• New Orleans came first, but Chicago is where the police state of Amerika really starts kicking in. Mercenary trained cops, ready to bust heads because people will be …marching. I fear for what it is going to look like at the 2 major political conventions. New (unconstitutional) laws have been passed and now the government is going to see how far it can ram its boot up your a$$.
    Pay attention to what happens here, because I guarantee that the cops will be the ones being violent. And their agent provocateurs. It is going to be illegal to have a sign and walk. It is going to be illegal to speak. It will be illegal to hand out literature. Mass arrests will take place.
    It is basically a warm up for in the near future when Amerikan austerity kicks in, because the economy is not getting any better no matter who is president in 2013. These meetings are only for the world’s elite to slice the pie further in their favor and get as much from you as possible.
    End of rant.