• We run society for the sake of business and the result is production oriented class room and busywork lives. This approach fails on stability, sustainability and desirability.

    Business and business culture need to be ‘reformed.’ Trade, commerce and commercial speech can’t be at the front of the line, No more money for the sake of money approach to society, because that like promoting coercion for the sake of coercion. It’s time to look at money as coercive speech- if its speech it’s certainly not free speech. Its again time to tax based on the social usefulness of the activity. If this were done there would be no austerity fraud being foisted right now.

    Austerity is a way of passing on the costs of recklessness, of socializing the costs. A Conservative mantra is that “you can’t stop costs from being passed on.” This is completely false. Their is a risk, if government is sloppy, that capital flight will occur but the CA auto insurance rate regulation shows that passing on the cost can be stopped. We can also stop things like the FEMA coverage of beach front homes. It also must be recognized that Austerity is the result of Bush Administration’s plan to realize Norquist’s plan for drowning the safety-net.