the 300 billion a year rip-off the Bush Administration handed to the drug companies by saying the government couldn’t negotiate with them so that the public would be ripped off by these extortionists and there would be more financial pressure to hand a solvent Social Security to the insanity of Wall Street.

    The United State’s fake (representative) democracy and its unsustainable catastrophic market-growth economy and its nation state nationalism have to be completely redone in a truly progressive democratic way that avoids the fraud of conservatism.

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    Organized Tax Evaders always want to shift the issue from distribution to re-distribution.

    The hypocrisy of people like the Koch brothers is incredible. First they get the government to give them Federal land or at least land on US soil that contains massive unaccounted for amounts of energy stock. This is done supposedly to protect against speculation but it is essentially the first step in the most massive welfare for the rich there is. Instead of licensing it and taking a proper majority cut for its extraction the government just gifts it to them. Then it subsidizes them on top of that. All of this is supposedly to make energy as cheap as possible to fuel the economy. But the government still allows speculation which drives up the price anyways. Because people like the Koch’s feel parasitic or shameful about their net negative or destructive influence and feel shame about their lack of contribution they then attack the fabric of society and go after people who don’t even have their basic needs met.
    Nowhere is this more evident than in the life of the average American who spends the majority of their days in involuntary-inane-counterproductive tasks that could be automated away. There is no security and no dignity and the stress is massive and children dependent on such a situation don’t have much of a chance. They too face fake busywork lives that start in production oriented class rooms. Regardless of how they do they still face the prospect of a jobless future.
    Our American organizations are weak too as a result of this thinking. Instead of prioritizing the needs, wants and stress of the people’s who make up organizations they prioritize the useless-arbitrary-nonsensical organizational ’performance.’ Incredibly they worry about the accountability to people like the Koch’s, they were worried about what is convenient for organized tax evaders. Accountability to them!

    Even if organizational performance mattered and in the American context, it could never be achieved unless the needs of the people, especially in the work place came first. A democratic voluntary work place is the most important thing and we don’t have it and haven’t publicly conceived of it. What good is the rest of a life if it is completely undermined by the experience of the work place? This notion of trickle down is the biggest pile of shit man kind ever came up with and all the predictable dark ages nonsense came with it like the weakening of habeas corpus.

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    If he is pragmatic and has no plan then here is a plan I’d like:

    1. With good reason we could make work optional and reduce the stigma for not working. Due to automation and other forces most work in America either lacks necessity or is counter productive. Most work in America is done under such extreme stress that its driving family dysfunction. The best way to change both oppressive employer behavior and wages may be to make work optional and radically raise the minimum wage and then index it to inflation. For those who choose not to work more can be paid for living healthier lifestyles and for education. To do these would likely require shifting off GDP to quality of life indicators and we’d probably have to crank up progressive taxation (dissuade rent-seeking etc.) and heavily tax capital flight.

    2. We might also end the production oriented class rooms that lead to busy work lives.

    3. While we are at it we might get an information system that works.
    It might be possible to use the public and public university library system to provide a raw public information system. We get rid of the sponsor’s filter because sponsorship especially mass aggregate sponsorship over time is ultimately pervasive and defacto censorship. We could do a reboot of the public internet, not to replace the existing internet but to provide something more like the public highways system.

    In particular this means public search which is ad free. This would entail not allowing the canalizing of attention in the interfaces (total end user control with default opt in,) it would be honest search (not Google’s RIAA optimized SEO or spam search.) There might be a ticker system that would indicate what people are looking at in a firewalled privacy protected way, this would be what is gathering the popular focus and it’s a replacement for news- vastly superior to the propaganda known as news. This is a system to get rid of the money, sponsor, business first society.

  • Sponsorship is ultimately incompatible with democracy and needs to made illegal. We don’t have a media we have sponsored garbage like Fox. Sponsorship destroys media, markets and political systems. In the case of markets the sponsors and sponsor networks become the customers so even that feed back mechanism is replaced by content that infomercial quality, [...]

  • Citizens need to strongly encrypt all of their private communications (we need to write laws to help in this regard) and we need to ensure total state transparency (again through law with good enforcement) on all states so that everything they do is public short of what would infringe upon what should legitimately be construed as private like witness protection data. But no more allowing states to enforce corporate secrets not for military technology and not for national security (not that states would be volunteering it but if they lost it no legal recourse for them) protection would be for individual privacy not secrecy. It’s time for intellectual property to change in a way that doesn’t allow enforcement of NDAs etc. As we go to shine a permanent light into every area of states and reverse the panoptic to protect our privacy and best basis for rights it’s also time to stop accepting foolish arguments in favor of secrecy that supposes various justifications involving: launch codes, tactical plans, Manhattan projects, ticking time bombs.

