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    I wonder if the young zealot was angry at the thought of Jesus handing out #cannabis medicine – or that their classmate had deemed the tale to be a ‘myth’
    keep that yule log lit patrickdevlin

    & recommended

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    as g.clinton says, ‘free your mind and your ass will follow‘…;)

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    ‘As you slip & slide down the hill- on the blood of the people you kill – stop the killing, free the people NOW!’

    ‘War is wrong- smoke a bong’


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    > thanks for the unflinching and spot on analysis, j-shicks – I still question those who propose that Obama failed it when it clear as day that he nailed it for the oligarchs neo-liberals neo-cons humanitarian hawks & chicken hawks not a whole lotta light between the duopoly who run the house for the rich and militaristic, my friend keep up [...]

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    uR right TarheelDem

    my personal favorite is the euphemism “public-private partnerships’ ~Obama loves that one

    as g.singlaub says about such government programs, they always end up ‘privatizing the profits and socializing the losses’

    god bless america

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    you are right !

    I do support raising taxes on selfish AnnRynd acolyte dipshits who have not paid their fair share to support our country for generations –

    Odd that people such as you can always find money to torture, invade countries and illegally wiretap my ass – but are all discomfited by the notion of supporting our mothers and our brothers

    how about (as in the Eisenhower & Kennedy eras…you know ‘bipartisanship’) a 90% tax on rich selfish fake so-called ‘wealth builders’ who only can succeed by having their wealth protected by the nanny state – see tax and inheritance laws, no-bid cost plus government contracting, getting paid by the government to off-shore jobs, government support of failed and immoral industries (insurance and drug companies come quickly to mind) ‘quantitative easing’, get-out-of-jail schemes for bankers and the rest of the personal wealth protection and projection programs carried out courtesy of our spineless and beholden politicians from both parties –

    question mulp
    – which nanny state supported ‘free market- pull myself up by my own boot’ straps rich narcissist enriching program did you gulp from to become the sorry creature you are who is relegated to trolling the internet to cry support for rapacious amoral assholes?

    Christ said – you will not get into heaven if you are rich

    Kropotkin said – all is for all

    Proudhon said – property is theft

    I say – tax the rich to save the rest

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    great article – recommended

    job training is the bullshit backend of our oligarch supporting dems&repubs NAFTA&free trade charade -

    re-training does not guarranty (as the article points out) a job – and certainly doesn’t bring manufacturing and other high paying jobs back from the world’s ‘free trade zones’

    what it does do is, in many cases, ramp up new educational loans for non-existing jobs (how many culinary school graduates with a new debt of $80,000 are head chefs and how many work for fast food companies?) & allows the slide in working peoples’ wages to continue – until we reach that dreamed of by oligharchs – ‘parity’ with wages earned by China’s work force…

    let’s try another WPA -
    5,900 new schools; 9,300 new auditoriums, gyms, and recreational buildings; 1,000 new libraries; 7,000 new dormitories; and 900 new armories. In addition, infrastructure projects included 2,302 stadiums, grandstands, and bleachers; 52 fairgrounds and rodeo grounds; 1,686 parks covering 75,152 acres; 3,085 playgrounds; 3,026 athletic fields; 805 swimming pools
    hired artists like Rothko, Pollak, Orson Welles and Joseph Cotton – and a component of the WPA, the federal music project, employed more than 16,000 musicians at its peak and gave free music lessons to 130,000 adults and children.

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    > those home rules are intended for use by neo-prohibitionists to keep cannabis out, or to keep profits in the pockets of the already wealthy. my home state charges a $25,000 non-refundable application fee to grow medMJ and one toney suburb charges six figures to apply – the repub candidate for governor sez he would [...]

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    Holder – first AA AG whose former employer helped construct the legal reasoning behind MERS
    Gonzo – first LA AG who helped construct legal arguments for torture and warrantless surveillance

  • >
    from last September – on point, but a little more (cough) acerbic than today’s

    ‘Will it be modern madness or reefer madness?’ – acmerecords at firedoglake’

    example paragraph from diary:
    “A cannabis user in America knows one thing is sure – that the system of politics and law enforcement lies about who (and for what reason) it is doing its protecting; and who (and for what reason) will be ignored, imprisoned, abandoned, trampled upon and dictated to. A substance that clarifies in the minds of users that the American government is a lying, rich person protecting racket that disregards science and morality in service of protecting the wealth of the already wealthy and perpetuating bigoted stereotypes is a very dangerous commodity indeed in modern America.”

  • >
    yves smith/naked capitalism and tyler durden/zero hedge call bullshit on fake ‘settlement’
    - tax credits?
    - paid for by QE?
    …no jail time?
    and BOA stock goes up !?! –

    very high “bullshit to cash ratio”- used to call it fascism

    “The issue is Socialism versus Capitalism. I am for Socialism because I am for humanity. We have been cursed with the reign of gold long enough. Money constitutes no proper basis of civilization. The time has come to regenerate society — we are on the eve of universal change” – eugene debbs

  • >
    and fight for amnesty for the drug war’s collateral damage as well

    disease is never best handled by arresting the sick

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    > The tell came when HRC threatened Colbert “I won’t come on your show unless you give a favorable review of my book” This is the basic threat made by both of our corporate parties to all reporters, comic reporters included- you will be frozen out if you report anything but our talking points … [...]

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    thank you for your efforts to assists us activists, wendydavis
    - we’ve got to help each other in our effort to ensure that these war crimes don’t spill forever down the american exceptionalism memory-hole

    …&, how does your garden grow?

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    Carter also – one day after his inauguration – fulfilled a campaign promise to give amnesty to Vietnam draft protesters -
    Cannabis amnesty!

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    great post
    recommended –

    ‘Wherever capitalism appears, in pursuit of its mission of exploitation, there will Socialism, fertilized by misery, watered by tears, and vitalized by agitation be also found, unfurling its class-struggle banner and proclaiming its mission of emancipation’ – e.debs

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    brotherhood demands solidarity

    end the seige of Gaza now
    end US support of religious war
    free free Palestine

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    > The drug war is not a war against drug dealers, its a war against America’s poor and its minorities Any politician who believes locking up Americans for cannabis crimes is a handmaiden of the one percent. We can stand up : withhold your support from and actively work against dry doper drug warring candidates [...]

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    beautiful green, wendydavis – obviously your warm heart is inside a body with green thumbs

    Cannabis is “an assistant and a friend” – Louis Armstrong

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