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  • Aeolus commented on the blog post Pelosi Says Chained CPI Would Strengthen Social Security

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    Social Security is NOT a welfare program.

    I’ve been paying specific line item Social Security taxes, matched by my employer for 47 years with the promise that I would have a modest, guaranteed income. So has my wife. We have planned our lives with the idea that Social Security and Medicare would be available.

    The success of Social Security has been that it is universal, and that everyone pays in, everyone collects.

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    It’s looting by the consultants and their cohorts in the media companies.

    They don’t give a shit about whether the money is effectively used, as long as the media buyers get their cut and the media conglomerates take the rest.

    They also have the effect of driving up the cost of media buys for local campaigns, and shutting out local candidates who don’t have huge war chests.

  • That will bring her to her knees.

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    The Estate tax always goes unspoken when the California budget crisis is discussed. Before the Republicans gutted the estate tax at the Congressional level, California had a pick-up estate tax that was fully deductible against the Federal Estate tax. Congress took away this option, so California has been forced to cut 2 Billion a year [...]

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    The reason why some banksters see this as a tremendous investment opportunity is because they know that the fix is in.

    It’s very expensive for the banks to dispose of foreclosed homes one at a time, especially since they have gutted their staffs of anyone who might have expertise or knowledge.

    So instead, they will sell these at a tremendous discount in large batches to their cronies, who can make money as long as they are buying at a fraction of the market value.

    Meanwhile, by buying in bulk, they squeeze out individuals or small investors who might have been able to buy these homes in foreclosure or at a discount.

    The taxpayer eats the losses while the banksters don new hats, shift jobs, and figure out a way to leverage, securitize, and profit.

    That is the ticket.

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    Agreed, as long as you qualify it with “primarily”.

    I just wanted to point out that the rest of the world doesn’t have political systems that are broken as badly as ours, and that transportation modes are being constantly assessed and reassessed based on energy efficiency, convenience, cost, and whether or not they work in a given setting.

    If the US had a serious government, instead of a kleptocracy, we would have made very serious changes in our transportation systems plannings decades ago.

    But we can’t even manage to build high speed or regional rail systems or decent bike paths or sidewalks at the local level, so it’s pointless to talk about the modes that might connect regional and human-powered systems.

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    PRT is also being promoted and studied by Sweden’s Institute for Sustainable Transportation, a group that sees PRT as a part of an integrated mass transportation system, extending the reach of traditional trains and subways into areas that are not densely populated enough to support other systems. Systems like this are being actively tested and implemented in small scale by company’s like Korea’s Vectus.

    American public transportation faces huge problems because almost all of our resources are invested in parking, cars, and roads while far too little is invested in walking, cycling, and the entire range of transportation options that include high speed rail, regional rail, local rail, trams, buses, shared vehicles, et cetera.

    If the pot of money were the right size, PRT would be one of the answers that would make sense in some areas. Instead, we see vicious debates between advocates for various modes, while we fail to invest adequately in any of them.

    But as with many things, innovation in transit will not come from the US, because our political system is so badly corrupted.

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    The die was cast when the President approved extension of the Bush tax cuts and simultaneously approved a disastrous deal on inheritance taxes.

    Our quisling President keeps trading the cow for the handful of beans, hoping this time they will be magical, that he will be able to climb the beanstalk, find the goose that lays the golden egg, and cut down the beanstalk before the giant can catch him.

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    Probably a better metaphor than most. And where it leaves Obama is as the battered spouse and enabler of the crazed, addicted partner. “Most battered women report that they thought that the assaults would stop; unfortunately, studies show that the longer the women stay in the relationship the more likely they are to be seriously [...]