    Very simply our lives get strong privacy protection and encryption and the state gets total transparency applied to it. Because we the people cannot govern without both and state will devolve into elitest uselessness or worse if it’s not this way.

  • Romney kept on trying to create sympathy for oil profit and carbon pollution. He kept engaging in climate denial and talking about how he wouldn’t address it- wouldn’t address phenomena like Sandy. About how the care maker Tesla was a loser (just won motor trend car of the year) as he personally profited from the auto industry bankruptcy through outsourcing. Reading between the lines how he would punish the half of American and how he would start more wars.

    This idiocy almost came to power and outside of lies and censoring thorough drowning out and voter suppression was obviously relying heavily on vote fraud. Only jerrymandering has it hanging on to power.

  • Its insane. The security state wants to listen in on all of our conversations. They want to make it illegal to have private conversations. They want to protect us from ourselves. Soon we won’t be able to go anywhere alone unless accompanied by two other people so that we can tell on each other under interrogation if need be. A million 911s wouldn’t justify becoming what we are supposed fear.

    They are trying to prosecute those who exposed warrentless wiretapping. Even if we presumed it was going on all along those who did should should have been given huge rewards and memorials. Warrentless wire tapping just leads to stuff like what happen with the head of the CIA. Say a Senator wanted to investigate what happened on 911 then suddenly dirt or out of context stuff is used to blackmail that away- that is what the wiretapping is about and that is how it is used around the world. It protection for corruption and its corruption that tries to punish the exposure of corruption. Look at how insane the riders were for the NDAA act. Attempting to make it so the military could disappear (American Citizens included) people without a paper trail. Clearly it was a retroactive thing. Maybe it had to do with the gunning down of the Reuters journalists in Iraq which WikiLeaks exposed.

  • Its said that the Constitution was itself the product of secrecy. But Madison insisted that a self governed nation is a farce if the people don’t have access to the knowledge they need for the task. We’ve gone beyond any notion of balance. We need a total public audit of the US government and we need to strip away all these nonsense claims of national security. The government in its recent assertions has become dangerously unaccountable and by its very power was already the greatest threat- per the philosophy behind the Constitution.

    NIST officially claims a furniture fire brought down building 7 and refuses FOIAs by claiming satisfying them would cause public unrest. Its hard not to think the National Security state is harboring or is beholden to the people responsible. Its hard not to see the National Security state itself as the greatest threat.

    Julian Assange recently commented on the irony of the official story that the head of the top spy agency was brought down over an invasion of his private life through email. When we were children our parents used to tell us people in other nations were much worse off because their governments would go through their mail. Now American law enforcement insists its must be able to go through our mail (email.)

    We can remember Ben Franklin and comment that those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither. But according to the Security State exposing the criminality of the Security State to the self governed is supposed to be a crime. This looks like a criminal trying to prevent his own prosecution through prosecuting those who would expose him. What they learned from Watergate is that their should for instance be no journalism to check government. Its tyranny. The best remedy for this is probably a total public audit. This presents a risk to the survival of the state and the nation but so does tyranny. The security state is claiming that it can censor anything it wants and resisting this is a crime. So that means anytime someone opposes its power to shut people up they are supposed to have committed a crime.

    We need to trade the national security state for total transparency. We need to stop enforcing secrecy at any level. And stop enforcing it through the courts. If the government doesn’t want information out it can do a better job on its procedures but it shouldn’t have legal recourse and it shouldn’t even be enforcing private secrets. We should also stop being mislead by stupid arguments on launch codes and troop movements- these are technicalities. Launch codes, for instance, routinely change and are backed multiple systems to prevent having to rely even on this limited notion of secrecy.

    We should also seriously question the logic, beyond intimidation and eroding rights of any claimed value regarding the personal information collected on individuals. Having a bunch of numbers on someone isn’t going to tell the people spying anything worth knowing about anyone who is really worth knowing about. Profiles are for taking people and situations out of context, its an objective pipe dream. We should also stop being swayed by stupid expediency based ticking-time-bomb arguments. The Germans had a Manhattan project of their own so we probably shouldn’t buy the sales pitch for secrecy on it- same with Enigma codes etc. We have to stop letting them conflate privacy with secrecy. Privacy yes, secrecy no.

