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  • AAbshier commented on the blog post Chris Christie To Bellow At America For Mitt Romney

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    I won’t say Chris Christie is fat, but if he ever has to haul ass, he’ll have to make two trips.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post Mutual Admiration Society

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    That last line is one of the funniest damn things I’ve read on this site in the past few months!

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post The Meta-Photoshopping Dead Breitbart Meta-Postmodern Thingy

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    Great work all around, but the sheer insanity of #4 wins going away. And by going away I mean like Secretariat at the Belmont Stakes.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post Angry Boo Radley Is Angry

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    Someone has to take Breitbart’s role, after all, and who better than George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina?

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post Internet Man Does Not Want To Be On The Google Anymore

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    George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina:

    This could very well be the stupidest person on the face of the Earth.

    Yes, that George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post Obligatory Tim Tebow Post

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    Not to mention most of the team and most Broncos fans! I hope Peyton gets the ending he wants, but if nothing else, it will be good to see quality quarterbacking with the Broncos again.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post Childrens Crusade & Food Truck Catering Service

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    Speaking of effed-up priorities: a priest in Belleville, IL, was
    asked to resign recently. Was it over buggering nuns? Alter boys? Nooooo. It was because he wouldn’t recite Mass word-for-word from the new Missal!

    Bugger boys or nuns: keep your job. Alter the text of the missal: be asked to leave.

    If anything better illustrates the effed-up priorities of the Church, I would be interested to see it.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post One Hour Later And You’re Hungry For Handel Again

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    Oh Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Where to begin?

    First of all, I’m approaching this from the perspective of being a principal trombonist in an orchestra, albeit a small community orchestra. My teacher is in the St. Louis Symphony.

    Not only are Asians dispersed around the orchestra, they are also given lead positions in certain sections. But they are notably absent in the brass and percussion sections. Although that could just be a matter of time, these instruments (brass and percussion) might actually be too physically demanding for them.

    Ahem. Here’s four Korean trombonists absolutely nailing a trombone quartet arrangement of J.S. Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue in G Minor:


    The reason why brass players from the far east haven’t won chairs in U.S. orchestras (yet) is simple. There are only 3 trombone chairs, 3-4 trumpet chairs, and 1 tuba in a symphony orchestra, vs. 50-60 per orchestra for string players. Most orchestras have openings in at least one of the string sections after every season, but openings in the brass sections are few and far between–and the competition for those open chairs is fierce, and virtuoistic. It isn’t about the instruments being too “physically demanding for them.” That kind of racism is beneath comment.

    Any orchestra, regardless of racial makeup, can “mail it in” on a performance. Messiah gets done so much, it’s easy to fall into that trap. As an orchestra player, I’ve always found repeat performances of the warhorses to be the hardest–because it really takes commitment to find something fresh in the music every year.

    Second: I’m glad the Kodo Drummers were highlighted. In addition to my trombone playing, I trained on taiko with the St. Louis Osuwa Taiko group, and I can tell you that to do the kind of drumming that Kodo does takes tremendous physical and mental strength, and PASSION. I’ve seen video of the apprentices going through hell for 2 years just to have an audition with the Kodos, and every one of them “left it on the field” at their audition.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post Oh, That’s God, He Thinks He’s Scott Boras…

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    Drove to Peoria and back yesterday, and had broadcast classical music from Springfield (pop. approx. 100,000) and Peoria (pop. approx 130,000) but none from the St. Louis metro area, with over a million people.

    Thanks, Pujolses! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post Oh, That’s God, He Thinks He’s Scott Boras…

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    Funny that Diedre Pujols’ interview was on 99.1, the Joy-FM here in St. Louis. It was once KFUO-FM, and it was sold by the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in a rather shady deal to the Joy-FM. Albert and Diedre Pujols helped financially with the purchase of the station, which ended 67 years of broadcast classical music in St. Louis. From what I understand, St. Louis is now the largest market without a full-time classical music station. A lot of us were quite incensed by how the sale proceeded, and the Pujols’ role in it. So, speaking personally, I’m not sorry to see him go.

    Plus Diedre’s in-your-face “Christianity” makes Tebow look like an apostate. I won’t miss her either.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post There Will Be Teblood – The Chargering

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    Speedy: Peter King basically made that point in a column this week about Von Miller, the Denver D’s very capable rookie. Von doesn’t seem too worried about all the attention St. Timmy has been getting.

    danielx: concur on “puritanical spasms.” Ewwwww.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post Waiting For Superman

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    In other Islamophobe news, the “Rev.” Terry Jones’ slide into irrelevancy appears to be complete:


    He drew a total of FIFTEEN people to a rally in Cape Girardeau, MO, Rush Limbaugh’s home town. The room was set up for up to 500 attendees. I bet the fifteen all hated Mitt Romney also.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post Barack and the Beanstalk

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    Then at least vote in the downticket races.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post I’m Kind Of A Big Deal In Grapevine Texas

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    Yeah, I know! As if! Also.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post I’m Kind Of A Big Deal In Grapevine Texas

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    No actual Floridian or even visitor would mistakenly identify the I-4 as another highway: the I-4 is our official state clusterfuck, with strict obscenity laws being the only reason we have an orange on our license plates instead.

    Litbrit, I think I love you. ;-) Yes, the trip between Brandon and Haines City is bad enough, but after Haines City it gets positively hair-raising. Clusterfuck, indeed. Don’t even mention the horror that is Highway 192 in Kissimmee.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post I’m Kind Of A Big Deal In Grapevine Texas

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    We attended the 1PM showing on Friday there in Universal Entertainment Complex which had about 25 in attendance, affected partly by it being during the work week at a theater which required one to park in a 1000 car parking lot at the cost of $15 and a pedestrian bridge walk across I-95 of about 1/2 mile.

    That’s a really neat trick, considering that I-95 doesn’t even run through Orlando! Titusville, which is 45 miles away, is the closest I-95 comes to the city.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post O, The Places You Will Go

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    I think she’ll just page through to look at the pictures.

  • AAbshier commented on the blog post President To Taunt Frozen-Americans From Foreign Exotic Land

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    Shouldn’t Jeremiah Wright be in that golf foursome instead of OBL?