• Checked out that site and fell out of my bed laughing! Then I spoke to a dust ball I found hiding in the corner and asked it “What message should I take back to my bed?” It replied “What kind of a whack job are you talking to dust? Get the vacuum and STFU!”

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    More hot air from Obama. Dems rely too much on big money from wealthy Jewish donors, bankers , and media moguls to ever actually do anything about Israel’s human rights violations like say cutting off the billions of “aid” we send them. Israel has nukes, it needs no further “aid.”

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    Spot on. Here is an e-mail I received from WNET and my response:

    I am pleased that WNET decided to return the money. However, where is the accountability? Why hasn’t anyone been fired for committing such an egregious and unethical “mistake.” No doubt the grant papers will never see the light of day now that the money has been returned and that is unfortunate. The lack of accountability at WNET mirrors that in our government and on Wall St. Returning the money was the right thing to do, but it should be the first step, not the only step, in WNET’s journey to restore the public’s faith in its ability to provide objective programming. I hope you don’t travel the road of Sixty Minutes, a program destroyed by hubris and greed. I watched the Pensions Peril program and it is clearly skewed toward destroying the system instead of offering viable alternatives . It also suggests, incorrectly, that pensions are bankrupting states which is simply not true based on several respected studies, studies that your program conveniently omits mentioning.
    On Feb 18, 2014, at 4:46 PM, Programming wrote:

    Dear Ms. Campbell-

    Thank you again for taking the time to write. Since my last email to you, there have been some developments that I wanted to make you aware of. Below is a statement from PBS and WNET concerning funding for The Pension Peril initiative.

    Again, we truly appreciate your concern.


    Colleen Martin
    Associate Director, Member & Viewer Relations
    825 8th Avenue
    New York, NY 10019
    tel 212.560.2888


    Over the past few days, PBS and WNET have been in close consultation regarding the funding for Pension Peril, a WNET initiative that aired in part on the PBS NewsHour Weekend; it looked at the critical issue of the economic sustainability of public pensions. These segments were funded by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, one of the largest philanthropic organizations in the country, which has interests in many areas including criminal justice, K-12 education and public accountability.

    Concerns have been raised about the funding of these segments because pension reform is one area of focus for the Arnold Foundation. While PBS stands by WNET’s reporting in this series, in order to eliminate any perception on the part of the public, our viewers, and donors that the Foundation’s interests influenced the editorial integrity of the reporting for this program, WNET has decided to forego the Arnold Foundation support and will return the gift.

    “We made a mistake, pure and simple,” said Stephen Segaller, Vice President of Programming at WNET. “The PBS NewsHour Weekend is a new production and while we thought we were following the guidelines and the correct vetting processes, we were incorrect. WNET sought the Arnold Foundation funding because of our belief that public pensions is an important issue. The Arnold Foundation did not direct or prescribe our reporting, never attempted to do so, and is not responsible for our mistake.”

    WNET believes that the topic of public pensions is a matter of journalistic importance and will continue to report on it as it has in the past.

    PBS and WNET are grateful for the support of the foundations, corporations and individual members of public television stations that together make our mission-driven service possible. With the help of our many stakeholders, we look forward to continuing to provide the public with outstanding content found nowhere else in American media.

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    Holocaust was televised, that’s the only difference. Genocide is genocide, murder is murder. Nothing unique, just the tools were different.

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    Let’s face it, humans like to kill.

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    Stopped donating to them years ago.

  • Ahh name calling, that will change everything! I’m sorry, but who but West Virginians put the polluters and their protectors in power? The reasons for voting against your own interests may be complex, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are complicit in your own destruction. The assholes here are the people destroying West Virginia, not me and we both know they wouldn’t be doing it if they thought they couldn’t get away with it. Time for West Virginians to step up to the plate, stop focusing on the culture wars and get into the streets. If you are not brave enough to save yourself, no one’s gonna do it for you.

  • And what was this woman’s voting history? Did she vote for Byrd and the other politicos who didn’t give a rat’s ass about them? West Virginians have only themselves to blame for becoming the nation’s port-a-potty. They haven’t shown any gumption since Harper’s Ferry.

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    Carl Levin, my Senator from Michigan, once again–on the wrong side of history. So glad this douche bag is retiring.

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    Huffpo Headlines: Reid Contemplates Going Nuclear… 1 hr later Reid Threatens To Go Nuclear… 1hr Later Will He Go Nuclear…? 1hr later Reid Poised To Go Nuclear…? 1 hr later Tom Cruise Goes Nuclear in Deposition…

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    How about a betting pool…? A win will help with those Obamacare premiums!

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    Well, if Reid would dump the filibuster as he has threatened to do for the million umpteenth time, perhaps some things would change. But that’s exactly what the Democrats don’t want. They don’t want meaningful change anymore than the Republicans do. Hence Obamacare. Only when people wake up from the cultural wars and focus their attention on the real problem–we no longer have a functioning democracy, will any real progressive change happen.

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    A bad idea doesn’t become a good one with implementation. Frankly, I don’t think Obama gives a rat’s ass about Obamacare. Clearly, he knew it would piss off voters;hence implementation AFTER his re-election. He got his and nothing else matters to him.

  • Finally, the Teflon is peeling away…

  • Most of the Democrats running next year don’t deserve re-election. Really, they had control of the House, Senate and Presidency and delivered to Wall Street. Why should I trust they will do anything differently the next time?

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    ACA was a BAD idea from the start. Guess what? A bad idea doesn’t get any better with implementation. Not that Obama wasn’t warned. Obama should tell everyone ACA “was a Heritage Foundation, i.e., Republican plan that I pushed down your throats for the sake of bipartisanship.” Maybe that will help his poll numbers.

  • What did he expect? Those with differing view points were not even allowed at the table. And since when is Max Baucus a healthcare expert? His own hubris and desire to please the corporations brought on this debacle. He was warned from day one. It couldn’t have happened to nicer guy.

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    Yeah, my snake oil salesman detector is pretty sensitive,too.

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    Just like Oprah.

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