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  • Adams commented on the diary post Why At Least one FIFA Player Should Protest The World Cup Final by Dennis Trainor Jr.

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    Not gonna happen. Nike is watching. Also, too, thank you John Carlos for one of the most exciting and inspiring moments of my youth.

  • Adams commented on the diary post Iraq, Vietnam, and Why US Foreign Policy Elites Won’t STFU by Barry Eisler.

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    Unfortunately, President McCain’s talking head will not be available tomorrow to obliterate your anarchistic fantasy world on the Sunday pimp-outs. His deep knowledge of MENA geography and power dynamics are needed in the war room. But he’s sending his very special little buddy, Huckleberry, fresh from his thundering primary victory, to deal with you hippies. [...]

  • Adams commented on the diary post Saturday Art: Influential Authors: Kurt Vonnegut by dakine01.

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    No writer of the 20th experienced the banality of evil more deeply or personally than Kurt Vonnegut. His ability to express the horrors of “civilization,” from the inchoate violence of war to the slow deadening of bureaucracy, in simple, irreverent prose was balanced against delightful, escapist worlds of whimsy and fantasy. These skills to confront [...]

  • Adams commented on the diary post The Price of Whistleblowing: Manning, Greenwald, Assange, Kiriakou and Snowden by Jane Hamsher.

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    From your brilliant mind, as always. Also, too, clearly from the heart. Very powerful stuff. Thank you, Jane.

  • Adams commented on the blog post Piketty’s Reality? The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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    Ya gotcher dog, yer diesel pickup, yer guns, yer cable, a cutup deer in the freezer and a couple cases a Bud. Yer better off th’n th’ restath’ worl. Gwitcher bellyakin.

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  • Adams commented on the diary post Jesus schools taking US taxpayers for fools by patrick devlin.

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    Enough. Anyone have any tips on moving to Iceland?

  • Adams commented on the diary post Sunday Talking Heads: March 23, 2014 by Elliott.

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    Wolfy & Woody on the same teevee show? My Sunday morning is complete.

  • Adams commented on the diary post Working at a Big 8 Peace Firm, a Look Back by spocko.

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    IN our dreams. Love the photo.

  • Adams commented on the blog post Crimea Votes For Secession

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    ” …US/EU pushing for an overthrow of the Russian backed and democratically elected president was near guaranteed to lead to this kind of chaos. Not that you would learn that from seeing US media.”

    This is the Rosetta Stone for understanding both events in Ukraine and our media’s idiotic, blind parroting of US State Dept. propaganda. You may not have to be a Weatherman to see which way the wind is blowing, but apparently our MSM don’t have access to any ballistics experts capable of recognizing a smoking gun. Vicky Nuland, come on down.

    Thank goodness we have sober, reality-based international experts like President Mad Dog McCain keeping things fair and balanced.

  • This is priceless, like the Exxon Exec who sued to stop fracking near his ranch in Texas. Hypocrisy fairly drips from their lips like used motor oil.

    Thanks, Di. Privacy for me, but not for thee?

  • When I was in college (1960′s) one of my jobs was as a night child care worker in a private psychiatric hospital for schizophrenic, autistic, etc. kids. As a staff member I attended staff meetings. The psychiatrists, who had almost no actual contact with the kids, sat in front. The PhD psychologists sat next, then the Masters psychologists, then the Social Workers, then the child care workers.

    I was in a experimental psych undergrad program, and one of the psych PhD interns was a close friend. At one of the staff meetings he raised his hand after the head psychiatrist had made a case presentation and said he had a questions. The head psychiatrist, who was very old school and probably traced her training directly back to Freud, Jung or Adler, replied in her stiff German accent, “You are not here to ask questions. You are here to learn.”

    Although nearly 50 years later I continue to work in a related field, I changed my major the next semester.

  • Always good to get new info, but I’ll stick with the old ways. Still use manic-depressive to describe a specific cluster of behaviors, as it is somewhat descriptive, not just specialized jargon. Bi-polar seems to me put to better use describing distribution of wealth and income, where it actually means something.

  • Sorry about the lapse in diagnostic terminology. Haven’t kept up since reading Szasz, Bateson, and others in the late 60′s. What are we on now DSM-wise? Five or six it must be at least. Lots of new names. Lots of new drugs. Lots of new profits. Everybody gets a diagnosis. Everybody wins.

  • Ahdunno. Knox seems a lot brighter than kgb999. Multiple personality disorder?

  • Not much about the Rosetta Stone in the MSM, eh?

    But you missed the real story. She…she…dropped the F-bomb. I feel faint.

    BTW, Putin offered $15B and to cut the price of natural gas by 1/3. What did Kerry just offer? $1B, not counting the cuts to SS that Barry just put back on the table. Who are these people?

  • Agree. My point was simply that the Nazi/White Power theme coming out of Kiev now does give credence to the need to protect minorities and harpoons the (wholly disingenuous) assertion that the USG is on the side of the angels.

  • Agree. Very important. Maybe the most important, as it gives credence to Putin’s assertion that protection of minorities is a necessary and sufficient cause for Russian intervention. Not just in the Crimea. And it puts US involvement back in Cold War “he’s a son-of-a-bitch, but he’s our so-of-a-bitch” territory.

    You have to wonder how long it will take for our MSM to wake up to at least a clue that the white hat/black hat narrative being pumped out by President McCain, Huckleberry, and other drum beaters is a simple-minded, deceptive scam.

    see Billmon tweets.

  • Good questions. What is clear is that Yanukovych was forced out by a protest movement that was supported and partially financed by the USG. (See Nuland, Victoria) IMHO, it may be more important to understand that the covert actions of the USG in overthrowing the democratically elected leader of a sovereign nation are illegal, than it is to attempt to parse the nuances of Ukrainian constitutional law.

    It’s got to be at least a little ironic that the PTB are now calling on Putin to observe the letter of international law, as interpreted by them.

    Also, high scores on the irony scale for Kerry’s statement that: “It
    is really a stunning, willful choice by President Putin to invade another country,” … ”You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext,” he said.

    Delivered, presumably, with tongue firmly planted in chin, as the chaos in Iraq deepens.

  • Not so much. What inspires us is our own government stomping around the world, swinging its big dick and covertly undermining sovereign (and in this case democratically elected) governments. Then stepping into the chaos to save the world for capitalism and democracy. While hunger and homelessness explode in our cities, and the middle class looks to their well-planned retirement and sees nothing.

    Oh, look here: “So the white supremacists are rising in the new Ukraine”

    That Vladdy is such a bad boy for hating on the gays. Count on us to support the guys who hate the right people.

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