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  • ackack commented on the blog post Kerry Washington To Host SNL Amid Cast Controversy

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    Jay Pharaoh is a poor source for comedy judgment.

    The NEXT time he does something funny, will be the FIRST time.

    This season has been mostly not very good, so it’s not simply alack of diversity that is the problem.

  • Not to minimize your post in the slightest. Our Congress and guvmint clearly have their priorities upside down.

    Just a note though.
    “Content about diplomacy and the Foreign Service should be included in the middle school and high school curriculum.” Sure, sure, squeeze that in between gym and drivers ed.”

    Too late. In many, many schools, Gym and Drivers Ed classes no longer exist, due to slashed funding. Sandwiching Civics between them is exactly what’s happening already, as none of the above exist.

  • ackack commented on the diary post Syria calls John Kerry’s bluff, agrees to turn over its chemical weapons to UN! by fairleft.

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    Seems like the ‘eleventh dimensional chess’ playing by the O admin ha backfired?

    Just underscores how disingenuous he is. Our Nobel laureate just wants to kill kill kill.

  • ackack commented on the diary post Finally, the Implosion of the Obama Mythos is Obvious to Nearly Everybody by Ohio Barbarian.

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    One could only hope the mythos has been punctured. I am skeptical, due to the lack of ability of those on the left with whom I am friends being able to perceive reality. Many will never change their minds about Obama, tanj it. I thought it was funny your Niven reference. I am just finishing [...]

  • ackack commented on the diary post William deBuys, Goodbye to All That (Water) by Tom Engelhardt.

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    You touch on the biggest problem of all quite briefly.

    Too many people. Period.

    Without addressing population growth, NOTHING gets fixed.

  • ackack commented on the diary post What Would You Have the President Do? Part I, Necessary First Moves by letsgetitdone.

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    I think you’re still stuck in the past. Somehow, you still believe that there is something to be gained by democrats who currently occupy DC being reflected. As we who have been paying attention keep proclaiming here, the democrats are as much the problem as the republicans. Only the rhetoric is different dude. Do you [...]

  • This came out several years ago, that corporations are not limited in the gathering of personal information about the populace in some ways that the government is constrained, legally, from obtaining. Then, the corporations sell it to the guvmint.

    I have said it elsewhere, and it is expressed in this piece. This may be the true end of the ‘American Experiment’. And it has been shown that democracy can’t maintain it’s own existence, due to the ability of money and power to corrupt basic fairness. The Constitution has been rendered inoperable in vast swathes.

    Really shows how profoundly different and moral mindset was required to create the US Constitution in the first place, and small the minds are of those in power now. Starting at the top.

  • ackack commented on the blog post Late Night: First They Came for the Bootstraps

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    Forgot toadd. Five years ago, tuition was 188 a credit. That’s ten times mor since 1974, and 30 times since 1952

  • ackack commented on the blog post Late Night: First They Came for the Bootstraps

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    I started at the University of Washington in the fall of 1974.

    Tuition? 188 a quarter.

    Dorm room and board? 1350 for three quarters.

    I worked in a theater making 2 dollars an hour and my father gave me 175 a month. I paid for everything on that.

    That’s just at 2 grand a year including books.

    My dad’s tuition, same school, 1952 was 188 a year.

    My son goes to Cal Poly SLO, state school. Tuition has tripled in five years, to 4 k a quarter, and with all his expenses, we’re into it around 2 thousand a month. Just like your example, he’d have to work overtime at a good job to come even close to paying his way after taxes.

    I’m a free tuition for all guy, but absent that, zero per cent loans for students.

    It just ain’t right

  • ackack commented on the diary post Calling for Meaningful Wi-Spy Penalties Against Google by Consumer Watchdog.

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    This is rich.

    GOOGLE gets in trouble for spying on people?

    Rather ironic that this administration finds that eavesdropping and using peoples’ private online communications and information could be illegal.

  • ackack commented on the diary post How to Learn to Love the March of Jackboots or… Hear Music Instead by wendydavis.

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    You pretty much nailed it.

    I’ve felt this way for years. Up to speed with you when you’d have posted it originally in 2011.

    And I blame Obama for taking the Democrats, who were dumb enough to follow his right-wing policies without objection, to a point on a par with the Republicans.

  • ackack commented on the diary post How to Learn to Love the March of Jackboots or… Hear Music Instead by wendydavis.

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    While I fully agree with you wendydavis, my frustration is the blank stares pointed in my direction when I attempt to even broach the subject with ANY ‘Democrat’ friends of mine. But, but, Obama has tried sooo harrrrdd! Republicans are baaadd! Not, of course, realizing or recognizing or admitting to themselves that they just voted [...]

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    Oh, it’s polarized all right. But NOT in the way you propose.

    All the politicians are on the right. There exists NO functional left any longer, except in the private sector.

    When was the last time a sincere left, liberal, or progressive proposal came from DC Dems, aside from peripheral, social issues?

    And please don’t tout Obamacare. That is hardly even a D/democratic action.

  • Wow, dude. Seriously? That you can say that out loud, in relative public, says a lot about you, let alone those who told you that joke.

    You have the right to say it, to be sure, but when you do, you reveal much about yourself to the rest of us.

    Relating it in that matter is just the same as just posting the joke.

    notreallyliberal would be a better moniker for you.

  • ackack commented on the diary post Progressive Caucus Shows How to Get to Balance by Teddy Partridge.

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    This proposal is a crock. It is in no way progressive. None. 50% program cuts? I’ll tell you where the cuts need to be made. All defense and security. when Bush cam into office, his defense budget was in the $250 billion dollar range. Now? with the total defense/security/terrorism complex/apparatus, we spend pushing a TRILLION [...]


    This is a link to just one of the cases the feds are prosecuting, with minimums of ten years in federal prison at stake.

    THAT’s Holder’s and Obama’s response

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    I make things for a living. I’ve been a builder/carpenter jack of all trades for 35 years. The number of people able to do many mundane tasks, which used to be done in every household, has dwindled almost beyond comprehension. That keeps me in pin money though. What has really been lost is craftsmanship, the [...]

  • ackack commented on the blog post Eric Holder to Stay On as Attorney General

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    This is the Obama DOJ that is preparing to sentence a LEGAL marijuana operator under California law to TEN YEARS in the penitentiary.

    Fuck this guy. and by this guy, I mean the entire administration, top to bottom.

  • That’s a red herring. the crimes occurred BEFORE the purchase, not after.

    Wells also did not engage in the widespread sub-prime loan debacle, and lead the way, of all banks, in re-financing troubled borrowers.

  • At the risk of coming under fire, I have to take exception with your characterization of Wells Fargo as a money launderer.

    It really is necessary to place that comment in context.

    Wachovia engaged in money laundering, prior to it’s possession by WFC. I tire of those who continually besmirch the name of Wells in the same breath as those big banks who REQUIRED bailing out(Wells was forced to take $25 billion by the feds, and paid it back as soon as they were allowed). They did not engage in the derivatives and suspect securities markets that blew up our economy.

    Stop this shit already. At least stop implying something that did not happen.

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