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    What did Mitt Romney stand for? First he stood for fraud. He stood for exploitation and treating citizens as chattel. He stood for wars both cold and hot. He stood for sponsorship and fear mongering. He stood for one group of people living off another in a cannibalistic way. He could not take power without misrepresentation and massive propaganda. He stood for pollution. But it’s not just the billion spent on an election but the trillion spent every year on in the advertising industry that promotes the ideology.

    His group blatantly tried to suppress speech and was friendly to racism and labeling everything possible as terrorism. His party of money and power has been unmasked and now the fight begins because once unmasked it must fight for its survival. They are not backing away from seeing exploitation as virtue or from a greed-makes-right approach. They still fight for means of wealth acquisition that are socially destructive or useless, this is freedom to them. When they talk about innovation they mean fraud. We are looking at tyranny being deposed and it will get more hysterical and more desperate. If it loses more power it also faces just incarceration for past serious wrong doing. It’s a cornered tiger problem and it’s a cancer.