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    I like these guys in this administration about as much as I liked the thugs in the last one. Trust me on this, these people are VERY VERY fortunate that they will never have to depend on me for anything like CPR or the Heimlich. I think I could smile while watching the life seep out of their worthless hides. Like they’re smiling while watching the people of this country being strangled and suffocated by their greed and dishonesty.

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    He’s not working out, and never did, for me at all. See, I’m a DEMOCRAT. Have been for decadees and decades (a little exaggeration there but you get the point). Kaine and the Obama crowd are NOT democrats.

    And that logs. A pastel blue ‘D’ with a circle around it. See, they lied again. The didn’t run the black line through the whole thing. What they really ‘stand’ for is NO DEMOCRATS wanted.

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    No, Obama is NOT enept. He’s getting the results he wanted. Obama is NOT a democrat. He just plays one before the cameras.

    Look at his record. Listen to what he says. The guy isn’t really there. His only accomplishment was winning the 2008 election. And he did that the way he does everything else. He LIED. He has NO distinguished record anywhere. Constitutional scholar??? BFD, how many ‘constitutional scholars’ have we had in this country? He’s the only guy who ever studied the Constitution? He obviously didn’t learn much. consider how many of the last administration’s incredibly anti-contitutional powers this arrogant liar has kept for his own use. Of course while letting the entire bush** administration off the hook.

    I walked all over South O for Obama and Biden (gag) even though I detested both. McCain and Pain WERE/ARE that bad. Did I expect anything from the guy who faked his way through the Senate??? Hell no. But his arrogance surprised me, and still does. His ability to speak out of his ass and his mouth at the same time is amazing. I just didn’t expect the huge amount of damage that he would inflict on the party and the country. And do not fool yourselves for one minute. This guy is the biggest failed social experiment in the history of the Universe. He has made it absolutely clear that he was just fooling us with all those ‘promises’ on the campaign trail. And he’s spent two years trashing the ‘professional left’ for having the nerve to expect him to be a man of his word. He’s actually gets huffy and snitty when he gets called on his dishonesty.

    Sheesh! Jumping on t.v. and telling people to ‘get his back’. I loved that, it was just so surreal. (Oh well, maybe one of his kids will be able to snag an up-and-comer at Goldman Sachs, just like little
    Chelsea did.)

    Wonder how the Nobel people feel about their ‘peace prize’ winner now?

  • If the U.S. government denies doing something then you can bet the farm that they’re doing it. For sure.

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    Like Chauncy Gardner. A greedy, lying, arrogant Chauncy.