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    Every month or so I check into this site tosee if any adults have signed up yet.
    And each time, it’s worse.

    It’s like recess time at a daycare center, with the preschoolers giggling and pointing. It’s no wonder this country ended
    up with the current political leadership, given that the youth vote was so courted in recent elections.

    I mourn for my country, for its future, for the future of the world it is increasingly a part of.

    For heaven’s sake, grow up, kids.

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    The use of “drinking games” as a metaphor for political debate – or anything other than childish, dangerous behavior – is simply disgusting.

    If this post is representative of FDL’s seriousness of purpose,it is easy to see why it is not taken seriously.

    Who the heck is “Teddy Partridge” ?

    Just awful sophomoric trash.

  • I hope these negative comments about Obama will translate into votes against him. I doubt many who make them voted against him in 2008. It’s time to stand up for what you say you think: anyone but Obama in 2012, even if it means focusing on 2016.

    My guess is, based on the maturity of the ongoing commentary, that 90% of FDL people will cave and vote again for the worst president for the liberal movement in this country in its history.

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    AARP ranks with Barack Obama as one of the biggest frauds perpetrated
    on this country. When I see it decribed as a “lobbying group for senior
    citizens,” I gag. It uses old people as a political weapon for its operations, like Obama used – and uses – idealists. AARP is directly responsible for the mess that Rx care is in, and Obama is bringing an even bigger mess with the monstrosity known as Obamacare. I quit AARP in 2003. I won’t vote for Obama in 2012.

  • The AARP is always identified as a lobbying group for senior citizens. It is no such thing. It is a company, for profit, which basically sells insurance. The AARP is THE reason we have the “doughnut hole,” but typical of this duplicious oeganization, they then claim to fight against it. They are like many liberal senators who seem above reproach, but whose record works against progress. EG, Sherrod Brown.

    On the other hand, AARP gives discounts, and I and others need them. We haven’t had a COLA increase in SS for two years, and even if we get one this year, which is unlikely, it will be wiped out by increase in medicare premiums. Of course, another myth is that medicare is free insurance for seniors. Hah.

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