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    > The drug war is not a war against drug dealers, its a war against America’s poor and its minorities Any politician who believes locking up Americans for cannabis crimes is a handmaiden of the one percent. We can stand up : withhold your support from and actively work against dry doper drug warring candidates [...]

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    beautiful green, wendydavis – obviously your warm heart is inside a body with green thumbs

    Cannabis is “an assistant and a friend” – Louis Armstrong

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    > well, it’s all true so – I took a trip to see the lovely coast, the amazing rain forests and the awe inspiring mountains of Olympic National Park in WA recently. I live in (what I like to call) the lower 48 (meaning those states that have not legalized cannabis for recreational use unlike [...]

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    thanks wendydavis

    wasteland of the free is a so true it’s scary/wonderful framing – reminds me of gwbush’s ‘ownership society’

    “true compassion means more than flinging a coin to a beggar – it sees that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring.” MLKing

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    and…probably a really good thing that the court relied upon the concept of an inherent ‘right to privacy’ in a decision, given the recent trajectory of this the united states of surveillance

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    > the supremes know that whatever is on that device is also in the corp’s cloud – and those corps actually own it …and freely share it with law enforcement I won’t say, however, that it won’t bamboozle authoritarian and bigoted coppers from stopping & frisking in the hopes of railroading the poor and minorities [...]

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    thank you for posting this hearing
    - important stuff & Connelly seems honestly passionate about ending the anti-science and anti-equality 80 year war on cannabis -

    - recommended


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    > love the updating of the Ochs classic that still rings horribly true today – here is where we are today…still : Once I was young and impulsive I wore every conceivable pin Even went to the socialist meetings Learned all the old union hymns But I’ve grown older and wiser And that’s why I’m [...]

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    > well, in spite of what you write (perhaps because of what you write), you can definitely count me out (in) how about : a vision of our president as a self infatuated drone king ? or maybe : our rich are blankfein blind ? in any event : as they slip and slide down that hill on the [...]

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    > hello Ms WendyDavis : thanks for you concern – life just got a little too lifey for me as of late – but I can still read and love your posts and the energy and compassion that they exude – keep me laughing too AshenLight – I think that poster reverb forgot the /s [...]

  • >
    solidarity & time to stand up

    excellent coverage wendydavis


  • >
    belatedly, dishonestly, torturedly, begrudgedly, fakeassedly, NY (a so-called blue state) comes to grips with scientific fact and stares in the mirror of morality – and here comes Hillary

    ‘nothing worse than a dry doper’ g.singlaub

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    excellent article -


  • > can’t join – although I feel a responsibility to stand up for compassion&equality and against this drug warring White House and it’s dry doper inhabitant(s)- as I am states away … I with you in spirit and conviction ! ‘when you stand up you stand for all – when you sit down, they win…to [...]

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    > revealing (of course) that all the ‘we’z breaking the law and defiling the constitution only to protect you ‘folks” bloviation by Obama and his neo-fascistic underlings over the past year has been nothing more than act of criminal misdirection – they have been listening to the full content of our (meaning never charged with [...]

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    “This is a very atypical reaction to marijuana,” said Dr. Scott Bentz, medical director of the emergency department at Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center. “Marijuana typically, whether it’s inhaled or eaten, does not typically affect impulse control in this way…Bentz said marijuana can unmask other tendencies, but that it usually sedates people or suppresses their respiratory system.”

    and -

    “I wish I could tell you more about what that means,” Bentz said, “but the 5 nanogram cutoff was an arbitrary decision by the state. I don’t know of any good studies that correlate THC levels in the blood with clinical levels of intoxication.”

    and further -

    “It was very surprising and very tragic,” said Emelee Volden, Multicultural Program manager at Northwest College. “It’s quite difficult to wrap your head around thinking of what may have contributed to such a tragic incident.”

    denver channel

    Mr Walker is correct – legalization allows for the ability for regulators to regulate in hopes of stanching human stupidity to some degree & self-protecting merchants will put warnings on their products if required to by law (and also to insulate themselves from frivolous lawsuits).

    however, misrepresenting clearly expressed facts in a cultural custodian attempt to scare those who do not know better is an act of irresponsible dishonesty

    cwaltz said,
    “Uh if you eat too much marijuana you can also die.”

    DEA Judge Francis Young said,
    “marijuana is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man”

    J. Krishnamurti said,
    “if the mind is petty, however complex the problem, the mind approaches that problem in terms of its own pettiness.”

    end cannabis prohibition now!

  • >
    so..700,000 cannabis arrests per year (mostly minorities) for the past 20 years, or 14 million Americans,(through both republican and democratic administrations) just doesnt merit urgency?

    I wonder if, when HClinton and BClinton and GWBush and BObama were smoking cannabis as college students and if they were arrested, and thus losing their ability to be attorneys or politicians, that they would have argued that ‘pot reform’ is something that does not require urget attention…?

    I wonder how Americans feel, now that the National Institutes of Health has confirmed that “the active components of cannabis possess anti-cancer activity”, being aware that their government has quashed scientific research into the medicinal properties of this anti-cancer substance for 80 years while at the same time arresting its citizens for using theis medicine?

    let me say that again – the US arrests its citizens for using a substance that the government itself describes as medicine – and should this continue for another 4 to 8 years we get another 2.4 to 5.6 million arrestees – that ain’t urgent?

    “The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”
    - Carl Sagan


  • >
    prediction : if HClinton gets elected she – as Obama has – will determine that it is not in her interest to be the president who re-schedules cannabis.

    forget about the intrests of the sick and the unjustly imprisoned- modern dem “leaders” (otherwise known as ‘narcissists incorporated’) don’t care about the poor and the sick ..it’s all about the legacy, don’t you know

    as g.singlaub says “nothing worse than a dry doper”

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    ‘tax the rich to save the rest ‘ g.singlaub

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