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  • What is a conservative Democrat? We don’t need any conservatives in the Democratic party!

  • Thank you Jane for all you’ve done. This is just the shot across the bow we need to also work on getting cannabis class a narcotic rating changed. We would go a long way to furthering the cause if we did.
    There are studies in Spain that show cannabis could be an effective cure for cancer that in itself should be reason to change it’s classification.

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    I sent a message to our leadership a year ago last July pleading with them to do something and their response was they didn’t see anything to rally for. The Teaparty was having rallies and news events and we were making fun of them. In Kentucky those people are now laughing at us.

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    In 1991 I ran the Louisville Democratic primary campaign for Gatewood Galbraith. Gatewood is an advocate for legalization and Jack was a friend of his. Jack came to Louisville and brought his Hemp Tour. I had the chance to sit and talk with Jack and I found him to be a brilliant man. I bought [...]