• Y’know, I’m at a point now where I really don’t care what the other side thinks. I don’t want to hear their “reasoned arguments,” their “impassioned pleas to not redefine marriage” or any other cockamamie reasons why they don’t approve of same-sex marriage. They can take their poorly written signs, roll them up really tight, stick them in places the sun don’t shine (and by the look of some of these people, places washcloths don’t venture), go home to their 50-state-every-country-in-the-world recognized spouses and families and shut the hell up.

  • I teach at a public high school. A couple of years ago, our baseball team made it to the state championship. The entire school was brought out to the front lawn of the building to cheer the boys on as they walked to their bus. A girl from the girls’ bowling team asked me why her team didn’t get the same treatment when they went AND WON the state championships. I had no better answer for her than, “because you were born a girl.” She said that was total bs. And I could not have agreed more.

    A few of us have often wondered why the AP kids don’t get some sort of celebration when they are on the way to their tests. Why don’t the Matheletes get hoisted on people’s shoulders when they win a competition? Why are there no ticker tape parades for Science Olympiads?

    Let’s keep celebrating testosterone-driven, potential rapists and then wonder why American students couldn’t care less about school.

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