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  • As Stevie1 indicated, it is not clear that transphobia is responsible for the acquittal on the rape charge. Many other factors could be at work here:

    Also, it should be noted that, despite that acquittal, the defendant was still convicted of assault and faces 4 years in prison on that charge. (See the link at the end of my diary above.)

  • Recently, there has been much coverage online of a recent case from Sweden in which a cisgender man was acquitted of the rape or attempted rape (since the act, apparently, was never completed) of a transgender woman. (See here, here and here.) Much of this coverage has implied that the acquittal of the defendant resulted from the judge’s [...]

  • Abby1 commented on the blog post Tennessee’s Bathroom Legislation Lunacy

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    This bill is truly odious. However, it’s inaccurate to say that it would limit the right of trans people to use “public bathrooms and dressing rooms” without also stating that the bill only applies to public bathrooms and dressing rooms in government-owned or -leased buildings.

    The bill ( defines the term “public building” as “a building owned or leased by the state, any agency or instrumentality of the state or any political subdivision of the state.” It then permits only people of the designated sex (as determined by the person’s birth certificate) to use sex-segregated “restroom[s] or dressing
    room[s] in a public building.” In other words, because of the special, limited definition of the term “public building,” it only limits the use of restrooms and dressing rooms in buildings that are government owned or controlled. That, of course, does not make the bigotry behind this bill (or Rep. Floyd’s comments) any less objectionable. However, it harms our credibility when we exaggerate its impact by implying that it applies to every public restroom (and dressing room) in the state.

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