    When the national security state shuts people up when it censors people or wants the record-less right to disappear people on military authority it is basically murdering people. Why would it need this power except to conserve inequity. It hardly deserves the recent title reserved for enablers of “respectable murderer” Its in a total survival mode, its very existence is threatened and its claims seem desperate. Its total panic over Wikileaks is also troubling. As are idiotic claims that cyber crime could be equal or worse than nuclear war.

    So again it wants to open everyone’s mail so we have no basis for privacy and no basis for rights really. Then ironically exposing the evidence where it was essentially following everyone around with a camera leads to a breach of everyone’s privacy. It wants to audit us but we need to audit it. It wants to convert everyone’s privacy into secrecy so we basically lose all of our rights. The national security state justifies its existence with terror, to survive it generates terror.

  • It’s laughable when we hear that Norquist is being ignored. This fiscal cliff moment is exactly the moment he has dreamt about all his life except that its not the Republicans in power as it goes down. This is his famous make-up-some-bullshit crisis so you can tell the people that none of the things that make their participation in society worthwhile can be afforded any longer because society now belongs to the rich and they have become property of the rich and will just have to accept their plight (of no safety net or useful government.)

    What we need is to really put muscle behind unemployment or a more universal substantial social security or a non-means tested welfare so we get rid of the coercive power of money. Employers and wages are completely different when they need you more than you need them.

    Americans don’t understand that if their work lives aren’t working out their home lives won’t work out either, really their lives won’t work and aren’t working. If a slave at work or a slave to work still a slave everywhere. Work needs to be truly optional especially with the level of automation we have. This approach can actually appeal to an extent to libertarians because its freeing people from the coercive power of money.

    Prozac, alcohol, tobacco and caffeine… these can’t provide the escape needed- pot might because it tends to cause people to reject a business first busywork life approach.

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    We have a business first society. The result is busywork lives and production oriented class rooms. Is this desirable? Is it stable or sustainable? Do we wish this for our children? Do we wish them to
    grow up to employees? Is that good enough for the long haul?

    My sense is that most work in the United States is unnecessary and counter-productive (i.e., 13 truck-loads of waste per truckload of product) and while it’s covered over by denial most people, deep down are painfully and acutely aware of this. It manifests as a kind of overwrought angsts that is generally medicated at earlier and earlier ages. The work place is largely involuntary and it’s in such an involuntary state that most people spend most of their time on most days. The remainder of time (180 hours per month) is spent in front of a TV where the message is consumption or overconsumption which is passive and equally involuntary. This shows up where we are obese but literally starving to death from a diet of empty calories. We are literally driven into unconsciousness, that is the escape.

    We generally do not measure contentedness, happiness or the real standard of living for most people. We measure business or busy-ness. As above the options for a lot of people boil down to tread-milling at a baby sat job (where employers don’t want to pay to babysit anymore) or warehousing in a prison or being made into cannon fodder in a needless war. The lack of a real sense of necessity is another problem. Even during the agrarian periods under slavery where brutal work was 16 hours a day every day from childhood on- there was at least a sense of necessity. Famously, “slavery is murder” but there could at least be some sense of sacrifice for some benefit under necessity. But today that doesn’t exist. Since the days of the bush we have been wired for about 4 hours of work per day outside the home but despite endless automation we are caught up in doing more work and not less. Instead what we have is enough work to commoditize our lives and keep us too exhausted to push back. While some are free from work, most want money so they can be free of its need and be free of endless concern over money only to find that retirement is lethal because the conditioning was so hard.

    What must be coming is another way to slice the pie. When so many are displaced by automation, globalism and population the squeeze reaches a natural end. My hope is we find a way to slice the pie that doesn’t pretend contribution but pays out for healthy living, leisure and study. If we divide the annual global gross product by the global seconds of human life we see that an hour of time is worth roughly 5 USD. That would apply to attention or effort. It seems the US has already reached a kind of global minimum and can’t go much lower on wages and can’t redistribute more to the top. It also can’t increase the coercive power of money (more debt or greater elevation of capital)- people have given what they can give in both humanity and potential.

    “We must make our choice. We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” Louis Brandeis

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    But shouldn’t the market decide? Some say the wealthy should be free of any constraint imposed by society and in particular there should be no constraint or as little as possible on the means of wealth acquisition. If, for instance, a means of acquiring wealth is putting people at risk or making everyone worse off [...]

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